Country sunset


So this was taken from my front verandah last week.

Just another glorious country sunset!!


Waiting for the rain to come…


Taken in the middle of nowhere one afternoon…waiting for the rain to come.

As expected it didn’t eventuate, and the drought continues.

Morning river views


I took this photo yesterday morning when I was in Dubbo…it was a freezing cold morning.  It got down to -3.7 degrees celsius at about 7am, but the clear blue sky made the world a lot more deceptive.

Birthday wishes

 So it is my birthday and whilst I may hope and wish for things like a nice day and a nice cake…lord knows that is an important wish, I have woken up after little sleep and plenty of rain overnight, and it is still raining.

That may not seem big, but in this time of horrific drought in Country Town 2.0 it is huge!!!

Let’s be grateful for it and hope it helps and continues for those who need it the most!!

#FMDPHOTOADAY day 34…water

Will these clouds turn into rain???
No of course not!!!



This appears to be the calm before the storm. Yesterday and today have been stinking hot for South Australia and Victoria with heat and bushfires and stupidly strong winds. Now however there appears to be some relief from the heat coming in the form of a storm.




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