Sorry it’s been quiet on here for a few weeks…things have been rather hectic with work and uni.

Then thankfully the last two weeks have been HOLIDAYS!!!  The first week I did a bit of a road trip, 2870km in fact from Country Town 2.0, to Brisbane and up to the Sunshine Coast for dinner one night.  Then down to Coffs Harbour via a few random places along the way, then on to Newcastle via a few more random places and then back to Country Town 2.0 via a few small towns.

The past 10 days have been 10 glorious days relaxing at home, going out for breakfast, lunch or coffee at the pub, going to the rodeo, watching the AFL Grand Final and somehow remaining slightly calm with Hawthorn’s amazing win and watching last night’s thrilling NRL Grand Final.

Tomorrow is back to work…but here’s some holiday snaps for you to enjoy.

Treasury Casino - Brisbane

Treasury Casino – Brisbane

Brisbane Wheel

Brisbane Wheel

With James O'Connor at the rugby

With James O’Connor at the rugby

With Jono Lance after the rugby

With Jono Lance after the rugby

With Karmichael Hunt after the rugby

With Karmichael Hunt after the rugby

Mooloolaba Beach at night

Mooloolaba Beach at night

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

At Surfers Paradise

At Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Frozen banana at the Big Banana

Frozen banana at the Big Banana

Feeding some penguins at Coffs Harbour

Feeding some penguins at Coffs Harbour

Dolphin at Coffs Harbour

Dolphin at Coffs Harbour

Penguins at Coffs Harbour

Penguins at Coffs Harbour

Turtle at Coffs Harbour

Turtle at Coffs Harbour

Oh by the way I'm terrified of snakes!!

Oh by the way I’m terrified of snakes!!

I'm also terrified of crocodiles!!

I’m also terrified of crocodiles!!


#FMSPHOTOADAY Day 73 favourite


My favourite footballers of all codes.

AFL – Josh Gibson – Hawthorn

Super Rugby – Jono Lance – Waratahs and Beau Robinson – Queensland Reds

NRL – Billy Slater – Melbourne Storm

#FMSPHOTOADAY day 70…my happy place


Honestly one of my best happy places is going to a sporting event and letting out a bit of frustration during my cheering.

Write, every day of your life 49/365

Far from normal…Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

  1. I’ve lived in a lot of places that nearly the entire population of Australia has never heard or, or visited, let alone lived int.
  2. I don’t have big toenails. Yep, kind of gross, they were removed a couple of years ago because they both got an infection that I couldn’t shake, no matter how many antibiotics I was given so they were removed and the 2 anaesthetic needles in each toe hurt like all hell, but somehow I managed to drive home alright, they took a few months to fully heal though.
  3. I’ve lived in too many places…I actually worked it out with the kids last year when doing their life timeline and I’ve lived in 23 different houses in my 38 years and that has included on a cattle station, in a pub, in a convent/presbytery. No point in being normal!!!
  4. The furthest I’ve driven in one day is 1,600km…like I said no point in being normal.
  5. I’ve been to numerous sporting events all around the place…AFL in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia, cricket in Victoria, rugby league in New South Wales and Queensland, rugby union in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, soccer in Victoria and Queensland, formula 1 racing in Victoria, baseball in New York, tennis in Victoria.
  6. I’ve travelled a fair bit. I would guess that I’ve seen more of Australia than a lot of people.  I haven’t driven from Port Augusta to Perth and then up to Broome, but I’ve done Adelaide to Darwin and many places in between too many times, I’ve done Cairns to Melbourne via a lot of places and a lot of country New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory.  I’ve also been to Papua New Guinea (even though that was an extended trip, living there for close to two years), Singapore, Hong Kong (with a day trip to China), America (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii and New York, with a day trip to Mexico) and Fiji…but there’s still a lot of places I want to go to.

Write, every day of your life 42/365

Whoa!  What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

So I have to admit I thought I better look up what surreal actually means…I mean it’s a word that people use quite often…but that doesn’t mean that people use it correctly.

So turns out it means having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre.

Right…so the most surreal experience I’ve had.  Well as stupid as it might sound it has to involve rugby…well I do have a thing for sport, in case that hasn’t been made obvious so far…or in case you’re one of the 35 new followers that have come along this year.

I’ve always liked rugby, for many years that only went as far as liking the Wallabies and going to games when I could…plus I grew up in Melbourne, in AFL heartland where I got to know a number of the Hawthorn boys quite well back in the day, when I was in uni and dear lord it seems such a long time ago.  I mean I would chat to them, they would chat to me, they knew me by name, even when I moved to a cattle station and came back to Melbourne six months later my favourite player still knew me by name and stopped for a chat, it was all kind of sweet as he was the whole of 18 and 19 at the time and I was 22 and 23 when all this was happening…like I said it was such a long time ago, hell I’m 39 in not even 3 months.

Anyhow, I decided to pick the rugby team that I would follow based on which one had the most interesting players on Twitter…well it was 2010 and I was well into Twitter then and there were some rather sweet players on there.  Anyhow I decided to support the Queensland Reds.  I still think most of those players are rather sweet.  I got a membership and kept following them on Twitter.

In 2012 I made it to my first game and had photos taken with a few players, including my favourite player, even though it meant racing from one end of the stadium to the other after the game…it is about priorities boys and girls and I was a woman on a mission…and by mission I mean I drove 900km then flew a few hours just to get to the game.  It’s what you do when you live in Country Town and you want to go to a sporting event.

I put the photo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and the bugger liked it and when I put it as a profile pic he said he liked it…bloody hell, that was a tad unexpected.




So 2012 comes and I make it to another game…mind you it was a bigger trek this time as I went to Fiji for my 35th birthday and then went back to Country Town via Perth…a lot further in distance, but no difference in cost and of course the Reds were playing in Perth that weekend, which was the reason for going via Perth for a few days.  I was a woman with a mission again…trying to meet Fave 1 and Fave 2…especially Fave 2 as I had never met him.  So I had no luck at the game, which peeved me no end.

But the next morning I woke up early and made the decision that I might as well head to the airport early…well that was definitely a good decision. I checked in, went through security and not long later I notice some of the Reds players, not a bad sight at 6am on a Sunday.  But no sign of Fave 1 or Fave 2…that was okay, I had time to kill.

Their flight gets called and then I spy Fave 1, I go towards him and he says “Hey Shirl how are you?” and I will admit I was kind of shocked, I got him to sign the photo and he asks if there’s any more of the boys I want to meet so I say Fave 2 and he sings out to him and he stops and I get a photo, which another player takes right before he boards the plane, I’m talking 10m or so from the boarding gate.


Then in 2013 the Reds auction off their Indigenous round jerseys and I make the decision to put a bid on Fave 1’s jersey, a last minute decision and I mention it on Twitter and he asks if I got it, thankfully I did.


beau jersey 1

A couple of weeks later the Reds auction off their jerseys from the game against the British and Irish Lions so I decide to buy Fave 2’s…another last minute decision which pays off…I should stop buying jerseys and guernseys…I did for a while, then January hit and I had a week of madness there.

jono jersey

Anyway back to the story.  Scarily enough a couple of days before it arrives Fave 2 starts following me on Twitter…let’s just say there were some elements of complete shock going on in my lounge room when that happened…I was just a tad excited…it honestly doesn’t take much.


Now onto 2014.  Fave 2 has changed teams and I feel obliged to get a membership for the new team, as well as keep my Reds membership, I mean the guy sees all the dribble I put on twitter and there has been a lot over the time.  Plus I move to Country Town 2.0, a mere 900km from Sydney and 900km from Brisbane, so I make it to both games where his team plays the Reds.  The first game I met one player…who just happens to live in the same house as Fave 2…the things people know, god love social media.

The second game however, well that involved the surreal moment with Fave 2.  He ends up starting, which he wasn’t meant to, then scores a try, then gets hurt…all that aside after the game I get to where I’m able to get photos and signatures and get a few photos, but not Fave 1…I’m desperate for a photo with Fave 2 though.  I see him strolling across the ground so I sing out and he says he’ll be over in a minute.  He comes over and says “Hey Shirl, how are you?” hugs me and kisses me on the cheek…yes that was a completely surreal moment…I was in complete and utter shock.  I ask him to sign the photo and ask for another photo and he says we definitely need a new photo as the other one is a shocker…well it’s not that bad, but it’s not the best.  So we get another photo and chat a bit and I was in complete shock still.

shirl and jono 3

Onto January, 2015.  I head off to Brisbane to go to Queensland Reds training because of another jersey I bought.  Anyway Fave 1 is training and after training I get my new Reds jersey signed by a fair few players (on a side note you have to hate when you go to buy a permanent marker and because all the back to school supplies are everywhere the only sort you can easily find are super fine ones…which means that whilst you can see the signatures well on the actual jersey they’re a bit hard to see in the photo of it).  So Fave 1 comes up and says “hello, hello what’s this another new jersey?”…well I do own two that he’s worn and a team training shirt that’s been signed by a lot of the team and now this one…and that’s just the ones he’s signed and we chat for a bit before he goes inside.

Just a few surreal moments…sorry for the long post.


Write, every day of your life…30/365

Burning down the house…Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

Gee this looks very much like The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.” which is the prompt for January 29th…ummm maybe I should just put them both together (with a little update like this paragraph of course).

Oh that’s easy…and I don’t care who judges me over these things as yes they’re quite materialistic in a sense.

I’ve gone with the theory that any photos that are important to me are actually available on here, Facebook and Instagram so I wouldn’t need to take my phone, laptop or any of my hard-drives.

So for that reason we’ll start with…


1. The nice new signed Hawthorn guernsey…and only because it is nice and new and signed by a lot of the team, including nearly all of my favourites…yes I know it can be replaced easily, but hey…it’s my choice here.


2. My nice new signed Queensland Reds jersey…damn the fact that I bought an extra fine permanent marker, so in the photo the signatures don’t show up great, but 11 players signed it and I think it’s more about the experience that I had when I was invited to the training session last Thursday…oh and the conversations that were had with my favourite players.


3.  Now I have to go with the reason why I went to Brisbane last Thursday…to collect my James “Chibba” Hanson worn and signed Brisbane NRC jersey…well it wasn’t signed until I picked it up and watched training and then he signed it.  I think it’s more important because it is the only one there is.  He only played one match for the inaugural season of the NRC and this is the jersey from that match which makes it one of a kind…quite literally…and it’s now with me in Country Town 2.0.


4.  There’s no way in the world I could go without taking this…my match worn and signed Jono Lance jersey that he wore when he played against the British and Irish Lions in 2013.  I’ve got two favourite rugby union players and he’s one of them…he’s just a tad too nice…and that of course has nothing to do with the fact that he follows me on Twitter, or that when I met him for the second time, which was after a match in July last year he came over, said, “hi, how are you Shirl?” hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek…yes, a very unbelievable moment.


5.  This belongs to the other favourite rugby union player…Beau Robinson.  It’s his match worn and signed Indigenous round jersey…and yes he’s a tad too nice as well.  When I saw him at Perth airport in May 2013 he said, “hey Shirl, how are you?” and I was literally in shock…I’d only met the guy once before then.  Then I hadn’t met him from then until last Thursday and I asked him to sign the nice, new Reds jersey and his first comment was “gee another new jersey” and when I explained that I was at training to get the Chibba jersey he said that Chibba going to Europe was no excuse for it not being signed…god love it.

So there’s my five and the reasons.

#FMSPHOTOADAY day 26…3 things

My 3 nice new jerseys/guernseys.
Queensland Reds signed by 11 players at training in Brisbane last Thursday.
Hawthorn signed by 29 players at training in Melbourne last Friday.
Brisbane City NRC worn by James Hanson in a game last year and signed by him in Brisbane last Thursday…the reason for my trip to Brisbane.


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