A new way to park a bicycle


I saw this one Sunday afternoon last year…

A new way to park a bicycle securely maybe???


Country sunset


I took this one day last year when I was driving home…beautiful sunset

Another only in the country…


So Country Town 2.0 has 2 supermarkets and I don’t mean Coles or Woolies or even IGA.

I mean two small little supermarkets that often run out of different things, two little supermarkets that get meat and vegetables in once a week.  They don’t even get milk or bread on a daily basis.

So this sign saying that all the meat is sold out is nothing really unusual.

Mind you there is a small butcher’s shop in town…but it also has fruit, vegetables, milk, bread, and a few other things like pies and hotdogs.

Like I said…only in the country.

Only in the country…


I took this a few weeks ago, I was walking home from work and noticed a horse in the front yard of the neighbour’s across the road.

The scary thing is that four houses down the street have two sheep wandering around their empty block.

Country sunset


So this was taken from my front verandah last week.

Just another glorious country sunset!!

Cave exploring


Mammoth Caves in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

Lesson learnt that day was never go deep into a cave when you have two ear infections…holy heck that was a painful experience!!!

Waiting for the rain to come…


Taken in the middle of nowhere one afternoon…waiting for the rain to come.

As expected it didn’t eventuate, and the drought continues.

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