Well it’s been a while

Sorry blog world…it has been a while since I’ve been on here and it’s been a rather busy time with work leading up to Christmas and then holidays and now it is almost time to go back to work, only one day of holidays left.

But My Kitchen Rules is back tonight…in about 17 minutes in fact.  So just a quick post now to say I’m back and a couple of more post will appear tonight and tomorrow…about life in general and MKR and the holidays where I went to the filming of Masterchef!!!


More road tripping


This was taken on the same day as the last photo, around the same time of the last photo…the one in the last post.

Somewhere on the highway between Melbourne and Country Town 2.0

Road tripping


So this photo was put on Instagram.

I took it someone in NSW along a stretch of highway in January 2015, somewhere between Melbourne and Country Town 2.0 when I was heading back to Country Town 2.0 after the Christmas holidays.

#FMSPHOTOADAY days 131-140


Day 131…upside down…stalactites in Mammoth Cave, Western Australia.


Day 132…eyes


Day 133…hands…Quade Cooper getting ready to kick


Day 134…heart


Day 135…I found this…falling down three stairs onto a cement floor hurts like all hell and bruises like all hell!!


Day 136…clean…Josh Gibson wiping all the sweat off his face during training in January.


Day 137…home…Tai-O fishing village in Hong Kong


Day 138…musical…NKOTB on the American Idol finale


Day 139…my mood today…this day I could hardly talk (I still can hardly talk)…so it is the sun resembling my voice trying to get through the clouds.


Day 140…equal

#FMSPHOTOADAY days 121-130


Day 121… I want…on that day I wanted to read my birthday signed cookbook, but was stuck doing uni essays.


Day 122…faceless self portrait…another day on uni essays.


Day 123…a cup of…tea latte…yummy, yummy, yummy


Day 124…today I saw…obviously I had a blonde moment and didn’t realise until just now that it says day 104, oh well, anyway it is a raspberry Tim Tam


Day 125…red…my favourite Red…Beau Robinson


Day 126…10 o’clock


Day 127…key


Day 128…4 things…4 sports, AFL, soccer, rugby union and cricket


Day 129…peaceful…Bussleton in Western Australia


Day 130…playground, the biggest playground in the world…Disneyland


Like I said before these have all been on my personal facebook, twitter and Instagram but life has been rather full on lately.  So here they are.

march collage

Let’s start with the March collage which was completed at the end of day 90.


Day 91 – lunch…that day I forgot to take a photo of my lunch that I ate, but managed to get a photo of the drink that I opened, which I didn’t finish until some ridiculous time later…like a couple of hours at least.


Day 92 – building…a view of the top of the Empire State Building from the observation deck.


Day 93 – this is good…of course holidays are always good.  They started with a 4 hour drive straight on the Thursday after work.  Then a flight from Dubbo to Sydney and then Sydney to Melbourne on Good Friday complete with a run through Sydney airport.


Day 94 – I stood here…this was in Melbourne on Good Friday on the way to the rugby.


Day 95 – egg…on Easter Sunday I was wondering what came first, the chicken or the egg?


Day 96 – a shape…the goal square of the MCG taken on Easter Monday during the Hawthorn v Geelong game.


Day 97 – beauty…a tree I saw in Central Park that I thought was quite beautiful.


Day 98 – breakfast…that morning breakfast was eggs and baked beans.


Day 99 – inspired…recently I’ve been losing some weight.  So going shopping and knowing that I was XL and then buying a L jumper and then a few days later getting M and it fitting was rather exciting and inspiring.


Day 100 – dark…The Art Centre spire in Melbourne taken from across the Yarra River one night.



Day 82…too much T2 tea, but is there such a thing as too much of that???  Plus after trying a tea latte from them in Sydney in the holidays I think I’ll definitely be trying that at home.


Day 83 – handmade…my hand-blown and hand painted Ukrainian Easter egg that I bought in New York and painstakingly carried it back and got through customs as it is a real egg shell that’s been blown clean.


Day 84 – half…half past eight on my watch.


Day 85 – I love…a beautiful sunset from the first place I lived in when I moved to Country Town 2.0


Day 86 – something white…the angel I got in the secret Santa last year…which I love and think is beautiful.


Day 87 – gift…my yearly gift to myself.  A membership for Hawthorn Football Club.


Day 88 – Zen…nothing is more peaceful and more zen than travelling in a car on your own on the road with the music going.


Day 89 – on my table…can’t say I had a table where I lived before.  So I used the couch…that day it had my dinner plate, the weekend papers and uni work.


Day 90 – two tone…my beautiful doona cover.  I love the colours of it and the pattern and especially love the price I managed to pay for it.

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