Holy shite…I can finally see a difference in myself!!!

So a few months ago I went to the doctor with a sore foot.  It hurt like all hell and turns out I had some ligament damage but according to local doctor the damage happened because of my weight…let’s say I bit my tongue instead of saying what I really thought.  He then had the nerve to say to me “And what did you have for lunch?  Fish and chips and a bottle of coke followed by a block of chocolate?” to which I responded “I had a chicken and cheese sandwich because 15 minutes isn’t enough time to go and buy lunch let alone eat all that stuff you said”…let’s say if he could have read my mind he wouldn’t be standing right now…but let’s move on.

He then said I had to lose weight…gee really???  I never would have guessed that and told him as much.  Seriously it’s not like I didn’t know I was big, gee it wasn’t exactly news and didn’t require a medical degree to come to that conclusion.

So he wrote a prescription, but failed to tell me the tablets cost $110 for a month’s worth…and the chemist failed to mention it until I went to pay…gee not everyone is made of money.

Anyhow, prior to that I lost a bit of weight last year and needed a belt with most of my trousers but still wore them and didn’t try the next size down in tops.

I started the tablets and ate healthily and the fact I haven’t been in the mood to drink has been an added bonus as I haven’t had any alcohol in over 6 months…and there’s a bottle of wine sitting in the fridge, but I’m not tempted by it at all, I’m just not in the mood.

I still eat a bit of chocolate or biscuits when I want it, but not often.

The medication suppressed my appetite and made me feel fuller quicker.  But I was on the lowest dose of it and it worked rather quickly at the start, but in saying that I had a three month script and have only used two months worth and the last two months I’ve been just eating rather healthily and exercising a bit and two weeks ago I bought a pair of boots for the first time…which shocked everyone.

Then last week I was in the nearest big town and bought a couple of skirts and tights and I bought new jeans.  Now I knew I needed smaller sized jeans because I had bought new black work trousers a couple of times this year…I bought some in January, then when I first wore them they were huge…so I bought a pair two sizes smaller and now they’re quite large and I’m in the next size down and when I bought them they fit, but didn’t feel comfortable.  Now they’re loose and I’ll need the next size down soon.

So jeans shopping was interesting…getting jeans that are 4 sizes smaller is scary in a way, seriously scary because some of the comments aren’t what I’m used to at all…I don’t think I’ll ever get used to them.

I’m still big, I’m not small, I’m not shopping in normal sized clothing shops…actually I did go into one the other day and managed to buy a skirt and i’m still recovering from that shock.

Then I got a haircut the other day as well and that mixed with the new boots and a skirt amongst other things have shocked a few people.

However I still couldn’t overly see the change…until today.  I got someone to take a photo yesterday and tonight I put it together with an older photo and holy heck…there is a difference.

Judge for yourself.


Left – January 2014, right – June 2015


75 days apart…left – April 8, 2015, right – June 21, 2015


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