Cave exploring


Mammoth Caves in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

Lesson learnt that day was never go deep into a cave when you have two ear infections…holy heck that was a painful experience!!!


Waiting for the rain to come…


Taken in the middle of nowhere one afternoon…waiting for the rain to come.

As expected it didn’t eventuate, and the drought continues.

Morning river views


I took this photo yesterday morning when I was in Dubbo…it was a freezing cold morning.  It got down to -3.7 degrees celsius at about 7am, but the clear blue sky made the world a lot more deceptive.

More road tripping


This was taken on the same day as the last photo, around the same time of the last photo…the one in the last post.

Somewhere on the highway between Melbourne and Country Town 2.0

Road tripping


So this photo was put on Instagram.

I took it someone in NSW along a stretch of highway in January 2015, somewhere between Melbourne and Country Town 2.0 when I was heading back to Country Town 2.0 after the Christmas holidays.


So a couple of days ago I decided to set up an Instagram page for the blog.

I’ve been putting photos that I’ve taken around Australia on it and it’s been getting a fair few likes.

So I figure I might as well put the photos on here as well, along with a bit about them and where they were taken.

So be prepared for a few photos to come…

Oh and you can find me @noncitygirl at Instagram!!

#FMSPHOTOADAY days 131-140


Day 131…upside down…stalactites in Mammoth Cave, Western Australia.


Day 132…eyes


Day 133…hands…Quade Cooper getting ready to kick


Day 134…heart


Day 135…I found this…falling down three stairs onto a cement floor hurts like all hell and bruises like all hell!!


Day 136…clean…Josh Gibson wiping all the sweat off his face during training in January.


Day 137…home…Tai-O fishing village in Hong Kong


Day 138…musical…NKOTB on the American Idol finale


Day 139…my mood today…this day I could hardly talk (I still can hardly talk)…so it is the sun resembling my voice trying to get through the clouds.


Day 140…equal

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