So the last few months…

Well everyone while I’ve been not blogging a fair bit has happened…

  • I completed my 2nd Masters degree…4 long years of doing 2 subjects a semester is over…now I was planning on having a break and not studying for a fair while, if at all…except I have to do studies in Religion this year.
  • I’ve still been losing weight…I’ve lost over 43kg (over 95lbs) since the start of 2015…so in 13 months!!!  Oh and before you ask I will put a photo up…later though, this is a relatively quick post before going to bed.
  • I happened to run into Novak Djokovic whilst walking down a laneway in Melbourne a couple of days before the Australian Open started!!!  Yes I definitely got a photo of him.
  • I went to the filming of Masterchef and saw Nigella and then went to see her talk at a different event.
  • I decided rather randomly to buy a new car.
  • I’ve had my first ever sporting injury as part of the whole losing weight thing…which has been the world’s most annoying injury!!!

Write, every day of your life 49/365

Far from normal…Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

  1. I’ve lived in a lot of places that nearly the entire population of Australia has never heard or, or visited, let alone lived int.
  2. I don’t have big toenails. Yep, kind of gross, they were removed a couple of years ago because they both got an infection that I couldn’t shake, no matter how many antibiotics I was given so they were removed and the 2 anaesthetic needles in each toe hurt like all hell, but somehow I managed to drive home alright, they took a few months to fully heal though.
  3. I’ve lived in too many places…I actually worked it out with the kids last year when doing their life timeline and I’ve lived in 23 different houses in my 38 years and that has included on a cattle station, in a pub, in a convent/presbytery. No point in being normal!!!
  4. The furthest I’ve driven in one day is 1,600km…like I said no point in being normal.
  5. I’ve been to numerous sporting events all around the place…AFL in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia, cricket in Victoria, rugby league in New South Wales and Queensland, rugby union in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, soccer in Victoria and Queensland, formula 1 racing in Victoria, baseball in New York, tennis in Victoria.
  6. I’ve travelled a fair bit. I would guess that I’ve seen more of Australia than a lot of people.  I haven’t driven from Port Augusta to Perth and then up to Broome, but I’ve done Adelaide to Darwin and many places in between too many times, I’ve done Cairns to Melbourne via a lot of places and a lot of country New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory.  I’ve also been to Papua New Guinea (even though that was an extended trip, living there for close to two years), Singapore, Hong Kong (with a day trip to China), America (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii and New York, with a day trip to Mexico) and Fiji…but there’s still a lot of places I want to go to.

#FMSPHOTOADAY Day 19…homemade


Today’s version of homemade…random people getting their faces painted at the Australian Open.

Australian Open Tennis

Well last night I decided to buy a ticket for day 1 of the Australian Open.

I fluked it and got a seat in the 2nd row of Rod Laver Arena, which is the main court.  Not just any seat mind you, the seat was literally across the aisle from the Player’s Box…not bad until you realise that means that there’s a camera only a couple of metres from you.

So the first game on Rod Laver Arena was number 3 seed Simona Halep against Karin Knapp and I had Simona Halep’s people next to me and she won.

Second up was Ana Ivanovic against Lucie Hradecka and I had Ana’s people next to me…unfortunately she lost.

Then I decided to go for a stroll around and ended up meeting Mark Philippoussis…which excited me no end.  There’s been a long time liking of him going on…and by long time I’m talking about 20 years…so I was slightly over excited.

Then it was back to Rod Laver Arena to check out Rafael Nadal in his win against Mikhail Youzhny and I had Rafa’s people next to me.  He also had Spanish doubles player Marc Lopez in his box.

Here’s a few pictures from the day.

Fast4 tennis and a day out in Melbourne

So I’m still on holidays and the weather in Melbourne is hot one minute, freezing and cold the next and Wednesday was no exception.

So I decided to have a day out in the dodgy, crappy, grey, overcast day.


I headed into DFO at South Wharf and had a quick stroll…and by quick stroll I mean quick, I was in an out in just under an hour.

Then I headed to Harbour Town and had another fairly quick stroll around and saw the Melbourne Star, but at $32 to go on it I decided against it as I went up the Eureka tower on the weekend.

IMG_0469 IMG_0468Then I headed into the city.  Good thing they now offer free trams in the central business district, which has only been since January 1…but you can’t complain about that.

I did a quick stroll of Myer.  Then headed over to check out Emporium and had a late lunch there from Jimmy Grants, you have to love a souva that has the chips inside it.


Plus I had to have a couple Zumbarons from Zumbo’s store…ohhhh so so good.  The top one is passionfruit and honeycomb and for the life of me I can’t remember what the other one was.


Then onto the whole reason why I headed to the city in the first place.

Fast4 tennis…at Margaret Court Arena, which is part of Melbourne Park where the Australian Open is played.  Margaret Court Area’s had a makeover and now has a roof, which was a bonus yesterday as it was cool but muggy so it was nice to be inside for a few hours.

Fast4 tennis is an interesting concept.

There’s no long breaks between games, no time to sit and rest, even between sets there is only a 90 second break.

There’s no let.

There’s no deuce and millions of times going advantage, deuce, advantage etc and no long tie-breakers to decide a set.

First to 4 games wins a set.

If it gets to what would be deuce it is a power point and whoever wins it wins the game.

Tie-break is first to 5, if it gets to 4-all then it’s a power point again.

So it was a Rafael Nadal night…god love Rafael, he had the best sense of humor on the night and had a few laughs, he even managed to take a selfie during a break, whilst sitting on his pink throne-esqe set with his name in lights behind him.




First off he had a set against Omar Jasika who won the 2014 US Open Boys’ final, I think the poor 17 year old was in shock and overwhelmed by being on the same court as Rafa, but he had a crack.


Then there was a set against Mark Philippoussis, who hasn’t played in a few years…but ohhhhh he’s still rather nice looking.


Then he had a best of 5 sets match against Fernando Verdasco, which was really quite good.




Then on the way home…after 12 hours of being out and about I took these photos of the Yarra River and the Arts Centre spire.


IMG_0580 year that was

Well given that 2014 started with a bang…especially in terms of this blog and has then had a few bumps and hiccups…both life and this blog it is time I think to get back into the swing of things.

So here’s what my crazy, somewhat hectic 2014 looked like.

In a nutshell I moved from Country Town at the end of 2013 and moved to Country Town 2.0 during January.  Before that though I managed to meet my favourite footballer as well as a great chef or two and sweat at the Australian Open.

I learnt about the drought and what life is like for farmers and had the luck of getting bogged after not a huge amount of rain…it’s all the drought’s fault and I experienced all the animals that the bush provides, even when they’re inside your house or right outside your front door, and managed to only flatten a couple, including a massive lizard.

I travelled around Australia a bit, up and down the eastern states with the drive from Melbourne to Country Town 2.0 and then holidays in the Gold Coast for the AFL and then on to Cairns flying over a cyclone to get there…well that was a slightly bumpy ride, then the Gold Coast and Brisbane for the next one to catch up with friends and then to go to the rugby union and Sydney for the next one to see The King and I at the Sydney Opera House and see Strictly Ballroom as well as to go to the Robbie Williams concert as well as the Justin Timberlake concert before coming to Melbourne for Christmas, as well as a trip to Sydney for a night to go to the rugby union…as one does.

I went back into the classroom full-time with a class of my own and they taught me plenty.  I learnt about pigging, I learnt about bulls and poddy calves and bull-riding and they gave me plenty of laughs as the year went on.  I also learnt that when I’m told “Miss he said the K word” that they actually meant the C word…but hey, who am I to argue with that???

I worked, I studied, I watched a bit of tv…and blogged about it, who knew that me writing my views on reality tv would be so popular, but hey…people seem to like reading about Masterchef, MKR, When Love Comes to Town and all that sort of stuff…not that I’m complaining at all.

But now it is time to bring on 2015, thanks for the memories 2014.

Tennis player of the day…Lleyton Hewitt

Given that it is Australia Day and the last day of the Australian Open the choice for the final tennis player of the day is Lleyton Hewitt.  Now I’ll put it out there straight out that I’m not a huge fan of Lleyton, I never have been and quite possibly never will be.  Yes, he plays great tennis at times, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be his biggest cheerleader.


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