MKR…The Cougar and her cub cook

So tonight we’re off to visit the Cougar and her cub for their instant restaurant.  Oh bless we start with Cougar in her fluffy dressing gown and the Cub still in bed.  Oh heck then we got into the kitchen and her dressing gown is open…talk about displaying a lot of cleavage!!

They hit the shops and bless them they love holding hands in the shops and then there’s a few sneaky pecks in Coles because chicken Caesar salad was the first thing the Cub ever cooked for the Cougar.  Now the Cougar tells us that the dessert was created to seduce men…oh heck, watch out all the males at the instant restaurant tonight.

They get home with just under three hours to go and no restaurant ready, mind you it’s called The Odd Couple, apparently because they’re weird, strange and funny and it’s a mix of the 60’s and 80’s…their decades of birth.  I’m not sure about the slinkies being stuck on the ceiling of the whoopy cushions on some of the chairs.  They start cooking with less than two hours to go…get a move on already.

Cougar starts making the ice-cream with her different and unusual list of ingredients…I so want to channel Kath and Kim voices right now.

Onto the chicken Caesar and marinated croutons, which is apparently the twist…righty-o, whatever you think guys.  The others arrive and Mr Fussy is scared, but the BFF’s are loving it, as is Sister Dear.  Brother Dear sees a Space Invaders game and wants to play it.  Then BFF 1 sits on the whoopy cushion and thankfully she gets a laugh out of it.  Son loves how much Cougar embraces being a cougar…oh bless him he’s too cute!!

Back in the kitchen the bacon’s all over the joint, some crispy, some soft…and both Cougar and Cub are happy with it because people will have choice.  No they won’t, they don’t get to pick which bacon they put on their plate.  Back at the table they’re talking about sexy codenames for each other and sexy winks…oh dear Cougar is running off on them.  Mrs Fussy can’t wink…oh honey I’m hearing you, neither can I.

Manu and Pete arrive and Manu’s gone a purplish velvet style suit with a bright pink tie, very fetching and matches Cougar’s dress perfectly.  The menu is printed on a record, oh bless them it looks rather good and fitting for the theme.  But then Cougar gives the story behind each dish, and amazingly everyone seems okay with that.

Back to the Caesar salad and time to get the chicken cooking.  Cub cooks it and thinks it’s cooked, but then Cougar cuts it in a different way and it’s still raw and she takes over, then toddles over in her white boots for a kiss.  Oh dear Mrs Fussy hasn’t ever had a Caesar salad as she’s never ordered one out before and lord let’s pray for individually washed lettuce leaves, or she’ll be having a moment.  Then the eggs are done and it’s time to plate and I didn’t see any washing of the lettuce and then they want to make the dishes look odd, so they’re none that are the same.  Mind you it’s that huge it looks bigger than a main course!!!  Hope they’re hungry.

Entrée – chicken Caesar salad.  Mr and Mrs Fussy weren’t happy with the presentation or the mountains of lettuce…I’m seeing that she won’t be overly happy.  Oh dear, Pete says he didn’t get any of the love or passion that Cougar described and then he doesn’t like the Caesar dressing or the bacon, or the croutons, or the chicken, or the lack of anchovies and he wouldn’t go back if he was served it at a restaurant…oh poor Cougar and Cub.  Manu wants more and he isn’t in love with Matt after eating the salad.  Mrs Fussy couldn’t touch the lettuce, bless her, oh no actually she couldn’t touch much of the dish at all.  Sister Dear meanwhile loved it, then Mrs Fussy goes on about her lettuce phobia to the rest of the table and there’s another weird face going on…honey you better pray to Mother Nature that the wind doesn’t change anytime soon!!!

Main – grilled swordfish with pea puree and tarragon sauce.  Back at the table the Police are singing Cher, while Cougar is making her tarragon sauce.  Then the carrots go in the over, not peeled…and yes I spied hairs on them.  Oh no, Mrs Fussy is going to really go off!!  Back at the table Mrs Fussy says a teacher in high school told her she would be a dictator, bless BFF 2 who asked which one from history she would be and she says she would be better than all of them…oh save me now!  Plating time…pea puree, fish, sauce, tarragon, carrots and it looks rather pretty.  Except it looks smaller than the salad serving did.

Now the preview for the next episode with the BFF’s and a warning that Mrs Fussy will be a harsher critic than Pete and Manu…oh I can’t wait until Sunday.  Oh deary, deary, deary Manu says the fish is so overcooked it’s like tinned tuna, and that’s just the start of it.  Pete had fish that was cooked perfectly though.  As for the pea puree well it wasn’t seasoned and Pete, bless him, couldn’t taste tarragon in the sauce.  Oh no, now Mrs Fussy has noticed the hair on her carrot, Mr Fussy meanwhile thinks it’s pretty funny.  BFF 2 mind you had a bit of sand on her carrot.  The Police had powdered fish…oh dear.

Dessert – chocolate seduction pudding with poached pears and cinnamon ice-cream.  Oh dear lord the dessert looks shocking in the pot, I’m not feeling any seduction so far.  Back at the table we learn that Mum was once a pageant girl in Miss Malta, oh bless her, I quite like her.  In the kitchen Cougar and Cub think the ice-cream and the pear are perfect…well that hasn’t helped them in the other courses.  They’re trying to plate and it’s looking like a disaster with caramel getting all over the glasses.  They put the chocolate caramel thing, then pear, then ice-cream, then a raspberry and I’m not sure other than the glasses look all smudgy and dirty and Mrs Fussy is honestly about to die, the poor thing is sweating over it.  Manu asks about the pudding recipe and he’s confused about the lack of chocolate, of course that happened because there’s no chocolate in it, there’s cacao powder.  Pete can’t find anything he likes…and the ice-cream isn’t an ice-cream and bless him it hasn’t melted.  Then Manu asks about the ice-cream recipe…bless the BFFs as they want to curl up and hide they feel for Cougar and Cub.  Even Mum isn’t liking the dessert, she wants chocolate.  The police want ice-cream.  Bless them the BFFs are not seduced, but feel like they’re eating Christmas pudding.  Mrs Fussy decides to be “dead set honest” and she’s overly frustrated…deal with it.


Mitch and Laura – 4

Anna and Jordan – 3

Rosie and Paige – 3

Monique and Sarah – 4

Gianni and Zana – 3

They scored 17/50 from the other contestants.

Entrée – Manu scored them 4 and Pete scored them 3.

Main – Pete scored them 3 and Manu scored them 2.

Dessert – Manu scored them 1 and Pete scored them 1…oh poor things BFF 2 is having a teary for them.

They have a total score of 31/110 and then Pete asks how they’re feeling.  Ummmm I don’t even need to hear their response to know how they’re feeling.


Masterchef…Rick Stein elimination

I’m just putting it out there that I’ve been on holidays…well holidays at home, because of school holidays and I’ve been watching lots of tv shows on my hard drive and lots of movies, so haven’t watched Masterchef for a few days…so it is catch up time!!

So six of the remaining nine contestants are up for elimination.  They are Georgia, Ashleigh, Matthew, Amy, Jessie and Billie…and Georgia’s been in a black apron eight times now…gee girl, look at the positives, it is extra time in the kitchen.  Oh and Ashleigh has an immunity pin that she can choose to use…honestly with 9 left there shouldn’t be any decision, use it girl.  But no, she turns on the tears because her mum isn’t well, then use the pin already love.  Good, she decides to use it and we’re down to five up for elimination.

Matt tells them they’ll probably be happy to be in a black apron because of the chef that is coming into the kitchen…then they realise who it is.  Rick Stein is there and Georgia is all set to keel over in shock and excitement.

So there’s 5 types of seafood in basket and 5 types of cuisine in another container…the contestants have to pick one of each to decide what they’ll cook.  Billie gets red emperor and Spanish.  Amy gets squid and Malaysian and she’s excited.  Matthew gets John Dory and Indian.  Jessie gets Murray River Cod and British and she thinks it is her worst nightmare.  Georgia gets snow crab and French.  They have 75 minutes to cook.

Rick says that he is looking for someone who treats their seafood with respect and the seafood needs to be the main part of the dish and not smothered with flavours.

Billie fillets her fish perfectly.  Amy decides to make some of her squid into “noodles” and puts some into the freezer wrapped in glad wrap.  Poor Jessie is all stressed and lost and Rick tells her to think about English pubs and Gary says she’s got a lot of lovely flavours there and to get on with it.  Georgia’s doing a bisque and wants to make a beautiful dish.

Rick comments on how great Billie filleted the fish and she’s over the moon about it and is excited by the sound of her dish.  Matthew’s doing a curry and then races to get eggplant from the garden to use as a side dish.  Amy’s also doing a curry.  George and Rick go to Georgia and ask what she used in her broth and Georgie gets worried by Rick saying “gosh”…oh honey, too late now.

Jessie stressing with 20 minutes to go that he dish won’t be enough, but is committed to it and it’s a bit late now.  Matt and Rick go to her and ask how she’s going and she gets teary talking to them, oh honey, focus on the cooking.  Rick says to think about what you like…good advice I think.

Matt’s concerned about the texture of Amy’s dish…she’s realised that she’s been focusing on the flavour so far…oh dear, this could be a worry.  Now Matthew’s worried about cooking his fish, because he’s never cooked John Dory before…then it starts curling up and he’s even more worried.  Then he sees how it naturally breaks, so cuts the other fillet that way before cooking it.

Tasting time…Billie is up first with pan seared red emperor with a chorizo broth.  George says it is a beautiful dish and looks like a restaurant dish and when he cuts the fish he says it looks nice.  Rick absolutely loved it and was full of glowing adjectives.  Gary loved the sauce and couldn’t make it any better himself.  Rick wants to know where you get a dish like that.

Next is Amy with Malaysian curry with squid noodles but she’s all teary while she’s talking to the judges.  George likes the smell of the dish and Gary thinks it looks appetising.  Oh dear…Matt says “Houston we have a problem” and we go to an ad…oh Amy, Amy, Amy, what have you done???  The squid is undercooked and the curry sauce isn’t liquidy enough.  Oh honey, I’m worried for you.

Next is Matthew.  He made John Dory coconut curry with caramelised eggplant and rice…oh and he made flatbread as well, but the image and text on the tv didn’t mention that, Matthew mentioned it.  It looks great as he pours the curry sauce into the bowl around the rice.  Rick likes how he turned it around and made it look rather pretty.  George thinks it looks gorgeous, as does Gary.  Rick thinks the dish works really well and that it is a fabulous dish.

Georgia is next with snow crab bisque with fennel, tarragon and tomato.  George thinks it looks wonderful and Matt thinks it looks elegant and sophisticated.  Matt says that Georgia is back with that dish.

Last in is Jessie.  She made poached Murray River cod with peas, bacon and brussel sprouts.  Gary tells her that her own thoughts will be the thing that beats her in the competition.  Now she’s in with the other contestants still crying over how her dish wasn’t clear from the start…honey it is too late now!!  Then while George is cutting the fish Gary asks if it is cooked.  Rick thinks the fish is a bit under cooked, but George and Gary got well cooked fish.  They all think that she’s done well.

Matt thinks it is between Amy and Jessie for who will be eliminated.

Decision time…Rick was impressed with how great they all were.  Matt says that Billie is safe, along with Matthew and Georgia.  So it is between Amy and Jessie for who will be eliminated.  But first they need to pump up Billie, Matthew and Georgia with how great their dishes were.  Then George goes on to talk to Amy and Jessie about their good and not so good things in their dishes.  Oh dear, Amy is going home because her sauce is thick and claggy…oh honey, you’re such a sweetie and will be missed.

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