My Kitchen Rules… #MKR off to Sydney for yet another instant restaurant.

Tonight we’re off to Sydney for Will and Steve’s ultimate instant restaurant, honestly I’m glad the last two have been slightly interesting as this series is going on and on and on and I’m wondering when it will end.

Oh dear lord we get a plane and a ferry and Will is being a dill as if he’s on the Titanic and has a huge PDA at the ferry dock, just get on with the food already.  Off to the butcher and he’s got the lamb and pork, but of course no pigeon, onto the phone while driving around and god love Steve who calls ‘The Butcher’s Block’ but it is a café and not a butcher.  Will somehow reckons the pigeon is one of the key elements of the entrée…um, it is called pigeon salad…so it is the basis of the entire dish if you ask me.  Off they trot to find the pigeon place and it’s on the other side of Sydney, I would love to see the countdown clock right about now…oh look, they make it how with 3¼ hours until the guests arrive, that’s earlier than Drasko and Bianca.  They start cooking with 2 hours and 49 minutes to go.  They start with the dessert and Steve is making some pretty great looking honeycomb.  There’s a saga with crème anglaise though, Will’s making one and isn’t happy so does it again and is stirring Steve’s at the same time and next thing you know a bit of onion lands in it…dear lord he’s stressing me out.  He getting a bit out of it and it’s so early in the damn night.  First sight of Drasko and we hear how he wasn’t impressed at Will and Steve’s instant restaurant last time and expects more this time, gee wouldn’t have predicted that!!  But Pete and Manu haven’t been there or have all of the other guests.  Oh gee Drasko your comments are getting old…he’s impressed by the sound of the entrée, but not the rest…heaven forbid that people should serve lamb or pork and then him and Bianca can’t decide which entrée they want.

Entrée – The table has a conversation about pigeon and Shaz asks where to buy it, but says that in Mt Isa you would just go out and shoot one.  Then Manu questions Drasko and Bianca’s choice as they chose not what they wanted, but what would be harder to make and Manu says Drasko will be a good chef as all good chefs have a big ego and Drasko has a big ego.  Oh dear, Will’s having trouble with his bugs and worries he’s overcooked them so can’t get the colour onto them properly while Bianca is sooking about waiting a long time for entrée, oh honey, honey, honey you made people wait how damn long???

Pigeon salad with caramelised pear and asparagus.  Well this looks absolutely amazing on the plate.  Pete had this and says it was a sensation start to a three course meal and was the most beautiful and gorgeous dish he has ever seen on MKR, the only suggestion he can make is that crispy skin would have made it perfect.  Oh FFS Drasko and Bianca need to stop talking right now, they bitch and moan about everything to the extent where our old mate Drasko wanted to vomit after a fatty bit of pigeon.

Moreton Bay bugs with celeriac remoulade and seafood bisque.  Manu had this and he just loved it.

Main – Oh god love Shaz, she doesn’t know what colcannon is and when told it is cabbage and potato she doesn’t know why it isn’t just called cabbage and potato.  Shaz honey I adore you.  The bring the food out and old dear Bianca goes on about how Will and Steve look flustered and should have learnt from her and Drasko’s mistakes, as should all the others.  Honey it is not all about you!!

Lamb backstrap with pumpkin hummus and charred brussel sprouts.  Manu had this and loves it and says if he’s as impressed with dessert as he was with entrée and main he will kiss them.  They say Colin already kissed then and Manu says he’s a better kisser.

Pork belly with apple, fennel and colcannon.  Pete had this and it is the food he would dream of having on the show as there’s no fancy ingredients but there is beautiful technique and it topped the entrée and Steve cracks a smile which causes even Pete to go into shock.

Please tell me old mate Drasko picks on the dish and someone tells him to shut the hell up!!  Oh thankfully Bianca can’t fault it and says it is perfect.  Yet there isn’t a sound from Drasko.

Dessert – Well the chocolate bar looks amazing, then Will decides to brown up the crumb on the tarts using the grill and manages to burn them…honestly mate.  They scrape off the burnt crumb and hope the whole tart doesn’t taste burnt.  Then the pastry is disintegrating as they’re taken out of the trays.  Now they’re cutting the chocolate bar and the honeycomb has melted into the chocolate and the poor buggers are stressing majorly.

Almond honeycomb chocolate bar.  Pete had this and says it was a hat-trick and says it tastes spot on and the texture was phenomenal.  The others aren’t as keen on it.  Drasko is disappointed as there’s no honeycomb and it is very chewy and he’s getting sugar crystals in his teeth, oh honey stop talking, please I’m begging you.

Apple tart with rum and raisin ice-cream and butterscotch sauce.  Manu had this and he’s a little underwhelmed…oh well there won’t be any kisses going on and to make things worse they left the bottom of the tart tray under the tart on the plate.


Jac and Shaz – 7

Eva and Debra – 7

Ash and Camilla – 7

Drasko and Bianca – 7


Manu – 9

Pete – 9


Manu – 10…sorry Drasko and Bianca… you’re still on the bottom of the leader board and there’s still 3 scores to go!!

Pete – 10


Manu – 4

Pete – 9

Total score 79/100…meaning that they’re on top of the leader board.  Next we’re off to Mt Isa for Jac and Shaz.  Oh dear we get more comments from our old mate Drasko who thinks that Jac and Shaz are nothing like him and Bianca and they’re not fine dining at all.  Don’t be picking on people from the country Drasko.


My Kitchen Rules… #MKR is still in Perth for yet another instant restaurant

Tonight we’re still in Perth, we’re here for Eva and Debra who get a family home visit seeing as they were in Perth for the last instant restaurant, so no dodgy airport hugging required here.  Oh my gawd they’re home with almost 3½ hours before the guests arrive…unlike last night.  Then they’re all set up exactly on 3 hours to go.  Drasko and Bianca take note!!!

Well the prep time went rather quickly, but the arrivals call for plenty of screams and hugs much to poor Will and Steve’s annoyance.

From the opening comments I think Bianca’s brought some narkiness with her tonight going on that it’s not a fine-dining menu.

Pete decides to start conversation and asks what people ordered for entrée…um Pete you were sitting there when they ordered, or was I imagining it???

Entrée – the food comes out quickly and it all looks beautiful.

Grilled scampi with sambal beans – Pete had this and asks if they normally mix the seafood and beans, which they do.  He thinks it is like two different dishes, but it is bloody delicious.


Chinese braised beef ribs – Manu has this and he loved it but reminds them to cook how they would normally cook things instead of changing for the show.  Oh fancy that Drasko is disappointed and the beef ribs are overcooked and he’s got star anise almost cracking his teeth.


Main – Jac and Shaz and busily entertaining Will and Steve while they are waiting for mains and it’s laughs all around, unlike the waiting of last night.  Bianca meanwhile is having a sook about what the barramundi is served with thinking that it is too simple and god bless Shaz for disagreeing with Bianca, Shaz you’re wonderful!!  Eva and Debra are praying that the fish is cooked through and agree it is still cooking once it is out of the steamer, let’s hope.  I’m worried about duck curry where the duck is placed on top of the curry and cooked separately.  Yep you guessed it, Bianca sees the dish and is looking for the shebang…honey, be grateful you didn’t wait hours and hours for your main course.

Red duck curry with lychees – Pete had this and says they make a mean curry and it is phenomenal, but it would have been better with a duck leg cooked in the sauce.


Steamed barramundi with chilli, spring onion and ginger – Manu had this and he couldn’t fault it, except that the fish hasn’t been steamed long enough and half of his fish is undercooked…oh I can’t wait for Bianca’s comment…yep she goes on about the fish not being fully cooked.  Thankfully Drasko thinks unless there is a major disaster in the kitchen they may be in trouble with the score they got.


Dessert – The cake is going well, but the pandan ice-cream is crystallising and there’s no time to make another batch…oh well, pray for the best.  Debra’s worried about serving it, but Eva says they need to serve it or there is nothing.  But they change their plating ideas.  Oh you wouldn’t read about it, but Drasko and Bianca have the pandan ice-cream and Drasko is disappointed as soon as he sees it, yet he thinks that it shows the pressure has gotten to them, I’m not sure how that is shown through dodgy ice-cream.  Poor Shaz is only tasting the pandan plant, nothing but a green plant.

Singaporean sugee cake with orange ice-cream – Manu had this and he knows what sugee cake is because his mother-in-law left him some when she left, but he thinks it’s not moist enough.  He’s not sure overall though.


Pandan ice-cream with coconut jelly and kaffir lime syrup – Pete had this and the girls straight up admitted they had trouble with it.  Pete liked the flavour of the ice-cream, but didn’t overly like the jelly, couldn’t taste the kaffir lime syrup and hated the crumbs the most.



Jac and Shaz – 6

Ash and Camilla – 6

Will and Steve – 6

Drasko and Bianca – 5


Pete – 7

Manu – 9


Pete – 9

Manu – 6


Pete – 4

Manu – 5

Total score 63/100…sorry Drasko and Bianca you’re on the bottom of the leader board and Eva and Debra are through to the semi-finals.  Next we’re off to Sydney for Will and Steve’s instant restaurant.

My Kitchen Rules… oh dear lord more #MKR instant restaurants

MKR and we’re back to instant restaurants…back to Perth, even with the obligatory airport scene and naturally all their families are there and Bianca states “they’re supporting us”…oh honey really???  Are you surprised???

Oh, they’re cooking 6 dishes tonight, 2 for each course and Pete thinks it is really ambitious upon first sight.

3 pages of shopping list, 10 different shops just for the ingredients and we’re off to Coles first…yep, sponsor insert.  2½ hours into the shopping and they’re still going…then there’s traffic as well as them crawling to the next shop.  Oh look the clock ticks over to prep time and they’re still shopping, or sitting in traffic.  They get home with 2½ hours to go, but they have to set up the restaurant.  2 hours to go in prep time and they finally start with the food.  Gee, no rush.

Oh it looks ever so professional with them standing there writing down everyone’s orders.  They get back to the kitchen and there’s rice noodle sagas, well that’s what you get when you decide to make them yourself…just saying.  Bianca tries again with a non-stick pan, heck you wouldn’t believe it, it works…oh honey I’m seriously laughing here.  Then in goes so raw meat while Drasko is still cooking the scallops and he can’t decide how to pronounce it, the pre-recorded version is different to the kitchen version and lord save me he keeps calling Bianca his beautiful girl…focus on the damn food.

Entrée –

Bianca’s Pho Bo with homemade rice noodles – Pete tries this and thinks it is nice.  The stock needed longer to infuse but he was okay with it.  Shaz was impressed, the noodles weren’t the best, but she was impressed that they made their own.

Seared scallops with chestnut veloute – Manu tries this and thinks it is pretty good, but the scallops are a bit overcooked…oh dear, poor Drasko is devastated and tell us that.

Main – oh dear…there was no time to prep this before because of how long the shopping took.  Oh well, that’s life but now Drasko is busy deboning the quail himself.  An hour’s gone and Pete pops into the kitchen, poor Drasko is still deboning the quails and they want to serve in the next half an hour and Pete lists everything for them, which worries poor old Drasko.  God love Pete for saying that if they take too long people will score them lower.  Bianca tries to help but of course Drasko gets side-tracked trying to help her.  Hell the others will be starving if they don’t hurry up.  2 hours have passed and Ash is busy fluffing up her curls because she is over waiting, bless her.  Serve the damn food already.  Oh heck, now they’ve put the mushroom cream into the cream canister while it is boiling hot and everyone else is yawning…it’s been 2½ hours and poor Ash is going cray cray, even Pete’s having a laugh.  They’re doing the foam and it’s splitting…oh heck, this is funny, well it would be if they were serving the others.  Oh look time to replate without the foam gun cream.  Finally there is food, but I pity the ones having quail, there is quail, sauce and a couple of bits of mushrooms.

Veal with truffled pine nut puree and crispy zucchini flowers – Manu had this but wanted the veal more caramelised on the outside and is blown away by their sense of creativity and says Drasko has talent to become a great chef, but needs to nail the basics first.


Tea-smoked quail with mushroom cream – Pete had this and loved the smoking, but wasn’t impressed by the dish overall and called it a small entrée and didn’t get the mushroom cream and says a mistake like that can send them home….um aren’t they are home???


Dessert – Poor Jac is worried she won’t be able to stay awake for dessert as they’re taking so long.   They check the tart in the oven and amazingly the oven was on grill, god love the beep button at channel 7 as that’s all we hear…beep, beep, beep.  Well 20 minutes of it on grill.  Oh now the delice isn’t set, seriously saga, saga, saga…meanwhile the lemon curd isn’t setting still.  So they smear the curd over the plate and make it deconstructed.

First date lemon tart – which reminds Drasko of his first date with Bianca…oh who knew he was romantic??? – Pete has this and straight out asks what happened, he says the dish isn’t great and says they know it is a disaster…gee really???


Chocolate delice with mandarin caviar – Manu had this then asks what a delice is, Drasko says it wasn’t set enough and Manu wasn’t overly impressed by it.



Will and Steve – 4

Eva and Debra – 5

Ash and Camilla – 5

Jac and Shaz – 5


Pete – 7

Manu – 7


Pete – 4

Manu – 8


Manu –5

Pete – 1…which of course he hates to do.

Total score 51/100, next we’re off to Eva and Debra, so we’re staying in Western Australia.

My Kitchen Rules… #MKR who will make the finals???

I feel so behind in MKR.  Yes I know the posts haven’t happened for a while.  There was uni and work and going away for work and then holidays and going away and then I got back from holidays and spent last week moving house…a whole 500m from where I had been living the last 6 months, but hell it was hard…more on that in another post.  Plus I’ve recorded a heap of episodes that I haven’t watched yet…including Kat’s meltdown.  I seriously want to watch that.

Three teams walk into Kitchen HQ.  Jane and Emma, Ash and Camilla and Eva and Debra.  They walk in to find a lemon, a lime and a grapefruit on the bench.  Then they’re told two of them will make it through to the finals.

Round 1 is a skills test, segmenting fruit in 10 minutes taking turns one at a time, one fruit at a time.  But poor Camilla is up in Ash’s grill…her wording and she’s getting a tad stressed out.  Personal space needed lady!!  Then Ash is stressing out Camilla when it is her turn.

That 10 minutes went fast and Eva and Debra as cringing and stressing about their segmenting.

Ash and Camilla won that round and get an advantage for round 2.

Round 2 is all about vegies and there’s three of them under cloches.  They have to make a vegetarian dish with the vegie they choose.  Ash and Camilla get to choose who uses which vegie.  The choices are mushrooms, cauliflower and okra.  Girls just make sure you don’t give the okra to Eva and Debra.  They chose mushrooms for themselves, they give the okra to Jane and Emma as they know Eva will know how to use it and they give Eva and Debra the cauliflower.  They have 45 minutes to cook.

Ash and Camilla are making braised mushrooms with ricotta gnocchi.

Jane and Emma are making okra fritters with chilli mayo and Asian slaw.

Eva and Debra are making cauliflower curry with cauliflower rice and kora (deep fried cauliflower).

Time’s up…sorry I went to check on the new washing machine and to put vinegar into the disgustingly dirty oven I inherited during the ad break.

Emma and Jane serve their serve their dish and are asked if there’s enough okra in there.  Ash and Camilla serve their dish and personally I think it looks great.  They’re asked what’s in the parmesan crisp and say it is parmesan and a bit of cayenne pepper and Manu asks a bit or a lot and is told there’s a polite amount in there.  Eva and Debra serve up their dish.

Oh dear the okra got lost according to Pete and Manu.  Manu thinks Eva and Debra’s curry was to die for, however he didn’t enjoy the cauliflower rice and Pete wants to give 11/10 for the curry.  Manu thought Ash and Camilla’s dish looked like a fine dining restaurant dish and Pete thought the gnocchi and mushroom was sensational, but the cayenne pepper was unescapable.

The team through to the finals is Ash and Camilla…oh bless, I actually really enjoy Ash.

Round three is sudden death…and I have no idea what they have to do as my tv has got sound issues tonight only on channel 7…I’m blaming the weather.  But I know there’s 90 minutes on the clock.

Oh it’s a signature dish challenge and all the judges are there to taste it.

Jane and Emma – spiced sweet potato pie with peach and raspberry sorbet.  Jane gets a tad over-excited about using the blowtorch in the kitchen and races to check the pies while the blowtorch is still on…gee love talk about fire risk.  Colin thinks it is restaurant quality plating as they all look exactly the same.  Liz loves the dish, Karen thinks the spice is overpowering the taste of the sweet potato.

Eva and Debra – braised oxtail with roasted bone marrow.  There’s some issues going on with the bone marrow dressing…two batches done and they’re concerned about how it tastes.  Eva’s plating and everyone else is stressing about her given she’s doing one full plate at a time, not an element on each plate before moving on to the next element.  Karen loves it, Colin thinks there’s a lot of flavour in it.  Karen’s not overly keen on the presentation of it though.


Jane and Emma

Guy – 8

Karen – 7

Liz – 7

Colin – 7

Manu – 8

Pete – 8

They get 45/60.

Eva and Debra

Colin – 8

Karen – 8

Liz – 8

Guy – 9

Manu – 9

Pete – 9

They get 51/60.

Sorry Jane and Emma, but it is time to go and Eva and Debra are through to the finals.

Oh dear lord, we’re back to instant restaurants…I’m wondering when this is going to end, but apparently there’s a lot of emotional moments still to come…oh lord I don’t know how I’ll cope with that.

My Kitchen Rules… #MKR finally the instant restaurants are over!!!

Well last night I was at the pub having dinner while watching MKR and let’s say there were multiple people commenting on the show, especially on Kat and Andre…but I’ll that for when I write about that episode.

So tonight…Robert and Lynzey, Will and Steve and Eva and Debra are safe from elimination.

But nothing like super dramatic music for when the teams walk in…for goodness sake get over it already and focus on the cooking and get rid of the evil spawns that are polluting the show…oh and Manu’s not there.  The judges tonight are Colin and Pete.

So for the first challenge they’re shown a cloche and dear Annie predicts they’re cooking with a pony…what the heck???  Then they see there’s a sleeping bag.  They’re going camping to cook breakfast on a bbq, with no stoves, power, appliances and they have to cook for 200 campers and of course Robert has a camping story.  Gee I’ve missed him.  Oh and they have 90 minutes and Pete says that bacon and egg rolls won’t cut it.  The most votes gets people’s choice and is safe from two eliminations.  The two weakest teams are through to sudden death cook off and elimination.  Oh and they’re actually camping the night.

Heaven help the Coles supermarket they’re in, because they’re all racing at the same time.  Thankfully the supermarket looks vaguely empty.

Ash and Camilla want to do lobster, but 16 lobsters will cost $400 so they decide not to get it…I’m sorry but lobster for breakfast seems a bit out there…of course they want to show off that they are the gourmet cooks.

The teams join up to drive to the camp-site and even the drive is interesting.  Setting up the tents is even more interesting with one tent per team.

No good when Colin is banging a metal plate at 6:30am in the camp ground.  Oh that went down well…not in the slightest.  They get 90 minutes to cook and have to be ready by 9am and serving finishes at 10am.  Poor Vicki and Celine are struggling big time, between the tomato hassles and the slowness of flatbread making, looks like they won’t have much food.  Now Sheri and Emilie realise making dough wasn’t a great choice as well…strange about that, there’s not a huge amount of time to do all the cooking.  Oh no…Sheri and Emilie don’t have any gozleme ready when service time starts.   The campers come to get food and everyone freaks and not necessarily in a good way.  Kat and Andre run out of food and have to wait 25 minutes for another bake to be ready…yeah well that’s not a good idea given there’s only an hour to serve people.  Then Drasko and Bianca run out of tortillas and have to make more…gee all these teams need to take a good look at their time management skills and recipe choices.  Now Rob and Dave have run out fritters and give people some bacon to eat while they’re waiting.  30 minutes left and Sheri and Emilie still haven’t put any food out.  Finally Sheri and Emilie have food ready to serve…gee took long enough.  Time is nearly up and Lloyd realises they made the wrong dish and says they would have been fine if they were cooking in a library or Disneyland…oh dear lord!  Oh no…Emilie lip reads someone saying it was raw.  Ash and Camilla manage to sell out with a few minutes to go, followed by Jac and Shaz.

Rob and Dave – zucchini and corn fritters with maple bacon and tomato salsa.  Pete’s not keen on the spice in the fritter, but Colin enjoyed the bacon and they think the masses will like the dish.  Pete tells them that the bacon was a masterstroke, but the fritters weren’t.

Ash and Camilla – chilli scrambled eggs with salmon and hollandaise.  Colin says it looks good, Pete loves the salmon and Colin is impressed it has crispy skin and he would order it again.  Colin says it didn’t blow his mind…it blew his mind, his head and his socks, he was completely shocked.

Vicky and Celine – Greek baked eggs with dill and garlic flatbread.  Pete says it doesn’t look very attractive and Colin says the egg isn’t really cooked and the bread is soggy.  Pete said it sounded like a dish he wanted to eat, but the technique was wrong and Colin says his bread wasn’t even cooked.

Jac and Shaz – American-style pancakes with caramelised bananas and coconut crumb.  Colin thinks it is a big portion, even Pete thinks he couldn’t get through the whole plate.  Colin tells them he is a savoury breakfast eater, but is now converted, except the portion was very big.

Emma and Jane – blueberry ricotta hotcakes with berry compote and candied pecans.  Pete says the berry juice is giving it a tartness and Colin thinks the blueberries gave a bang.  Colin tells them he loved Jac and Shaz’s pancakes, but he loved their pancakes as well.

Annie and Lloyd – lamb meatballs with vegetable stew and bubble and squeak.  Pete says the meatball was dry and Colin says the lamb was already dead and they killed it further and they committed a crime against cooking.  Pete tells them it looked terrible and it didn’t taste great.  Annie replies that it was tough as they don’t barbecue, camp or cook outdoors and of course we get Kat’s reaction with laughter.

Kat and Andre – smoked ham and gruyere cheese bake with tomato relish.  Colin commends them on their method of cooking and Pete’s confused with the different tastes.  Pete tells them he was disappointed and it wasn’t pleasant.  Colin tells them he liked the cooking method but nothing else and it was a misfire…back to dear Kat who is humiliated by the review…oh honey, suck it up already!

Drasko and Bianca – spicy pork and egg tortilla with avocado salsa.  Colin isn’t keen on the tortilla and Pete says the pork was a bit dry.  Pete tells them he was very impressed.

Rose and Josh – ricotta fritters with tomato relish, rocket and feta.  Pete says it is not the most challenging of dishes, Colin enjoyed the flavour.  Pete says every mouthful was a you and Colin says it was a good breakfast dish.

Sheri and Emilie – spinach, feta and mushroom gozleme.  Pete and Colin think it is technical and has a lot of flavour, but it needed to be cooked a bit more.  Pete asks the girls if they are crazy as it was very ambitious.  Colin tells them he liked the filling and liked that they made their own dough.

The people’s choice winner is…Ash and Camilla and I love how gracious they are…oh that’s until Camilla says she would like to thank all her fans, honey I think I prefer Ash to you.  Now they’re safe from two eliminations.

Now I predict that it will be Kat and Andre as well as Annie and Lloyd in sudden death.  I would love it if that happened.  The first team Colin announces is Annie and Lloyd.  Pete announces the second team in sudden death is…Vicky and Celine…damn…I seriously wanted Kat and Andre through, just to add to the drama of the show.

Next time it is sudden death cook-off time.

My Kitchen Rules… #MKR records will be smashed and redemption is complete!

So the girls start off shopping and Debra runs into her grandfather while she is shopping which she takes as an amazing omen.  But what is with running through Coles???  You honestly can’t be in that much of a hurry to get the food given that you’re in one supermarket.

First saga…the milk is in the pot heating for the kulfi and they say to keep an eye on it and next thing you know the pot is nearly overflowing…thankfully it still tastes like milk.  Now they’ve got multiple timers going.  Next saga…Eva thinks that she’s peeled all the prawns, all 3kg…yeah not likely, she’s peeled maybe 1kg.

Then of course they scream when the doorbell rings…oh dear, this might be an interesting night.  Everyone comes in and we now realise how short Eva and Debra are…I hadn’t noticed that with them usually sitting at the table.  They’re test tasting a fish cake when Pete and Manu ring the bell…yay no screaming!!!  Pete even manages a trip to the kitchen before entrée is finished.

Back at the table Kat’s going on about how low the others scored them compare to Pete and Manu.

Entrée – prawn cakes with peanut and lime dipping sauce.  They bring out the dish and state that the prawn cakes are meant to be dipped in the dipping sauce…gee I never would have guessed that…oh dear girls it is a dipping sauce.  Pete goes fingers and Manu goes knife and fork to eat, honestly they say and show this.  Manu says it is ridiculous and the girls are confused and “what, sorry?” and he says it is ridiculously good and they’re jumping up and down and he says there is no Thai restaurant in Australia who makes them that good and they’re crying.  Pete loves it, and says he could eat it every day.  Everyone seems impressed with the dish…and of course Kat and Andre are searching for problems…just accept it is a great dish!

Main – Keralan fish moilee with lemon rice.  Oh dear, they think they’ve put too much lemon juice in the curry…and of course there is an ad break before we find out.  Oh dear lord now Annie is going on about spirit animals and poor Kat is confused and literally says “what the hell are you talking about?”.  Then Annie says that Andre is a kangaroo and Nikki is a caterpillar…what the hell???    Eva’s worried that the curry doesn’t taste exactly how it usually does, but Debra thinks it tastes nice and says nobody else really knows what it is, so she shouldn’t really worry about it.  Now onto the garnish and it looks really nice, I’m impressed.  Pete says this dish was better than the entrée and it was brilliant.  Manu starts with “holy moly!” and says if they cook this well through the rest of the competition they might be winners.  Everyone loves it…except for Kat who thinks that her fish is undercooked, or she thinks it is undercooked but she thinks it might all be in her imagination because she’s on the bottom of the leader board.

Dessert – kulfi with rosewater syrup, pistachios and jelly.  God love it, they try to get the jelly out of the container and of course it is stuck and looks “rustic” and they’re not happy with it, but it says it on the menu.  Now the kulfi is starting to melt as soon as it is put on the plate.  They decide to remove the jelly as it doesn’t complement the dish and they’re willing to take the backlash because of it.  They take it out and people wonder if the jelly is hidden inside the kulfi.  Manu straight up asks where the jelly is and then decides that the girls have been listening to what they are told.  He thought it was great and Pete thinks it is delicious.  Lloyd thinks it looks creamy, but tastes icy and he’d rather confused…and naturally Kat doesn’t like it, sorry I’m not surprised and Andre is even worse and compares it to old ice-cream he’s pulled out the freezer, well that’s just cruel and nasty.


Jane and Emma – 8

Annie and Lloyd – 8

Katie and Nikki – 9

Kat and Andre – 8

Sheri and Emilie – 10!!!  Oh they’re on 43 now…a mere 14 points behind Kat and Andre who are on the bottom of the leader board.

Entrée – Manu 10, Pete 10

Main – Pete 10, Manu 10

Dessert – Manu 7, Pete 8

Total score 98/110 putting them on top of the leader board and poor old Kat actually cannot talk any more…finally she has decided not to talk.  Oh and it’s the highest score ever on MKR!!!

Next we’re off to the last instant restaurant in this round…Katie and Nikki and another elimination and dear lord hopefully the last instant restaurant as there’s been 23 so far!!!  Plus either Katie and Nikki or Kat and Andre will be going home!!!

My Kitchen Rules… #MKR back to Perth…it strategy in play again??

God love that Kat is basing her whole day on getting an easy parallel park…if only she was able to pronounce things at the butchers…but no she can’t.  Plus she can’t walk through any of her shopping.  Now Kat says that Annie and Lloyd are playing the game more than anyone else…backup there a tad love, last time I checked you were playing the game more than anyone else!!!  Pot, kettle anyone??

Kat’s onto making sugar syrup for the praline and says how if it boils to quickly it crystallises…no good, let’s start singing and let the syrup crystallise…take two…oh look, it does it again and of course it has never done it before.  Sounds like every other team.  Back to making the bread and the exertion of pure animalistic force…they would be her words and not mine.

Oh dear, poor Lloyd is the only guy at the table and now Annie is talking about the names for their future babies and yes one will be Barbie…named after none other than the Barbie Doll and everyone else is in complete shock!!

Andre’s helping roll out the bread dough and he’s thinking it doesn’t feel great, but Kat makes him keep going…I’m foreseeing a disaster later on.

Pete and Manu ring the bell and Kat decides to go and do her hair instead of opening the door as she feels manky….now that’s downright rude.  They saw what the menu is and Sheri would like Google Translate to assist her, I think a fair few of the others are thinking the same.

The bread is out of the oven and I don’t think they look all that great…thankfully they taste one and Kat thinks it tastes like pizza dough.

Everyone is discussing the entrée and what they think is it and of course Nikki sells it and cooks it often, no surprise there.

Entrée – veal involtini.  Manu likes the entrée and says it is a great start.  Pete loves the flavour combinations, but his meat is slightly over-cooked, especially when compared to Manu’s.  Everyone seems to like it and then Nikki says how she’s made it lots before, but never knew what it was called…oh honey you are priceless.

Main – zuppa di pesce with home-made bread…otherwise known as seafood soup.  Everyone is discussing what they expect from the main and Annie mentions the home-made bread and is trying to stir up everyone else.  Now Kat and Andre are busy putting the same bits of seafood on every plate…but oh dear…the squid is too rubbery, out that goes and the bread is on the side and of course one falls straight into the soup.  It looks nice, but that’s the soup…not the bread.  Oh dear, Pete thought every bit of seafood was over-cooked and they were served a watery broth.  Manu can only say “ummmmm” and questions the bread and says they should have spent a lot more time on the soup and says that the bread can’t be called bread and it shouldn’t have been served and he’s not impressed.  Poor Andre is devastated.  The consensus is that the bread is hard and could break a window or door and the soup is watery over-cooked seafood.

Dessert – ile flottante…otherwise known as floating islands.  Now they’re making dessert and apparently the meringue has to cook for 55 minutes in the oven…it could be a rather long wait until dessert is ready to be served.  Then they struggle to say pestle and mortar, oh dear, they’re struggling.  But at least Andre managed to make the sugar syrup.  They plate the crème anglaise and get the meringue out of the oven and it’s kind of eggy and not cooked through and it’s covered with egg white when they take it out of the tray…oh dear lord.  Now Kat’s spooning off the uncooked bits…oh my goodness gracious me, I’m honestly scared!!!  Obviously looks are deceiving as Debra thinks it looks perfectly cooked.  Kat looks like she’s going to pass out as well as vomit, this might be fun.  Of course it was the first recipe that Manu cooked as a 15 year old apprentice, the crème anglaise is good and Manu thought it was a brilliant dessert.  Pete thought it was the perfect way to finish the meal.  Mmmmm it’s rather odd that nearly everyone around the table isn’t all that impressed by the dish.

Scores –

Jane and Emma – 5

Katie and Nikki – 5

Eva and Debra – 4

Sheri and Emilie – 4

Annie and Lloyd – 3

Entrée – Manu 8, Pete 8

Main – Pete 2, Manu 2

Dessert – Pete 8, Manu 8

Total score 57/110…putting them on the bottom of the leader board, 2 points below Annie and Lloyd.

Next we’re off to Eva and Debra, so we’re staying in Perth.

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