So the last few months…

Well everyone while I’ve been not blogging a fair bit has happened…

  • I completed my 2nd Masters degree…4 long years of doing 2 subjects a semester is over…now I was planning on having a break and not studying for a fair while, if at all…except I have to do studies in Religion this year.
  • I’ve still been losing weight…I’ve lost over 43kg (over 95lbs) since the start of 2015…so in 13 months!!!  Oh and before you ask I will put a photo up…later though, this is a relatively quick post before going to bed.
  • I happened to run into Novak Djokovic whilst walking down a laneway in Melbourne a couple of days before the Australian Open started!!!  Yes I definitely got a photo of him.
  • I went to the filming of Masterchef and saw Nigella and then went to see her talk at a different event.
  • I decided rather randomly to buy a new car.
  • I’ve had my first ever sporting injury as part of the whole losing weight thing…which has been the world’s most annoying injury!!!



Eastern Beach in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Taken on a windy summer morning in January 2015.

#FMSPHOTOADAY days 131-140


Day 131…upside down…stalactites in Mammoth Cave, Western Australia.


Day 132…eyes


Day 133…hands…Quade Cooper getting ready to kick


Day 134…heart


Day 135…I found this…falling down three stairs onto a cement floor hurts like all hell and bruises like all hell!!


Day 136…clean…Josh Gibson wiping all the sweat off his face during training in January.


Day 137…home…Tai-O fishing village in Hong Kong


Day 138…musical…NKOTB on the American Idol finale


Day 139…my mood today…this day I could hardly talk (I still can hardly talk)…so it is the sun resembling my voice trying to get through the clouds.


Day 140…equal

#FMSPHOTOADAY days 121-130


Day 121… I want…on that day I wanted to read my birthday signed cookbook, but was stuck doing uni essays.


Day 122…faceless self portrait…another day on uni essays.


Day 123…a cup of…tea latte…yummy, yummy, yummy


Day 124…today I saw…obviously I had a blonde moment and didn’t realise until just now that it says day 104, oh well, anyway it is a raspberry Tim Tam


Day 125…red…my favourite Red…Beau Robinson


Day 126…10 o’clock


Day 127…key


Day 128…4 things…4 sports, AFL, soccer, rugby union and cricket


Day 129…peaceful…Bussleton in Western Australia


Day 130…playground, the biggest playground in the world…Disneyland

#FMSPHOTOADAY day 101-109


Day 101 – this smells so good.  I went to a cooking demonstration by Dan Hong while I was in Sydney and he made his prawn toast and oh my god it smelled amazing.


Day 102 – something green…a little green roof cabin on the Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney.


Day 103 – paper…my plane ticket for the flight back from Sydney to Dubbo.


Day 104 – up…Taken somewhere above Sydney from the plane.


Day 105 – dinner…given I was in the process of moving I bought pizza.


Day 106 – where I work.  Well this isn’t my usual work location.  But it was the location of the day…moving boxes in my car.


Day 107 – ordinary moment.  Yes it is just a washing machine, but it’s the first one that I’ve owned and it was delivered on Friday and I got it into the house on my own and took the plastic off it and set it all up on my own, which was rather impressive.


Day 108 – fluffy…a drink I got in New York which had fairy floss in the taller glass and then you had to pour the drink over it.


Day 109 – together…bacon and eggs go perfectly together with Sunday morning breakfast after church.

Write, every day of your life 66/365

Seven days…You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

I would go on holidays for a week…I could do a week in New York for under $10,000 and have plenty of spending money, flights, a decent hotel and have a great week.  No thought required there, no asking a second time.  New York without a second hesitation.  I had a great week there almost 4 years ago and want to go back!!!

#FMSPHOTOADAY Day 58 still life

The Statue of Liberty taken in 2011 during my 35th birthday trip.


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