MKR…week 2…besties in Adelaide

This week we start with the BFFs from Adelaide cooking.  Oh bless them they start with breakfast and coffee at a café, as you do when you’re cooking for Pete and Manu.  Then they finally hit the shops and run in Coles…do you expect anything less?  Thankfully they have flat shoes on for their running.  Pete and Manu are loving the sound of main course and comment that the pastry needs to be home-made.  Amazingly they bought everything from Coles…no racing around a million shops like some of the other contestants.

They’ve called their restaurant Big Love Grub and it’s meant to be all homely, the clock ticks to three hours and they’re still decorating.  Then they start stressing about their sign which they’ve spent hours doing and BFF1 run to the garage for tool while trying not to have a teary…oh bless her.

They finally hit the kitchen with two hours and eight minutes to go…oh dear!  They start on the ice-cream and the pastry.  Thankfully there’s no condensed milk anywhere to be seen.  BFF2 bless her is making puff pastry…darling Manu is going to love you something shocking if it works well.  Down to an hour to go.  BFF1 is all worried about the rum and raisin ice-cream…it’s simple honey…ice-cream with run and raisins in it…don’t stress about it.  But bless her when she gets the food processor out to cut up the zucchini and leek, you’re talking my language there sister.

The others are strolling down the street and Brother Dear and Sister Dear predict it will be homely cooking, gold star to both of you.  The doorbell rings and they’re stressing out, but they put on a smily, squealy face…oh lord I can’t deal with squealing.  The Cougar is praying for the smell of burnt food, honey you need to back up a little, just because your cooking wasn’t great.

Oh no…Mr and Mrs Fussy aren’t keen on the name of the restaurant, especially the word grub.  But bless them they’ve got presents for everyone and most people are super excited about the slippers they get, especially son who got a pair of flamingo print slippers.  Mrs Fussy isn’t happy that Mr Fussy that slippers that say I’m the boss because of course she is.

Back at the table they’re all writing poet as they were also given a notepad and there’s pencils on the table.  The BFFs get onto the entrée before Pete and Manu arrive and oh my goodness there’s no squeals, it’s amazing!!  But they make BFF2 realise just how short she is when she’s standing next to them…oh honey you’re just so cute.  Everyone’s loving the menu…but Cougar thinks it won’t beat her menu.  Mrs Fussy’s already got the facial expressions going on, especially about the pickled beetroot…gee honey just take a chill pill already.

Entrée – lamb backstrap with pickled beetroot and chive crème fraiche.  The plating looks very pretty, well at least I think it looks pretty.  Mom and son think it looks like restaurant quality food, Cougar is underwhelmed by it.  Pete has a smile on his face and was expecting it to be fun, joyous and full of flavour, but didn’t get that, he wanted seasoning.  Manu says they concentrated on how it looked instead of how it tasted, but liked bits of it.  The Police loved it, as did Son but he wanted more on the plate, mum liked it but it was under seasoned and poor Mrs Fussy thought it tasted too plain.  Cougar thought there wasn’t enough of everything…oh honey, you’re getting a tad fussy now that you’ve cooked.

Main – chicken, leek and zucchini pie with minted mushy peas.  Back in the kitchen the BFFs are busy shelling the hugest pile of peas and think that BFF2 will have children before they finish shelling them.  Son’s super excited about having a pie.  Mrs Fussy on the other hand doesn’t buy pies or order pies, well she’ll be in for a surprise.  They’re doing the peas and tasting the run and raisin mixture when Manu strolls in and he’s surprised they’re doing the peas, while not a single thing is cooking.  Oh look BFF2 starts on the pastry again.  Mind you I just spied frozen peas on the bench…ummmm why have fresh peas when you’ve got frozen ones.  Oh dear BFF2 has no realised there’s no enough pastry to make whole pies…oh dear.

Then we get the preview of tomorrow with Mum and Son cooking and it looks rather emotional and teary.  Then the preview of Mrs Fussy setting off the smoke alarm after opening the oven.

Back in the kitchen the BFFs decide on a ramekin pie and BFF1 is still stressing slightly, then they realise there’s not enough filling to make a small pie for themselves as a tester…oh well…they scoop a little bit of filling out of each pie for their one.  They get carrots out and make sure there’s no grit or hair on them and check their little pie, but the top has fallen down into it…thankfully it was the only one in the oven.  Now BFF1 is starting to feel better about the pie.  The others are hungry as it’s been 1½ hours since entrée and they’re channelling a big serve for them.  The BFFs have now realised it’s been a long wait…we’re up to 2 hours since entrée.  Poor Sister Dear is starting to go mad, even Mrs Fussy is wanting food to keep her energy up.  Then they overcook the carrots and think they’re possess by the devil as the heat is going all over the place under the saucepan.

Finally they start plating…the ramekin pie goes on the plate with a pile of mushy peas on top and no carrots as they were too mushy.  The police are happy by the size of the pie.  Mrs Fussy isn’t impressed that Pete and Manu had really puffy pastry and her’s wasn’t overly puffy and Mr Fussy’s had sunk.  Manu was excited by the look of the pie, but wasn’t as impressed by how it tasted as it was all cut so small and he wanted chunks and he wanted perfection after waiting two hours.  Pete says the peas were over seasoned, plus the filling tasted of white wine…could have guessed that a while ago.  The BFFs go back into the kitchen and channel Taylor Swift to shake off their stress with a little bit of dancing…bless them.  Son thinks the pie’s not as good as his mum’s pie.

Dessert – grandma’s gingerbread with rum and raisin ice-cream.  Onto making the gingerbread, which is the only dessert recipe that BFF2 can cook.  Back at the table Mrs Fussy states that her and Mr Fussy’s jobs are the most stressful of anyone at the table…um you know there are two police officers sitting there near you don’t you???

Back at the table they’re all discussing how their dessert will be presented…but it’s not traditional gingerbread, it’s gingerbread cake.  With ice-cream that is kind of like soft serve…oh dear.  I think the Cougar will be ready to start clapping when she sees this dish.  Brother Dear says it is quaint.  Mrs Fussy thinks it looks like a very plain tea cake.  Pete is glad they did the gingerbread as a cake instead of a biscuit, but expected more ginger flavour in it.  Manu can’t taste the rum in the ice-cream…oh dear…BFF2 has to sit on the kitchen floor, poor love.  Brother Dear and Sister Dear love how soft the gingerbread is, the Cub meanwhile is “devo” that there’s no rum in the ice-cream.  The police think the ice-cream will pass a breathalyser test…god I love them.  Mrs Fussy is completely underwhelmed.


Gianni and Zana – 5

Anna and Jordan – 6

Mitch and Laura – 7

Cheryl and Matt – 4

Monique and Sarah – 4

They score 26/50 from the other teams.

Entrée – Pete scored them 6 and Manu scored them 7.

Main – Pete scored them 5 and Manu scored them 5.

Dessert – Manu scored them 5 and Pete scored them 5.

They got a total score of 59/110 meaning they beat Cougar and Cub, which is enough for them.  Next we’re off to Perth for Mum and Son.


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