MKR…time for the young’uns to cook.

Just a bit in advance…the recipes weren’t up on the website when I posted this, but I’ll add the photos and links when they are.

Well last night’s MKR was pretty interesting, Mrs Fussy is going to do my head in at the rate she’s going and we’re only one episode in.

It’s also the night before I go back to work, and it’s been a lovely 6½ weeks of summer holidays…so while MKR is on I’ve been getting some back to school food prep ready…I’ve made some jelly, for something different for recess, it’s even sugar free, and I’ve got do it yourself wrap chips in the oven, first up is chicken, the next lot will be barbecue.  Plus there’s fruit salad already in the fridge.

So onto MKR…oh look, we start with a stroll along the beach and then see cows…well that’s a complete mixture of nature.  Oh Brother Dear, you’re a bit too Australian, livin’, workin’ they have a g on the end of them…oh no, now there’s gonna.

Ummmm they think they’re far away from shops and civilisation…honey move to Country Town 2.0.  Then you’ll know all about it.  I did my grocery shopping in Melbourne before I came home and bought it the 1,100km, 13 hour drive home just so I could get all the stuff I wanted…but that’s another story.

Off to the butcher we go, while Pete and Manu browse the menu and they’re left wondering as it is quite open-ended.  It literally says entrée – smoked venison, main – roasted wild boar, dessert – black forest mousse cake.  God love that they struggle to get the right cuts of wild boar.  I honestly couldn’t tell you where to buy it, nowhere around here for sure.  Off to Coles we go…which didn’t take long at all, but Brother Dear says it’s “time to get crackin’” to get home quick.  So they should as they make it home with 2 hours and 46 minutes before the guests arrive and the restaurant isn’t even set up.  Bless them there’s moss going on the table cloth and a wood pile against the wall.  Down to 2 hours and 11 minutes to go and they finally hit the kitchen, hurry up boys and girls.

They start with dessert, which has four layers and it sounds pretty good, plus there’s also ice-cream, which they make first and get on to churn and we’re down to 1 hour and 20 minutes and Brother Dear starts making a cherry jelly.  Then Sister Dear gets onto the cherry kirsch mousse.

They go to get changed and the others stroll towards the house, but Mrs Fussy gets her heels stuck in the mud, oh darling you’ll cope, or maybe not.  The door is opened and everyone notices how relaxed Brother Dear and Sister Dear look and then they go into the marquee and they all ohhhh, ahhh and wow.  Actually the finished marquee looks quite nice, I wasn’t too keen on it while they were making it.  Cougar was up for romance just walking it, while BFF 2 is waiting for animals to sneak in…oh bless you both, such complete opposites.

Now the two police are getting to meet everyone properly and off course Mrs is leading the way and says that all police are horrific, oh honey, that wasn’t the best thing to say.

Back in the kitchen the venison is being wrapped in a fat net, they’re getting fancy there.  Pete and Manu turn up and Brother and Sister Dear are all excited and thankfully Sister Dear didn’t tear up this time…it was her eyeballs sweating last night, oh honey you are just too cute.

They’ve put the menu on the back of moss and the BFF’s are concerned by the lack of description and Cougar’s thinking Brother Dear’s been hunting to get the venison and wild boar.  How did she come up with that theory???  But Mrs Fussy thinks the menu is a good move with the lack of description.  But then she hears that someone had a termite on their moss menu and she freaks out completely as the poor love can’t cope with dirtiness…honestly that doesn’t surprise me one little bit.  They’re talking about the menu and BFF 2 says there will be a lid they have to lift off and then smoke will come out and bets Manu $10…you go girl as you’re right!!

Entrée – smoked venison.  Oh no Sister Dear thinks the venison is overcooked…too late now, but the plate looks very pretty so far.  There’s blackberries there and a mustard mousse, then the cloche on each plate with the smoke in it.  I’m liking it and most of the others are in awe of the presentation and BFF 2 is wanting her $10.  Oh for goodness sake we even get some Harry Potter music while Manu and Pete lift their cloche, seriously…that was a bit over the top for me.  The judges are busy eating when Sister Dear realises the jus is still in the kitchen…oh dear, Manu won’t be happy after the ad break.  Mind you Manu loves how it all looks and feels like he’s eating in the middle of the forest and he’s really impressed, but…of course there’s always a but…he’s missing jus, strange about that, and of “where’s the sauce?” gets a run and he’s not happy that he didn’t get rare, juicy and soft venison…oh well.  Pete thinks the presentation was great, but technique needs to be worked on.  Oh no, the venison is too overcooked for Mrs Fussy, it’s hurting her teeth and she can hardly bite it, honey hand it over to Son he’ll have it.

Main – roasted wild boar.  Manu asks what everyone is expecting the main to be.  BFF 2 is thinking she’ll get a pig’s head and Mrs Fussy freaks out and she doesn’t like pig and she’s seriously freaking out because she doesn’t want a real pig taste in her mouth.  Oh no…Sister Dear cooks the boar, but leaves it in the pan off the heat and of course they keep cooking a bit…oh honey focus for damn sake.

No good flicking channels during the ad break and seeing Warnie and his jungle mates doing a food challenge with Little Miss Bachelor freaking out.  Kind of funny given Warnie’s penchant for baked beans and pizza.

Back to MKR and the wild boar and Sister Dear is checking a piece out and amazingly she’s happy with it and stops freaking out…but they’re serving pan seared wild boar and not roasted wild boar.  Back at the table Police 1 is telling a story to Cougar about going to a school and a kid saying that their dad has handcuffs in the top draw, Mrs Fussy meanwhile is dead silent, at least Mr Fussy can crack a smile.  Back in the kitchen they’ve stuffed up the jus and have to Taylor Swift it and shake it off, oh Sister Dear I like your sense of humour.

Plating time, celeriac puree, meat, carrots, potato, micro herbs and sauce in a little jug.  Police 1 and Cougar love how it looks, which is always a good start…but before the ad we get a preview about Cougar and Cub’s cooking and Mrs Fussy is having a moment, especially about carrots with hair on them and she just can’t eat it.

Back to the table…the first thing Pete asks is if they call it roasted and they tell him the story, he enjoys it all except for the cranberry sauce and says he would have preferred a jus.  Manu’s disappointed as it wasn’t what he expected and he would have also enjoyed a jus as well as the cranberry sauce.  Holy heck…Mrs Fussy likes the boar.  I’m in shock.

Dessert – black forest mousse cake.  Sister Dear is struggling with the chocolate as her bench is too cod and the chocolate is setting too quickly when she’s trying to temper it, bless her she’s getting fancy again.  Back at the table Cougar is giving up kissing lessons, oh my god bring out dessert now.  Except Mother and Son are having a good giggle over it, personally I’m damn scared.  Thankfully the chocolate set nice and shiny, Sister Dear is seriously happy.  But now she has to flip the dessert over…or not…she makes Brother Dear do it and the poor bugger is stressing out completely.  Thankfully it worked.  Now they have to take the acetate off the jelly and there’s a few more grey hairs for each of them.  Plating time.  Cherry sauce on the plate, then the dessert, then the almond crumb for the ice-cream to sit on, then the chocolate tile on, then a bit of cherry compote on top of the tile.  The ice-cream however is rather soft and won’t quenelle, it’s more of a soft serve.  Oh well.

They take it out and Mrs Fussy it’s impressed with how it looks.  Pete loves the mousse cake, he can’t fault it, and doesn’t mind the ice-cream being soft, but thinks it detracts from the dessert and without it they would have got full marks.  Manu disagrees and say it was all perfect, even with melting ice-cream.  He thinks it is “brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant”…oh bless him he’s going to make Sister Dear cry her poor little eyes out.  The Cougar is full or glowing adjectives, bless her.  As for Mrs Fussy it’s not something she would make, but her and Mr Fussy think there’s something wrong with the sponge, it has a flavour she doesn’t like and she expected more…what the heck????


Rosie and Paige – 9

Anna and Jordan – 9

Gianni and Zana – 8

Cheryl and Matt – 8

Monique and Sarah – 7

They get 41/50 from the other contestants.

Entrée – Pete gives them 7 and Manu gives them 6.

Main – Pete gives them 8 and Manu gives them 8.

Dessert – Pete gives them 9 and Manu gives them 10!!!

They get a total score of 89/110 and Sister Dear is almost in tears yet again.

Tomorrow we’re off to Queensland for Cougar and the Cub to cook and I’m loving the preview because apparently the judges are struggling and Mrs Fussy is frustrated and just can’t, can’t eat, can’t do it, she just can’t.


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