MKR is back!!!

Well boys and girls after what seems like months and months of ads for the new season of MKR it is finally back tonight!!!  Mind you there has been the usual games of showing contestants from the 2nd teams on all the ads and not the 1st teams so much and I can’t wait to see who the new judge is.

Plus it’s on at the same time as I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!!  Then Farmer Wants A Wife starts tonight, thankfully I’m not overly keen on Australia’s Got Talent…so I’m watching MKR on the nights I’m home and recording it if I won’t be home or if I’m out at dinner.  Recording Farmer tonight, in case it starts before MKR ends and I caught up on I’m a Celeb from last night on the Apple TV this morning through the Ten Play app…because of course the Australian Open final was on and my new mate Novak won (more on him in a catch up post…)  Plus of course while I was in Melbourne on holidays I managed to catch the start of the newest season of The Bachelor US and I’ve had to watch it online since I got home…damn country life where you don’t get all the new Australian free to air tv channels, but ohhhh it is interesting!!

Oh dear we start the series with a quick flick of random bits that we’re going to see through the season, oh lord I’ve seen how many ads now.  I don’t need to see this, get on with the show properly, I want cooking and contestants!!  Plus the dramatic music is a killer!!

Thank you for welcoming the teams Manu, not introduce us to them please.  No, then we hear the prizes, $250,000…yes we know that.  Come on already!!

Finally Manu says we’re off to Sydney to Monique and Sarah’s place…and straight out we hear they’re police.  We’re off to Yellow Rock and we’re told again that they’re police officers.  Oh bless them they’re starting the day with coffee and pastries and of course one donut to share…so far I’m liking them.  Oh look, yet again we’re told they’re police, one works with youth and the other with domestic violence.  One is a mother of four and the other has a husband and her baby is her pug, oh bless her.  Honestly I’m not sure which is which yet.

image from

Oh look we’re off to the shops…thankfully they have the list ready.  Pete and Manu meanwhile are checking out the menu and they think it looks nice, but quite simple.  Oh dear, after the fruit and vegie shop and the fish shop they get to Coles and realise part of the shopping list has broken off and they’re stressing out!!!  Oh darlings settle…you wouldn’t believe it, the missing bit is on the floor at the entry to Coles.  Holy heck they took over 3½ hours to do their shopping!!!

Time to set up the restaurant and they’re theming it up with a police theme and it’s called Crime and Nourishment…oh dear lord!!!!  It comes complete with police motorbikes and police flashing lights.  Save me now!!

Preparation time…yay…they’re making their own pastry!  Plus the chips are cut to the same size, bless them.  But the pastry is stressing them out as it’s sinking a bit in the oven, and a few get chucked in the bin.

So they go to get dressed and the others all stroll down the road.  First impressions are rather interesting to say the least, especially Little Miss Fussy who goes to restaurants of a high standard and great décor.  The doorbell rings and the two police squeal, oh save me, I can’t deal with the squealing.  Oh dear Little Miss Fussy was expecting bogans behind the door, all because we’re in the mountains as she puts it.  Then of course they get a bit excited about the police theme, but they can’t all tell if they’re police or not…thankfully it is cleared up for them straight away before they go back to the kitchen and Little Miss Fussy isn’t enjoying the police themed décor, no of course he isn’t.  Back in the kitchen the poor girls are falling behind already, while the guests are serving their own drinks.  Oh dear now they’re fantasising about Manu, Monique tells us her heart belongs to her husband, but her sauce belongs to Manu and she’s all giggly, bless her!

Onto the couples…and I’m not great with names, so they won’t get called it often, just telling you now.  So we have Gianna and Zara…otherwise known as Little Miss Fussy, oh and they’re husband and wife who are lawyers who think $250,000 isn’t a lot for them as they’re lawyers who earn a lot.  He’s Italian and she’s from Montenegro.  (I have to change her name now…I mean she is married after all!)

image from

Rosie and Paige…are best friends from Adelaide.  One’s married with two kids and the other has a dog…or so they tell us, we don’t learn too much about them.

image from

Mitch and Laura…brother and sister from Victoria, he’s 20 and she’s 18 and they’re both at uni and she’s studying four languages.  They’re into sustainable eating and love the nose to tail style of eating…well they’ll have an interesting menu!

image from

Matt and Cheryl…from Brisbane and a few are confused about their relationship and a few think they’re mother and son.  Oh, but no, then we hear they’re dating.  She’s 50 and he’s 26 and she tells us that she’s maybe a cougar…just maybe honey???  Oh then in the clip she tells us she is a cougar and that the first time he cooked for her he got lucky…ummmmm too much information!!  Then we hear that after they started dating she became best friends with his mum.

image from

Anna and Jordan…mother and son.  She owns a post office and he’s a twin and they’re from WA.  She’s got four sons and he’s definitely very self-confident for want of a better term.  They literally have the hugest dining table in their house, which we see a few times during their video package.

image from

Pete and Manu pull up at the house all excited…prepare for more screaming and squealing…yep I was right and Monique’s ready to have a hot flush, she’s that excited!  Oh wait there’s more squealing to come when Pete and Manu get to the table.  Got to love that Crazy in Love is the music chosen for when Pete and Manu walk down to the table and dear little Laura is freaking out and in hysterics, complete with tears as Manu is sitting next to her, then he talks to her and she’s more hysterical…oh young people!

Menu time…oh they’ve used invisible ink for them…I love it, I’m guessing Mrs Fussy won’t be so excited.  Well the Cougar wasn’t expecting such a refined menu and the Cub (as it tells me on the screen every so often) expected donuts and Mrs Fussy isn’t overly impressed, she’s expecting it to be perfect as a tart isn’t an entrée.

Entrée – caramelised onion, roasted beetroot and goats’ cheese tart…oh course Pete is hoping they make their own pastry…based on past seasons they better, but it sounds delicious!!  Plating time…they’re using a wooden board with balsamic glaze squiggled over it.  In goes the onion, the beetroot, rocket, goats’ cheese and a bit of cherry tomato.  It looks okay if you ask me.  The BFFs think it looks really pretty and Mr and Mrs Fussy aren’t happy about the lack of goats’ cheese.  Just as Manu goes to talk we head to an ad break.  No surprises there.  Finally Manu talks, he thinks the ingredients worked well together and the presentation was gorgeous, he even said the pastry was beautiful, but it was hard to eat because the base was falling apart, but he’s very happy with it.  Pete thinks there’s a few faults, he would have tossed the beetroot in the glaze and the goats’ cheese was lost with all the rocket and the slightly bland beetroot but he’s happy to be sitting at their table.  Finally we get a bon appetite from Manu.  Strangely enough they’re all concerned about the goats’ cheese, while Mrs Fussy pulls it all apart and really doesn’t like the beetroot, let’s hope the wind doesn’t change with the face she made and bless her it didn’t suit her palate…she doesn’t like to waste calories on not great food…oh honey, honey, honey.

Main – crispy skin salmon with thrice cooked chips and lemon and dill sauce…this menu is sounding better by the second.  Onto cooking the salmon and the four frypans they’ve got on the hotplates.  Oh dear Monique’s got skin issues to start with, but manages.  Then she gets onto the chips, once the salmon are all cooked.  Son and Cub meanwhile are drooling over the thought of chips, whilst Mrs Fussy is stressing over a split sauce and non-challenging salmon.  Thankfully Manu asks her who the boss in the kitchen is and bless her the response is “Well who do you think Manu?”  Ummmm, let me think for a millisecond!

Crispy Skinned Salmon with Thrice Cooked Chips and Lemon & Dill Sauce

image from

The girls are cooking the chips and Manu strolls in and Monique is talking ten to the million about what she’s done to make the chips and Manu asks if it will be worth it, but Monique is like a giggly school girl, oh honey focus!!!  She’s a giggly, teary mess, focus on the chips already darling!!

Then we get a preview of tomorrow night before an ad break and it’s brother and sister cooking and it looks like Mrs Fussy won’t be enjoying it…ummmmm what are the odds?

Right back to the main.  The plate has sauce, then asparagus, then fish, then the chips are on top of the salmon and they decide on six chips per plate, but then they only give three…what the????  I would be complaining about the lack of chips!!!  The cougar is okay with the lack of chips and the massive piece of salmon though, the poor cub is not happy!  Well the skin is crispy when Pete and Manu cut it, but honestly 3 chips?????  Manu comments they need a boss in the kitchen as he didn’t see that.  Oh dear he’s not overly keen on the sauce as it’s not balanced.  Plus he’s not keen on the chips, even Pete comments on the dodgy ratio of massive fish and severe lack of chips.  Seems like everyone likes the salmon, son’s inhaling it as he thinks it’s perfection on a plate…and you wonder why there’s not many chips.  Mrs Fussy is hating the chips as they’re soggy, but Mr Fussy wants her chips, she says she’s known for her chips…oh honey I want to see you cook!

Dessert – sticky fig and date pudding with white chocolate and coconut rum sauce.  Onto cooking dessert, the pudding is in the oven and they’re making the sauce and the others are all in hysteric as the table.  Oh dear, they’re experimenting with the police year and the Cougar gets excited with Son puts on a police hat.  The BFFs are loving it, then Cub turns on the sirens on the motorbike, oh dear…it’s rather noisy and Mrs Fussy is just making a strange face.  Playing time…butterscotch sauce on the plate, then drops of white chocolate sauce, then there’s a bit of prettiness, on goes the pudding with the figs on top and out we go.  It looks rather pretty.  Mum loves the presentation, as does Cougar and Sister.  Holy heck Manu says there’s too much sauce!!!  What the???  Pete says the sauce is too sweet.  Oh dear Mrs Fussy’s face screws up again…good thing the wind hasn’t changed.  Mr Fussy thinks he can do better.

Sticky Fig & Date Pudding with White Chocolate & Coconut Rum Sauce

image from

Oh no…Famer Wants a Wife starts when I flick over during the ad break.  No surprises there, oh well I’ll catch up on it later…back to MKR.


Mitch and Laura…6

Rosie and Paige…6

Anna and Jordan…6

Matt and Cheryl…6

Gianna and Zara…6

So they get 30/50 from the other contestants and they’re happy with it.

Entrée – Pete gives them 7 and Manu gives them 7 as well.

Main – Manu gives them 5 and Pete gives them 6.

Dessert – Pete gives them 6 and Manu gives them 7.

They get a total score of 68/110.

Now as much as I want to turn straight to Farmer Wants a Wife…I’m kind of hungry and feel the need for dessert first…so it can wait a bit longer.



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