The Hotplate…second grand finalist decided.

Lozz and Nols are cooking tonight, and it will either be them or Aron and Vanessa into the grand final against Emi and Marie.

Nols is a tad over-excited, hugging Lozz and hugging the apprentice when they walk into the kitchen.  They’re doing poached rhubarb and an ice-cream for one dessert and Nols starts by whinging straight up about being over, for goodness sake honey, you’ve only been working for a couple of minutes.  Then she starts sooking over never being said by the others as a team that might win…no offence honey, but your food needs to be amazing for you to win!!

The other dessert is a crème de menthe tart with Chambord granita and I’m wondering why it’s got a heap of marshmallows in it…ummmmm okay I believe it for now, mind you they’re two big tarts.

The first entrée is pipis, clams and prawn veloute, well we are at a seafood restaurant.  The other entrée is a poached crayfish salad and Scott wanting to taste salt water, not rinsed crayfish and Nols has to run the cooked crayfish to the ice to cool them.

The mains they are doing are a sesame crusted marlin and a snapper bouillabaisse…well the bouillabaisse may be interesting with Phillippe and Pascal trying it.

The others start to arrive and of course Tania is in a leopard print top again and Liam thinks he’s overdressed, as he always does.  Then with a couple of minutes until their 3 hours is up Lozz realises she hasn’t made the oyster mousse and starts majorly stressing and freaking poor Nols out, honey take a breath already.  Liam comments they’ve got the relaxed dinner, while the others will be majorly stressing and that Aron’s undies will be wound up tighter than Miss Piggy’s spanks…oh snap darling!!

Lozz is trying to be a little bit fancy by making an edible sand with potato, panko crumbs and herbs, as you do when you want to look flash.  Mind you the others are worried about the crayfish salad as it has a “secret sauce”…well that might be interesting, or not…then Lozz decides to add the crayfish roe and Nols is not liking that idea at all.  But amazingly, her palate likes the sauce.  Then they try to cut the crayfish fancier than normal and Nols is struggling as it’s falling apart, but won’t let Lozz take over.

The others are talking and Aron finds out it was Nols that had the poop chute left in the prawn at his restaurant and he mentions the bones he had in the fish at their place last time…god I hope something happens tonight.  Then poor Conrad is in complete shock that neither Christina or Tania know what pipis are…oh dear, save them all.

Lozz and Nols serve entrée and Aron thinks they look really good and is starting to worry, even Conrad thinks it looks amazing and the pipis look elegant…wow I’m impressed that he’s so impressed.  Oh dear, Aron thinks the secret sauce tastes just like thousand island sauce and Marie notices Aron and Vanessa picking the dish to shreds…no surprises there.  Conrad labels his entrée as the entrée of the competition so far and all Christina can say is “Wow, wow, wow.”

Tom loves the seafood in his entrée, he thought the sand was okay.  Scott thought the poached crayfish salad looked amazing and the crayfish was cooked perfectly, but the sauce lacked depth and it needed seasoning.  Then they get told that Conrad thought it was the best entrée so far and both Lozz and Nols are completely shocked.

They get onto main and star steaming the snapper and check on the bouillabaisse broth.  Bless Phillippe for telling us how a bouillabaisse should be, I’m not sure it will be quite like that tonight.  Lozz crumbs the marlin, then cooks it and we find out she’s never cooked it before…oh dear, I see a problem happening.  Plus of course she’s not overly familiar with corn puree either and hope it’s smooth enough…I have to say it looks great on the black plate.  Conrad gets the snapper in bouillabaisse broth because it is literally just fish in the broth, with no mussels on the dish, which of course Lozz realises and she decides to cook them and send them out separately and apologise for forgetting them.  Nols bless her goes to Christina and Conrad and says “we had a disaster in the kitchen and forgot the mussels,” honey you could have said it in a better way.

They take the dishes to the main table and straight up Vanessa comments that the puree is too lump and then Aron says the snapper is dry and Vanessa yet again wants salt, salt, salt and Aron thinks the mussel is raw while he’s eating it…oh I love a bit of drama.  Phillippe liked the snapper, but not the bouillabaisse broth as it needed seasoning.  Then Vanessa goes on about how she’s glad the dishes weren’t perfect, but feels sorry for Lozz because she’s been trying hard…honey, honey, honey I’m confused.

Tom says the snapper looked great and the fish was perfectly cooked, but then says that one of his mussels was totally raw and still had the beard attached…holy heck!!!  Then he compares the bouillabaisse broth to a ladylike damsel in distress as opposed to a dirty rough pirate and of course there was no seasoning…gee very descriptive.  Scott loved how the marlin looked, he wanted a smoother puree, but the marlin was cooked perfectly.

They get onto dessert and Christina talks about her days in the 70’s when she was drinking grasshoppers, then talks about hotpants and somehow  next thing you know Christina is saying that if it is the best dessert of the competition she’ll wear hotpants to the grand final…holy mother of god, say it isn’t so.  Then for some reason Lozz decides to make a deep fried custard as part of the rhubarb and ice-cream dessert.

Dessert goes out to the table and of course Aron’s not keen on it, the quinelle of ganache isn’t perfect and the ganache isn’t smooth enough.  Surprisingly Vanessa enjoyed her dessert, but it wasn’t at the same level as the dessert she made in her mind.  Tom enjoyed the ice-cream and thought the rhubarb was perfectly cooked.  Scott wasn’t keen on the dense whipped ganache, but enjoyed the tart even though he doesn’t like crème de menthe and says it would have been perfect if it was just the tart and granita and not the whipped ganache.

Conrad, Liam, Christina and Tania say goodbye to Lozz and Nols and it’s time for the other teams to score them.  Emi and Marie give them a 6.  Phillippe and Pascal give them a 6 and Aron and Vanessa give them a 6 as well.  So that already gives them 18…but we have to go to the hangar for the final verdict and scores, why they can’t just tell them is beyond me…and of course there’s an ad break first as well.

We’re in the hangar and Lozz and Nols need to beat 71.  They get 8 from the other diners, 18 from the other contestants, putting them on 26.  Tom scores them 21, putting them on 47, they need 25 to get into the grand final.  Scott scores them 21, giving them a total of 68.

So the grand final is Emi and Marie against Aron and Vanessa.  For the grand final they have to cook 4 dishes in 4 hours and the winner gets the $100,000.


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