The Hotplate…Wings and Finns…no it’s now Wings and Fins

We’re back to Wings and Finns, Lozz and Nols restaurant at Tooradin airports and they’ve got the $20,000 and 72 hours to do the makeover and thankfully they decide to remove the second N from Finns first.  So it’s now Wings and Fins with Fins spelt correctly.

They’re making a 5m bi-fold door to open the restaurant up to the views and they’re giving it a more beachy view.  They’re planning to put a huge propeller in the restaurant and it hasn’t arrived and is apparently 3 days away…well that’s no good.  Then of course it starts pouring down rain, oh Nols, however will you cope with the rain???

Thankfully we skip from day one to day three and of course there’s no propeller so far and they haven’t put in the bi-fold door yet, but it is sunny.  They’ve even got new plates and glasses and then of course the propeller finally arrives.

Scott arrives at the restaurant with a box of food and tells them they have to use the crayfish shell and make a crayfish bisque for the entrée.  For main course they have to use a garfish and Lozz isn’t keen on that because of how small they are, but he says that not everyone who goes to the restaurant can afford a huge crayfish.  For dessert he wants them to use quinces, which Lozz hasn’t touched before in her life, I’m hearing you girl, neither have I.

90 minutes until the others arrive…they decide to do a crayfish bisque with prawn ravioli for entrée, scallop stuffed garfish with okra and beans for main and poached quince and cheese board for dessert.  Lozz gets the bisque on and gets onto the pasta dough and adds some parsley to the dough.  Nols gets the quinces peeled and into the pot to cook, then goes to stir the bisque pot and a crayfish shell goes flying into the heat.

An hour to go and Lozz is onto filleting and deboning the garfish, honestly why did he chose those fish???  Then she stuffs the fish with scallops and wraps them in prosciutto.

Nols starts making mixture for a tuille, but it is all lumpy, which annoys the heck out of Lozz…oh well time to start over again.  Then Lozz puts the bisque into the blender to crush up the shell and it gets everywhere, all over her and Nols and all over the tuille mix…tuille mix number three coming up with 10 minutes to go.

Scott and Tom arrive and notice the new sign straight up and the put the tuille into the oven as the 90 minutes is up and they head into the restaurant just as the judges walk in and Tom’s comment is “wow!”  Scott thinks it’s a light wonderful space and Tom’s going on about every last thing, even the cutlery and how much better it all looks and of course they think the propeller is impressive, I’m not sure about Tom calling it handsome though, I mean really it’s a propeller!!!

God bless Aron for his cockiness straight up, saying that the makeover won’t threaten him and Vanessa, it’s only based on the kitchen, but then goes on about how they should have gotten wine glasses…gee mate, jump around much.  But everyone loves how amazing the place looks.  Then they hear the menu and they’re rather impressed and say it’s a step up from the first time they were there.

They get onto the pasta, Lozz rolls it and Nols helps to fill it, then Lozz seals them and cooks them.  Nols gets to fry the leek and it all confused about when to put salt and pepper on them, oh hell, she is so not a cook.  Lozz starts stressing about is the pasta cooked and Nols gets all flustered getting a plate to put one on so they can test it, the poor love is running everywhere around the kitchen.  The dish looks great and Lozz has included every part of the crayfish in the bisque.

Of course it is a small portion size for Aron, the raviolo isn’t filled enough with him and dear of Christina is busy taking a sniff of the bisque, and another sniff and another sniff…honey no need to raise the bowl to your nose.  Vanessa says the dish has absolutely no flavour and Emi says it is strong in flavour…okay I’m confused.  Tania isn’t disappointed with losing her bisque virginity and Pascal thinks you should only use your virginity to a Frenchmen, while Phillippe wouldn’t have sent the bisque out.  Scott loves that they made the pasta themselves, but wanted more filling, he’s channelling Aron for a moment.  Tom thinks a bisque should be filthy and over the top, while what he ate was like a fish soup and was a mermaid’s sigh and not Neptune’s roar.

Tom asks Christina about garfish and she says she’s a lazy eater so doesn’t normally eat it or buy it because of how many bones are in it…oh heck honey, there is no suitable response.  While Vanessa’s never had okra.  Then Lozz makes a sauce with capsicum, tomato and adds tabasco sauce to it and it’s got a bit too much kick for dear Nols, but she knows she’s not feeding her palate.  The dish looks lovely.  Emi says “wow”, god bless her, she’s just so nice.  Marie likes the fish, but isn’t keen on the stuffing.  Phillippe thinks the fish was magnificent.  Aron’s having a sook about it being a boring dish that doesn’t tie together.  Tania loved it, but dear Christina had a couple of bones and scales and that wasn’t to her lazy palate.  Tom goes on about each component of the dish, he loved the fish, he loved the okra, but wanted more punch in the sauce to make it a superb dish.  Scott thankfully got no bones and liked all the components, but thinks it wasn’t cohesive.

They get onto dessert with poached quince, quince chutney, blue cheese shortbread, almond tuille, mascarpone, ricotta and vanilla creme anglaise.  Of course Aron thinks it doesn’t sounds fancy enough because the dish says quince and cheese board…just wait until you see the plate mate.  Lozz is making the creme anglaise and of course the gas is off…oh honey focus on the cooking.  Christina’s palate doesn’t just want biccies and a quince chutney.  Back in the kitchen they’re going on about the tuille and Nols is sure she did pistachio and not almond…oh dear.  Now poor Lozz can’t find the fine sieve to strain the creme anglaise, honestly where do people hide things in these kitchens???  Lozz thinks the dishes look spectacular.  Aron thinks the dish has everything except the kitchen sink…negative Nancy is calling darling she wants her negative pants back.  Poor Pascal is confused about the creme anglaise and Aron thinks it is all condiments and is a big mess.  Emi thinks it was sophisticated and is better than Aron’s deconstructed lamington.  Phillippe goes on about how much he hates when people do dishes like that and thinks it is terrible and our dear Christina thinks he was over the top.  Lozz thinks it was the best dish she’s done tonight…oh honey, I’m worried for you.  Tom says the quince was poached perfectly and asks how it should have been eaten, then says he respects them for leaving the comfort zone, but he doesn’t get it.  Scott asks how they felt about the dish and says it’s great that the respected what they did and that the dish is going to be controversial…you don’t say mate.  He loved each bit, but didn’t get it all together and Nols says she’s standing by it and Lozz gets all teary…honey, honey, honey, you did well.  Tom says Lozz’s technical skills aren’t in doubt, Scott comments that each dish is getting better and better.

Scores…Christina and Tania give them 6.  Emi and Marie score them 5.  Phillippe and Pascal give them 5.  Aron and Vanessa score them 6.  So they 22/40 from the other teams.  Tom scores them 17/30 and Scott scores them 18/30.  Their total score is 57/100 and they’re in 2nd place.


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