The Hotplate…Japanese

Turns out we may only get two more episode of this show seeing as Channel 7 has taken Channel 9 to court over it being too much like MKR…please, there are a few slight differences, they actually own proper restaurants, plus has Channel 7 watched it, there are a few good personalities…yes Liam I’m talking about you.

Anyway, we’re off to Emi and Marie’s Japanese restaurant, Bird’s Nest.  They make a good start and I’m thinking that Nols is going to be struggling if there’s meat that’s raw in the middle, even though she reckons she’s open to trying…yeah right honey.  Then they’re doing a ponzu jelly instead of a ponzu dressing, as you do…I’m not sure about that.

Scott and Tom check out the menu, funnily enough they mention the beef that Marie was just working on, heck I never would have picked that…oh look and they mention a pate and funnily enough the girls talked about that as well.  So the pate is French, until you add the soy sauce…oh Phillippe will be antsy about that I think.

Scott and Tom look at the mains on the menus, they mention the chicken arteries…oh look Emi mentions the chicken arteries…which is apparently the top part of the heart, holy hell Nols won’t be going anywhere near that, especially with 5 on a skewer.

With half an hour to go they start on a ginger infused crème caramel, oh heck Phillippe will be going off about that one as well and they put it in little jars…well that looks a bit different.  But poor Marie has curdled it, see what happens when you say you’ve made something a lot of times before, you put the mozz on it and it stuffs up.  Scott and Tom look at the desserts on the menu and heck, would you believe it they mention the crème caramel straight up.  Thankfully they’re out of the oven with 2 minutes to go until the judges arrive.

Hang on, time is up and they go off to get changed…what the heck???  Oh but they have to look Japanese for their dinner.  Tom thinks it’s modern, clean and very Japanese and he loves the attention to detail, he can’t fault it.  Scott thinks they should embrace the Brisbane weather and have outdoor tables.

The others walk towards the restaurant, it must be warm as Tania’s in a leopard print tank top with the girls on display, but then it’s on when she walks in the restaurant, maybe the aircon is on inside, the poor love must be struggling.  Phillippe likes how it looks, Liam’s jealous of how the restaurant looks “if I didn’t like them so much I would hate their guts” oh honey you’ve got the lines.

Then of course Scott says that after tonight one team is up for elimination…oh poor Conrad is stressed.

They all look at the menu and Pascal’s shocked about the pate and Christina…well of course she can’t cope with the arteries.

They order for entrée beef tataki and trio of appetisers.  For main miso lamb cutlets and chicken skewers.  For dessert that order ginger infused crème caramel and tofu doughnuts.

God bless Emi for telling us that beef tataki has to be seared up to 2mm on the outside and raw in the middle…yes just 2mm, no more than that.  Of course Tom asks Nols if she’ll give it a go and amazingly she says she will for Tom…I’ll believe it when I see it.   The trio of appetisers is the pate, the chicken crackers, which I thinks the skin and an omelette, which Marie says is sweet and is really tricky to cook because it’s layer upon layer.  Marie has practised for 2 years, as you do.  Funnily enough some of the others aren’t omelette fans as part of dinner.  Of course Conrad knows it is sweet, but Christina’s palate won’t like a sweet omelette.  Ponzu jelly time and of course it is set.

Time to serve…bless Marie when she walks out and says “alrighty then…” honey what the heck???  It explains why you’re in the kitchen.  But Christina’s sending a search part out for the rest of the food, as she says she likes to eat and it won’t be enough for her, but of course she can’t eat the omelette it’s too sweet and not to her palate…okay I’m confused.  Nols can’t manage the chopsticks, I’m hearing you hon, I can’t manage them either.  Pascal can’t find the Japanese influence on the pate.  Liam’s loving the entrée, hands are flapping all over the joint and Conrad’s full of fluffy adjectives.

I’m thinking maths it’s Marie’s strong point as she says “we put in a hundred thousand million percent”…um how do you do that???  Scott talks about the beef tataki and he says it was cooked perfectly.  Tom talks about the trio of appetisers, he loved the crackers, he couldn’t see the Japanese side of the pate and he thought that the omelette was beautifully light.  Scott loved the omelette and Marie’s getting all teary over it, focus hon there’s still two courses to go.  Naturally Aron’s feeling sorry for Marie’s husband as he had omelette for lunch every day for 2 years while she practiced…bugger that.

They get onto making the lamb cutlets on their fancy Japanese charcoal grill that is rarely used in Australia and of course it will be medium rare, I hope Nols tries it, I’m not sure how Christina’s hungry palate will cope.  Christina says you eat with your eyes and can’t cope with seeing the chicken heart and arteries, Tom suggests she close her eyes, yeah that’s not going to happen.  Then they get onto talking about Pascal’s heart and open shirt and next thing you know we find out Phillippe used to do belly dancing and he’s got his belly out and moving all over the shop for us, holy heck button up that shirt please.

Now dear Emi is starting to stress about the plating because Marie’s getting a tad bossy while she’s also cooking 40 skewers and can’t get distracted.  Emi goes to cut the lamb and the poor love’s stressing majorly, but it looks perfect to them.  The cutlets are served against a whole garlic, plus served with wedges…I never knew potato wedges were Japanese.  They get both dishes plated at the same time.

Time to serve main…Nols is dealing with how the arteries look, but is stressing about them when thinking about them.  Pascal thinks the cutlets look like a roast dinner and not Japanese.  Bless her Nols tried the chicken artery, not that she enjoyed them.  Liam thinks he’s better than Nols and Christina because he’s trying the artery.  Christina of course doesn’t like the balls and can’t deal with the arteries and thinks the cutlet is too blue for her…honey it isn’t rare…and honestly your palate is getting on my nerves.  Bless Tom he asks Christina what her palate thought of the skewers and she wanted them on a silver skewer and didn’t like that Tom said she wouldn’t get them that way in Japan.  Liam says he’s expanded his horizons and the skewers are for the more articulate people there, poor Christina and Tania feel like they’ve been slapped in the face.  Vanessa thinks the skewers all taste like chicken, Conrad wonders if she wanted them to taste like lamb…heck there’s some bitchiness at that table tonight.

Scott talks about the lamb cutlets and says it’s risky serving lamb with miso and then putting a full garlic on the dish makes it riskier, but he thought it was perfect, except he wasn’t sure about the wedges, but got it from a business side.  Tom talks about the chicken yakatori and says the cooking was fantastic and tasted wonderful and the broth is the soul of the restaurant and they’re up there with the best and with Japan and poor Christina’s feeling like she’s on another planet because of her palate…honey your palate needs to expand a little.

Emi starts making sesame brittle to go with the crème caramel and Marie makes matcha cream to go with the tofu doughnuts.  The others think the girls will go okay with desserts, even if they don’t think they will themselves.  Marie thinks the others will be worried that the desserts aren’t as sweet as they expected, plus they’re worried that the crème caramels won’t be set.

Dessert is served…Vanessa thinks it smells weird, Conrad loves how it is presented and Phillippe is trying to work out where the crème caramel is when he’s presented with a little jar of it.  Oh dear, there’s too much ginger in the crème caramel for Nols…honey, you’ll need something to eat on your way home.  Phillippe tips the crème caramel out and it pours out all over the plate and it’s not set and it is “total sacrilege” oh heck, he’s not happy at all, he’s ready to blow and thinks it’s offensive.  Aron wanted sweetness with the doughnuts and thinks they’re awful.

Scott talks about the crème caramel and his was cooked perfectly and thankfully he says others weren’t set and it wasn’t fantastic, but his was better than others.  Tom talks about the doughnuts and says they’re not really doughnuts because they were heavy and stodgy and not sexy and the cream was overpowering.

Scores…Aron and Vanessa give them a 5.  Phillippe and Pascal score them 6.  Lozz and Nols give them a 6.  Conrad and Liam score them 8 and Christina and Tania give them a 2, 1 point for the entrée and 1 for the décor because of course they have psychic abilities to talk to each other about their palates.  So from the others they have gotten 27/50.  Marie thinks game play is going on and the score was pretty crap…got to love the honesty on this show.

Scott gives them 8/10 for the food and 8/10 for the experience.  Tom gives them 8/10 for the food and 9/10 for the experience.

That gives them 60/90 putting them one point behind Aron and Vanessa, which means that Conrad and Liam are still on the bottom and they have to cook to not be eliminated in the next round.  They’ll either be against Lozz and Nols who cook next, or Christina and Tania.  Please, please, please let it be Christina and Tania, I could do with watching some sparks fly.


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