The Hotplate…Modern Australian

Just letting you know I haven’t seen all of the episode with Phillippe and Pascal as I was out for dinner and caught bits of it, but that and the Masterchef finale post will be done this weekend.

Aron and Vanessa are cooking today and they do modern Australian.  Vanessa is usually at the front of the restaurant and tells her hubby to tell her what to do in the kitchen and he tells her not to get bossy like she does at the front of the restaurant…oh bring it on, this may be fun.

Aron’s working with the theory that he’s talked the talk already, but now needs to walk the walk.  God bless Vanessa because he tells her to get beetroot from the fridge and she has to ask if it is a beetroot and then cuts herself within seconds.  “You’ve got to be careful hon, I don’t have time for this,” gee he’s so caring and sympathetic in the kitchen.

The judges check out the menu and they say they’re travelling across the world, Tom, critic judge, is excited about the vegetable tarte tatin.  Vanessa wants to cut the pumpkin and Aron won’t let her, he doesn’t want her to cut herself again, then he gets distracted while the caramel is on and it gets a tad too dark…mate concentrate already.

Tom and Scott are both excited about the sound of the barramundi main, but they also think there’s a lot going on in it.  Mind you Liam says “my expectations are higher than a drag queen’s stiletto heel” oh dear lord.

Scott loves pav for dessert and goes on and on with a heap of adjectives about how much he likes it, Vanessa says desserts are her forte and now she feels the pressure because she’s never made meringue before, seriously hon??  I’m over you asking how much your hubby loves you while you’re in the kitchen, focus on the damn food!

Half an hour to go Vanessa goes to set the table, then bloody Aron comes in and tries to take over, he doesn’t like how it looks and makes her re-do the table and with 15 minutes to go he’s screaming for her, honey you did tell her to re-do the table!

Poor Vanessa’s trying to do the biscuit base for the banoffee pie and Aron’s screaming left right and centre and she’s all flustered and confused, he needs a chill pill soon.

The judges arrive and say that Aron and Vanessa look relaxed and Vanessa bless her says it was stressful.  Scott and Tom aren’t keen on the light coloured bench seating in a practical sense, or the over worn seats, but love the leopard print seat covers and say they’ll match Tania’s outfit.  The contestants arrive and Conrad isn’t keen on having walked through the carpark of a shopping centre.  Tania thinks if the way the place looks is shown in the food her and her mum are in trouble…seriously I’m not sure décor and food match on levels, but whatever you think love.

Conrad’s going on about the forks and doesn’t like the prints on the wall, the carpet, the cutlery or the glasses, gee not half fussy.  Liam thinks the menu is like the cafeteria menu at the United Nations, but that’s without being pretentious of course.  Conrad likes that kangaroo is on the menu, but Christina won’t eat anything off the coat of arms, or Skippy.  Nols is worried because of how Aron has talked the other two nights.

They’ve ordered for entrée tiger prawn stack and roasted baby vegetable tarte tatin.  For main barramundi and kangaroo and for dessert pavalova and banoffee pie.

Scott asks Phillippe what he thinks about a vegetable tarte tatin and he says it’s fine, but he chooses not to serve vegetarians.

Oh hell Nols is telling Pascal how sexy his shirt looks and Liam says “there was no water on the table, but there were plenty of jugs” because of Tania’s cleavage.  Then Pascal says he’ll take his shirt off at Nols’ place if he gets the perfect crayfish…oh heck.

Aron’s plating entrée and suddenly decides to add a smear of avocado and Vanessa’s not happy at all, but he is happy with the smear and he thinks they look great.  Now to turn the tarte tatin over and he thinks they look perfect.  Vanessa tells Arin to “hurry the micro up” with his micro herbs and he tells her to take a breath.

Liam thinks the entrée are pretty in a 1997 way and they don’t taste as good as they look and there’s too much avocado mousse.  Christina thinks the potato rosti wasn’t great.  Phillippe says the tarte tatin isn’t really a tarte tatin because of the caramelisation.  Then Emi it is better than the other food they’ve had so far.

Scott talks about the tiger prawn stack and that there’s only 4 ingredients in it, the prawns, rosti, avocado and cocktail sauce.  He wasn’t keen on either of the sauces and thinks the avocado mousse was an after though, but loved the prawns…well Aron’s not happy.  Tom talks about the tarte tatin, he liked the pastry, but hasn’t seen laps of balsamic in a long time, but wanted it on the tatin and wanted more vegies as well, it didn’t overly satisfy.  The judges say they don’t want nice, they want awesome.

Aron’s giving Vanessa the silent treatment because of the reviews and doesn’t want to cook…make suck it up and prove yourself.  Aron’s still being negative Nancy, even when he starts on the main course, Vanessa tells him to get on with it and to talk.  Finally he starts to talk again.

Back in the restaurant Christina and Nols are stressing out about the kangaroo, you have to try it and of course Nols wants the kangaroo cooked through and roo is definitely not good when too well done, it needs to be rare.  Pascal even offers to undo another button if Nols tries the kangaroo, come on honey try it for some chest action.

I’m not sure about how they’ve plated the dishes, for the roo there’s sweet potato mash, the 4 slices of roo, glaze around the mash and then beetroot jam on top.  The barramundi is skin side up but then the salsa and lemon butter sauce are on top of the skin…doesn’t that defeat the purpose of nice crispy skin???

Well Nols tried the glaze from the kangaroo, but not the kangaroo and the glaze was too strong for her.  Christina couldn’t go near the kangaroo so didn’t even try it.  Liam and Conrad think it’s a shame that Nols and Christina didn’t try the kangaroo.  The others are annoyed by how often Christina says “for my palate”…honey you didn’t even try it, I’m not sure how much your comments on the kangaroo glaze count for because of that.

Tom talks about the barra and says they’ve nailed it and the fish is perfectly cooked and loves the combination of the salsa and lemon butter sauce.  Now dear old Aron is overwhelmed…mate you’re up and down like a rollercoaster.  Scott talks about the kangaroo and he loved it, especially with the beetroot jam on it and says the sauce was perfect…see what happens when you try the meat and sauce together Nols and Christina???  Oh and he thinks it is the dish of the competition so far.  Then Tom says they have a chance to win it if they keep cooking that well.

Then Conrad says “I hope he stumbles on dessert, not being too vicious,” oh mate are you serious????

They get to dessert and it looks very very very sugary…oh look even they say it is a very sweet dessert, so they cut it smaller.  Hell it’s got biscuit base and a bucket load of caramel on it.  Then they check the meringues and when they break it open Arin’s happy with his missus.

They serve the meringues upside down and then think they’re too large so they need more cream and more fruit, which means the plate banoffee pie slices start sliding because of the cream on them…maybe they should have done the meringues first.

Nols ate the pav and most of the banoffee pie, then Liam thinks he’s borderline diabetic and wants the insulin.  Christina goes on about her palate again and Liam’s ready to puncture his ears with a dessert spoon if she says it again.

Scott talks about the pav and how a good pav is, thankfully he enjoyed it, but it was a bit big but because it’s pav you can be generous and Vanessa should be proud of her first attempt.  Tom talks about the banoffee pie, he says it was decent, then goes on about it not being absolutely amazing and not turning people into a puddle of tears.

Scoring time Lozz and Nols give an 8.  Phillippe and Pascal give 6.  Christina and Tania give 3…holy heck ladies, that’s a bit low.  Conrad and Liam are at loggerheads.  Liam says he won’t go higher than 6, so they score them a 6.  Marie and Emi score them a 7.  So they get 30/50.

Scott gives them 8/10 for the food and 7/10 for the experience.  Tom gives them 8/10 for the food and 8/10 for the experience.  So all up they got 61/80 and they’re in the lead and safe from elimination.

Next we’re off to Conrad and Liam’s restaurant Duck, Duck, Moose and Conrad’s ready, while Liam wants the Valium…I can’t wait for this one.

And in an after note…I’ve just watched the preview of Conrad and Liam’s restaurant and it was a 48 minute preview that only left off the judges scores…but I’m not giving away any details on it other than to say it is worth watching.


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