Masterchef…no rules challenge

Jessica, Billie, Georgia and Reynold walk into the Masterchef kitchen to be met by the three judges.  He tells them nobody is going home today, but the winner will get a massive advantage in the next challenge.

Matt says the challenge will show how far they’ve come and test their creativity.  They get to cook whatever they want and there are no rules and all except Jessica are smiling, she thinks having no parameters is harder.  But between the four of them they have to decide how long they want to have for cooking.  They decide on 90 minutes.

Billie decides to do a dish inspired by growing up on the dairy farm, it’s a take on cornflakes.  Jessica has decided to do a cheese based dessert.  Gary and George go over to her and assume it is a savoury dish and are shocked when she says it is a dessert and George says it will be all about how well she presents the dish.  Georgia’s dish is based memories with her grandma and she’s doing a take on lemon meringue.  Gary asks why she would do a dessert when Reynold is doing a dessert and she fires back that she’s not worried what Reynold is doing, they like how confident she is.  Reynold is making an apple and caramel dessert that has 3 apple elements and 3 caramel elements.  Gary and George go to Reynold and George tells him that the pressure is high on him.

Reynold’s been melting white chocolate in the oven for a caramel element, but it is burnt…oh dear.  Take two on that bit of the dish.  The judges go to Billie and George is worried about her putting lemon verbena and saffron in the dish, he’s excited, but not sure how they’ll connect and now Billie is worried.

Georgia has decided to plate her deconstructed lemon tart on individual wooden spoons which worries her.  Then she works on a blueberry jelly and is worried that it is grainy, so thankfully George gives a couple of hints and she puts it back in the saucepan.

Jessica’s doing an oloroso sherry ice-cream as part of her dessert as well as a blue cheese cream and is worried and stressed.

Matt goes up to Reynold and asks him if he’s surprises that everyone else is doing desserts and he says yes and no.  Matt goes up to Billie and asks about the lemon verbena and saffron and tells her she’ll win by surprising people, not by doing what everybody knows.

Jessica starts on a burnt butter crumb, and tells us burnt butter is her favourite flavour in the world, yes by now we know that.  Gary asks if there is something that brings it all together and she says there’s a caramel sauce that she’s making.

Billie starts making her saffron tuile, they need saffron so they’re the colour of cornflakes, but the colour isn’t right for her so she adds yellow food colouring, but now it is neon yellow and she’s worried.  She decides to put it really thin and cook it for longer.

Reynold’s tuile is out of the oven, it’s very think and looks like a nest.  But the judges are worried that he’s got burnt apple bits and wonder what having them burnt adds to the dish.

10 minutes to go and Gary goes to look at Jessica’s ice-cream and asks if she’s having trouble with it.  She says it’s icy and he says it’s not creamy enough.  Mind you it is only the second time she’s made ice-cream in the Masterchef kitchen.

Billie’s tuile is out of the oven and now looks golden brown, so she’s happy with how they looks.  She takes her mousse out of the mould and she’s still worrying about going against George’s advice about using saffron and lemon verbena together.

Georgia starts plating onto the wooden spoon and is worried that the judges think that it looks tacky.  She flames the meringue but has to make sure that she doesn’t burn any of the other elements and then the baking paper gets on fire and we go to an ad break, but thankfully none of her dessert got burnt.

Billie’s covering her lemon verbena mousse with the saffron tuile.  Reynold starts plating his dish.  Jessica is playing up two dishes so she can work out which one to present to the judges.  But while she’s plating one of the biscuits snaps, so that makes up her choice.  Georgia races to the garden for some flowers that are purple and yellow because her dessert is purple and yellow.  Reynold finishes and thinks that it’s the most beautiful dessert he’s ever plated and Jessica’s having trouble with her ice-cream and at the last second she put it on the plate, then realises that it is on the plate with the broken wafer biscuit and dodgy looking piping…oh well too late now, but she has a teary anyway.

Time is up…the judges are in the tasting room and Matt says that it is Reynold’s challenge to lose.

Billie is up first and she’s still going on about the lemon verbena and saffron and we go to an ad break before she puts her dish down.  Honestly I’m over hearing about lemon verbena and saffron.  She made lemon verbena mousse and saffron flakes.  Gary says that it looks like cornflakes and the colour is spot on.  Gary says it is very clever and Matt gets the sense and flavour of having eaten cornflakes.  George says the saffron isn’t too potent because it has been baked.  Matt says the lemon verbena and saffron are married together perfectly.

Georgia is next with lemon meringue with blueberry and Matt straight up asks why the wooden spoons and she says it’s about the memory of licking the wooden spoon when cooking with her grandma as a child.  Matt says his initial reaction is that it is ridiculous and stupid, but when he hears the story he thinks it’s good.  Gary says he can’t get the smell of the dessert because of the wooden spoon.  George thinks it is a great idea, but the meringue is really sweet, Matt says the whole thing is really sweet and it is an overload.  Gary wants the crumb, not just curd and meringue.

Next in is Jessica and George asks her what’s wrong as soon as she sat down and she says she’s embarrassed about how it looks.  She’s made roasted figs with blue cheese cream and oloroso ice cream.  Gary says it smells great, then after eating it pours a spoonful of caramel sauce to eat on its own.  Matt says it was delicious and he loved the burnt butter crumb and he loves the dish.  Gary also loves it.  George says that you can forget about the presentation when you are eating something as great as that dish and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Reynold is in last with apple and caramel with almond tuile.  Gary says that it looks amazing.  Matt says it looks good, but if there is even a minor slip up in it that he won’t win.  Gary says it is one of the best looking dessert they’ve ever had on the show, from both contestants and professional chefs and George agrees.  Matt says he finds it has too much caramel and he wants more apple to balance all the sugar.  George says the letdown is the apple as it could be fresher.  But the ice cream and caramel sauce are beautiful.  Gary wants to make a tuile like the one that was on the dish.

Decision time…Gary tells Georgia she didn’t win the advantage and she’s disappointed.  Matt says that Billie’s, Reynold’s and Jessica’s dishes would have fitted in at any fine dining restaurant and that the made the decision almost impossible and says that Jessica is the winner and she’s in complete shock and has the giggles.


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