Masterchef…four becomes three pressure test

I’ll start this by saying that I read online before the episode that Masterchef accidently leaked who was eliminated a few hours before the episode.  The Masterchef people claim the facebook post was human error…no good removing it minutes later as a lot of people screenshot it and the newspapers all reported on it.

Billie, Jessica and Reynold are up for elimination and because Georgia’s safe she’s decided to cook them all breakfast, bless her.

They get to the kitchen and are met by Matt and George, Gary’s not there because he’s sick.

The chef coming in has numerous accolades that Matt lists, he’s also the highest ranking Australian chef and has the number 10 restaurant in the world, Brett Graham from The Ledbury in London.  He says the dish he’s bought in has broken a number of chefs in the past.  They have to recreate his flame grilled benito with pickled cucumber, Celtic mustard and shiso.  It has avocado puree, pickled cucumber, cucumber jelly that is in a roll with various things and the fish.  Reynold says the fish will either make him or break him…yep it’s that simple.

So they have 2 hours to make the dish and 5 minutes at the end of cook the fish and plate up.  Jessica starts off by drawing what the dish looked like so she could use it later on, the others don’t.  Billie looks through the ingredients and sees they’ve only been given one fish.  She starts gutting her fish.  George asks if Reynold sketched the dish, he says it is in his head and George likes that he’s confident.  Reynold’s grateful he did fish at The Press Club so he has half an idea of how to do it today.

Brett and George are watching Jessica fillet her fish and says she done a brave move with the way she’s done it.  Billie’s feeling frazzled while filleting her fish, especially with Brett and George watching.  Reynold’s filleted his fish and seems happy with it.

Next they make the picked cucumber and Jessica cuts it the same way that Brett did.  The cucumber goes into a vacuum bag with picking liquid.  Reynold has kind of forgotten how the wedges looked, the image in his head is blurry and he’s now regretting not drawing the dish before…oh well too late now.

30 minutes are down…Billie’s still working on her fish and hasn’t started on her cucumber yet, oh honey get a wriggle on, Georgia’s on the balcony and she’s worried about Billie finishing the dish.

Reynold’s now making the cucumber jelly and he’s happy with how it looks and feels comfortable making it.  Brett comments on how good it looks.  Then he gets on to the avocado.  Jessica’s done her cucumber jelly and is doing the avocado puree, she thinks she’s done it well, then Brett comes and tastes it and says that it is very nice.

Jessica then starts on the dressing, while Billie’s finally got her cucumber into the pickling bag while making the jelly and chopping up avocado.  Jessica gets the charcoal onto the stove and puts the fish bones on the steamer to smoke.  Then gets onto the rest of the dressing.  Reynold gets on to the dressing, he decides to grate the garlic on the microplane instead of slicing it like the recipe says and Brett and Matt notice.

Billie’s onto putting the fish bones on to smoke, while Brett and Matt go and taste Jessica’s dressing and they nod to each other, but she is too busy chopping to notice.

Half an hour to go and Billie’s dressing as boiled and she goes to grab the smoked bones.  Oh no…Billie realises that she hasn’t had her burner on and her stuff hasn’t been smoking.

Jessica gets onto the tartare rolls with have fish, cucumber and avocado and dressing.  The outside of the roll is cucumber jelly.  Reynold gets onto his tartare rolls and he’s not stressing as much as Jessica about making them.

Jessica gets onto making the crispy shallots, so does Reynold.  Billie’s now onto the tartare rolls.

5 minutes to go and Jessica starts plating up and grabs out the drawing she did earlier.  Billie gets her shallots out but they’re too dark and taste bitter, so she tries again with mere minutes to go.  Reynold starts plating up but didn’t do a drawing and is regretting not having a picture, but is happy with how he is going.  Billie’s shallots are ready with 2 minutes to go.  Reynold says he’s done and Georgia asks where the pickled cucumber is so he puts it on, but he can’t remember how much needs to be on the plate and puts two pieces on with seconds to go.

Time is up and Reynold goes over to Billie’s bench and sees that there should have been only one piece of pickled cucumber on the plate.

Billie cooks her fish and chars the skin then finishes plating up before taking her dish into the judges.  The judges all comment that the dish needs more dressing on it.  They think the fish is cooked beautifully.

Jessica is next.  She cooks her fish, but it stills to the rack it was on while she was charring the skin and of course we go to an ad break before we know if she gets it off without breaking it.  Oh dear, she tore the skin.  George is excited about the pool of dressing, even though it has the tore skin.  Matt says it looks like all her food, a little bit messy and a little bit chaotic, but you know the flavour will be there.  Matt loves the sauce, he’s moaning and groaning about it.

Last up is Reynold.  He starts cooking his fish and even though the recipe says to only cook it skin down he flips it over for a few seconds.  Then some of the skin sticks to the rack.  They notice the skin that’s come off and that there are two bits of cucumber.  The judges talk about the cooking of the fish and they notice that it was cooked on both sides.  George loved the jelly and how fine it was.

Decision time…Matt says there was one detail that they couldn’t overlook, Reynold’s fish was overcooked and dry and he has been eliminated!!  Bugger I liked him.  George says amazing things about him and poor Reynold starts crying.  George asks him how many desserts he’s made in the Masterchef kitchen and he thinks it’s been 15.  George says it’s been 27 and he shouldn’t matter if he can’t cook fish perfectly, because his desserts are absolutely amazing and that he’s the best pastry cook they’ve ever had in Masterchef and he has to walk out of their with his head held high and bless him Reynold’s having a teary.  Oh George all that was just a tad too sweet!!!


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