Masterchef…molecular gastronomy elimination

Jessica, Reynold and Sara are up for elimination and Sara’s all worried because she’s never been in a pressure test before.  The chef Grant King is from Gastro Park in Sydney.

They have to make Grant’s liquid butternut gnocchi with mushroom consommé and roast mushroom truffle cheese toast…holy heck!!!  Sara’s struggling to see any gnocchi, that’s because there’s orange coloured balls in the bowl, which then has the consommé added to it.  Once Sara tastes it she gets it to an extent.  They have two hours to make the dish and then 5 minutes to plate up.

Reynold looks at the recipe and freaks, there’s a lot of steps in it and asks Georgia to tell him when he’s falling behind.  Sara’s worried because she rarely cooks by using a recipe.

They start by making algin water, which is what is used to make the pumpkin spheres.  Then the mushroom stock is made.  Poor Reynold is already falling behind.  George goes over to Reynold and whispers to him “you look like you’re going to give up, if you give up I will never let you forget it”…nothing like a good whisper in the ear to get people back on target.

They get on to making the brioche and Jessica’s worried about making it and she should be because she puts the yeast in while the milk is extra hot, which worries Georgia.  Then Sara and Reynold do the same thing and Georgia’s more stressed than the three that are cooking.

Next they get onto the consommé using the mushroom stock.

Jessica gets her brioche out of the oven and it doesn’t look great, Grant says he would start again.  Sara has the same problem and Grant asks how hot her milk was.  Then Reynold has the same problem.  Gary then says that they all had the problem because their milk was too hot and it is killing the yeast and if they choose not to make the brioche again they could be jeopardising their place in the competition.

Jessica starts on the pumpkin soup that gets turned into spheres, the recipes says to dice the pumpkin, but she grates it and knows the risk involved.

Sara’s making the raft mixture, the thing that clarifies the consommé and has a bowl of egg whites on the bench, but isn’t sure where they belong.

Amazingly there are only 30 minutes to go.  Sara’s still looking at the recipe and finally sees where the egg whites should be.  Grant tells her that she’s definitely going to be judged on how clear the consommé is.  She separates the stock into two saucepans and adds the egg whites into one and hopes for the best.

15 minutes to go…Jessica is blending the soup for her gnocchi while Reynold is straining  his consommé, but Billie thinks it looks dark and cloudy.  Sara’s somehow managed to make her consommé look good, so leaves it cooking and gets on to the pumpkin.

Jessica’s up to making the pumpkin spheres.  The contestants have to pour the soup mixture into the algin bath…but Jessica’s don’t seem to be working.  Reynold hears that Jessica’s having trouble with the spheres and knows that it needs the mixture to be cold.  He starts on his spheres and they’re working for him.  Jessica sees that Reynold’s cooled down the mixture, so puts her mixture in the freezer to cool down.  Sara gets ready to do her spheres and her spheres go everywhere and doesn’t know how to fix it.  Jessica does her spheres a second time and they look slightly better.

Reynold’s getting his sphere’s out of the algin bath and putting them in the oil and the girls follow in the last minute.  Jessica has some break and Billie’s looking more stressed than Jessica looks.

Time’s up…Reynold realises that he left his toast in the oven.  Then Sara realises that her toast is in the oven as well.

Reynold is up first.  Grant says the spheres look good.  They comment that the gnocchi is perfect, but the consommé isn’t as good and that the brioche is missing.

Jessica is up next.  The judges comment how spectacular the dish looks and how clear the consommé looks and that it’s great to see all the elements on the plate.  Matt says that the dish is great and Grant says that the flavours are perfect.

Last up is Sara, because she forgot the brioche she decides to pipe some mushroom chutney onto the plate to make up for it and she has four wonky gnocchi in the bowl so is pretty worried.  Gary says the consommé is good, but the gnocchi wasn’t seasoned and that Sara has fallen over in the challenge…oh dear it’s not looking good for her.  Gary goes on to say that it is devastating given how good she has cooked in the past.

The contestants come in and Gary says that the challenge has defeated one of them and Sara’s first pressure test will be her last and she’s going home.


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