Masterchef…French restaurant challenge

So today only the four girls are cooking, because of how they went while they were cooking along with Marco, and Georgia has an advantage.

They arrive at a restaurant to see the boys in their black aprons, along with Marco and Gary.  They’re at a French restaurant, L’hotel Gitan, for a French team challenge.  The winners are straight through to finals week and the losers are into elimination against Reynold and Matthew.  Each team has to do two main courses and one dessert for 70 diners.  They have to plan the menu as well as order the meat, fish and vegetables and they have a budget of $1,000.  They have 3 hours for prep and Marco’s in the kitchen with them.  Georgia’s advantage is choosing who her team mate is and she chooses Billie, with the other team being Sara and Jessica.

Billie and Georgia choose beef for main dish and seafood bisque for the other main dish.  Jessica and Sara decide on lamb with chocolate and blackberry sauce for one main and salmon for the other dish.  Gary and Marco aren’t sure about the chocolate and blackberry sauce.

Billie and Georgia’s food arrive and they’re stressing about the size of the pieces of speck, well honey you were told to be specific with ordering.  Jessica and Sara’s food arrive and they seem okay with what’s arrived.  Jessica opens the lamb and starts to majorly stress as it’s not what they were expecting, yet again you were told to be specific!!!  They ordered lamb fillets and were expecting lamb backstrap, but Marco tells them that they got what they ordered and to overcome their complication.

Billie and Georgia start on making their dessert, which is a white chocolate mousse and strangely enough it having trouble with maths again and Billie has to keep calming her down as she’s constantly stressing.

Marco tastes the chocolate blackberry jus and still isn’t sure about it, but Sara gets onto the lamb.  Billie gets onto the cauliflower puree and there are no 30 minutes to go.

Jessica finally starts on the red team’s dessert, a burnt butter hazelnut sponge, then gets onto preparing vegetables.  Georgia gets onto cooking seafood and Billie is cooking beef just as the customers start arriving.

Service starts and amazingly Georgia and Billie think they’re ready for service and Marco reminds them if they win the challenge they’re into the finals.

The judges taste Georgia’s prawn, mussel and corn bisque with sourdough and speck crumb first and think it looks great.  Gary loves the dish and Matt loves the prawn.  George thinks it is incredibly delicious.

Jessica’s drowning in salmon and keeps forgetting how many dishes she has to do and is falling behind and Marco’s having to send the other dishes for the table without the salmon and she’s close to having a teary and Marco says they’re falling behind because they don’t listen.

Then the judges taste Jessica’s Atlantic salmon with pips and peas in a miso emulsion and they all think that it looks pretty.  Matt says the fish is cooked beautifully.  George says it is all positive.  Gary says it is easily identified as being a French dish.

Sara’s having difficulty cooking the lamb because of she marinated it in balsamic, which is making it burn and they’re falling behind the blue team again.

The judges taste Sara’s lamb fillet with chocolate and blackberry jus.  Gary comments on how the lamb looks on the surface and says it’s wrong and George says there’s something not right about it in terms of flavour.  Gary’s not keen on the sauce because it’s made from beef bones and it doesn’t tie together.

Then the judges taste Billie’s eye fillet of beef with cauliflower puree and speck and think it looks like a banquet dish but not a good one.  They like the cauliflower puree and think it is a classic dish and think it’s not a bad dish.

Dessert time…the judges taste the red team’s first, burnt butter sponge with rhubarb and crème anglaise and George tips his out of the glass and onto the plate straight away.  They all enjoy the dish and Gary thinks he needs the recipe for the burnt butter sponge.

Then they taste the blue team’s dessert white chocolate mousse with figs and pomegranate syrup and they think it looks pretty and Matt thinks it is a sensible idea given how many people they have to serve.  George thinks it is tasty, yummy, thoughtful and smart and has to commend them on it.  Matt wonders if it needs the fig.

The blue team are starting to run out of their mousse and hope they don’t run out…then Marco says he needs 7 more mousse and Billie tells him that they only have three left, but he wants 7, then he says he needs another 4…oh dear, they need 11 more dishes and they’ve only got three.  Time to improvise, and the lesson is that Georgia really struggles with maths for multiplying recipes to large quantities.  They can’t make more mousse so they mix melted white chocolate into whipped cream and hope for the best, but it isn’t thickening properly and Marco’s getting rather impatient.  Gee good thing the judges got their dessert before they ran out of mousse.  Billie starts piping and Marco tells them to be more generous because the customers have been waiting.  Then Marco tells them he’s seen people dig themselves out of a hole before, but not as big as the hole they’ve dug themselves out of today.

Decision time..Gary says it was impressive because normally there are 8 chefs cooking for the 70 customers, instead of the four they had today.  Matt says they loves the blue team’s bisque and the cauliflower puree and they loved the red team’s salmon and the burnt butter sponge.  Then George says both teams had trouble with one dish, the blue team’s dessert and the red team’s lamb dish and says the red team are into the elimination, meaning that Billie and Georgia are through to finals week.


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