Masterchef…childhood memories elimination

Reynold, Matthew, Sara and Jessica are up for elimination.  They get to the kitchen and Gary and George are there with Marco, but there is no Matt there.

They have to use their childhood memories to inspire a dish and Marco rattles on about one of his childhood experiences that inspired his food and his cooking and it’s enough to bring Sara to tears and Matthew gives her a hug and Sara’s already got a dish in mind that she wants to make.

They have 90 minutes and an open pantry to make a dish inspired by their childhood and they’re judged on taste and how well the dish evokes the sense of nostalgia, the worst dish is eliminated.

Sara’s planning on doing pasta with parsley through it served with a broccoli sauce inspired by her mother, grandmother and grandfather.

Reynold decides to do a dish that involves chocolate as he used to read a lot of cookbooks when he was younger while his parents were working a lot and he’s inspired by pliable chocolate ganache and he wants to add honeycomb to the dish.

Jessica wants to do a dish based on big, bold flavours because she got to have interesting food at a young ago.  So she’s making a spicy seafood broth.

Matthew’s memory is based around pasta and decides to make lasagne and it’s the first dish he remembers his mum teaching him to make and it is also the first dish that he cooked his wife.

30 minutes down, 60 minutes to go.  Marco and Gary love the idea of Sara’s dish, but say the pasta needs to be amazing as the dish is very simple.

Jessica decides to serve his dish with the prawns served still in the shell, she splits her broth between two pans as she adds extra chilli and paprika to one pan.  Marco tastes the broth and Jessica is scared by Marco’s facial expression, he tells George he can taste the spices and not the prawns in the broth.

Reynold starts making his honeycomb and it’s something that he’s had trouble with before in the Masterchef kitchen, but it looks rather pale so he’s slightly worried.

Matthew’s still making his meat sauce for his lasagne.  Marco tries it but doesn’t give any response.

Sara starts making her broccoli sauce for her pasta and Marco tells George is Sara’s pasta and sauce are delicious and perfect she’s through to finals week.

Reynold’s worried about his honeycomb, it’s cooled down, but hasn’t set.  It’s soft and he decides to start it again and there’s only 30 minutes to go.

Matthew starts on his béchamel sauce for his lasagne and then he adds cheese to it, just as George and Marco walk over and Marco asks what is in it and asks Matthew if he thinks it is right.  Matthew says it needs more cheese, Marco says it needs more thought.  Marco tells George lasagne is bolognaise sauce, béchamel sauce, cheese, pasta and repeat…oh dear Matthew, you might be in trouble.

Reynold gets onto the second batch of honeycomb and uses a thermometer this time and seems happier with it.

Jessica’s fixed her broth and is happier with it.  But is still going on about the prawns and getting in and eating them with your hands and getting messy with them.

Matthew starts assembling his lasagne while Marco is watching and Marco is fascinated and then tells him how a classic lasagne is constructed…oh well too late now Marco, Matthew’s already put it together.

Reynold decides to temper some chocolate to add to his dish.  Then he checks the honeycomb which has finally worked.

With 15 minutes to go Sara starts rolling her pasta, but it starts tearing…oh dear.  Marco tells George that putting the parsley into the pasta might have been a mistake.  She adds more flour and semolina into the pasta dough.

With 10 minutes to go Reynold starts plating up his dish while Marco and George are standing there tasting things, they seem concerned about the chocolate crumb and it’s rather odd.  Then Reynold realises that he forgot to put sugar into it and he adds some to try and fix it.

Jessica starts grilling her prawns and Marco arrives at her bench and asks how he is meant to eat the prawns and she realises that the prawns are in the soup, plus there’s only five minutes to go.  But she decides to take a risk and keep still serve them with the shells on.

With 2 minutes to go Sara puts the pasta into the saucepan to cook.

Time is up and Reynold’s ecstatic with how his dish looks on the plate.  Sara meanwhile is having a teary and is overcome with emotional exhaustion.

Tasting time…Reynold is up first with chocolate ganache with jelly, honeycomb and ice-cream and Gary thinks it looks amazing.  Marco says the amount of work Reynold completed in 90 minutes was extraordinary and that he would employ Reynold and poor Reynold is gobsmacked and stunned.  Gary says it is the best dessert they’ve had all season.  George says it is phenomenal.

Sara’s up next with parsley pappardelle with broccoli sauce.  Gary thinks it is delicious.  Marco likes that it isn’t fancied up in the presentation.

Matthew is next with lasagne with a side salad.  Gary says it has a lot of flavour but the balance is out.  Marco goes on again about putting the cheese in the béchamel and how it’s not the way to do it.

Last in is Jessica with grilled prawns with paprika and prawn broth.  Gary asks how he would eat it if he was in a restaurant.  They think it looks amazing, but the prawns in the shells is concerning them.  Gary thinks the broth is one of the best they’ve had all season.

Decision time…George says one dish blew their mind…Reynold’s and he’s safe.  Gary says a good and bad about each dish.  Then says two were well balanced and one wasn’t and Matthew’s going home because of that and the others get all teary.


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