Masterchef…Marco Pierre White pressure test

So Reynold, Matthew and Billie walk into the kitchen in their black aprons.  Matt says the pressure test is about keeping up with Marco, oh heck!!!  Marco is cooking a classic dish in front of them and they have to cook along at the same time, with the same pace and the same precision.  But there’s no food for them to see or recipe to follow, they literally have to keep up with him.

The dish is lamb chops, but it looks rather fancy to me.

They’re looking for the dish closest to Marco’s in presentation and taste and the challenge ends 10 seconds after Marco finishes.  Then Gary says only one of them can cook their way to safety and the three girls on the balcony all have their jaws drop.  Then he says nobody is going home and all six contestants are confused.  Gary then says the worst two dishes in this pressure test are straight through to the elimination at the end of the week.

They go to their benches and Gary, Matt and George go up to the balcony.  They have to break down the lamb.  Reynold’s already stressing while he’s hacking his lamb up.  Billie’s going well so far, but Matthew is struggling.  Matthew messes up when Marco removes a bone from his double chop, he’s got the meat from two chops and one bone only, while Matthew chops them straight down the middle.

Reynold’s falling behind and Gary keeps saying “oh no” from the balcony.  Then Billie realises she did the same mistake that Matthew did, but she start again.

Then they get on to making a chicken mousse.  Billie’s still working on that lamb chop and Marco’s getting onto her about keeping up.  The boys finish their mousse and Billie has just finished the lamb chop and gets onto the mousse.

Then they get onto chopping up pickled tongue, then ham.  Billie gets the mousse made, then gets onto the tongue and ham and finally they get onto the truffles.  Matthew’s stressing because he doesn’t know how much of things he needs or what the dish will look like in the end.

Then they get the chicken mousse out of the fridge and add the tongue, ham and truffle and mix it.  Next is seasoning the lamb chop.  They put the mousse onto one side of the chop.  Then they get the crepinette, which is pig’s gaul, the outside fat lining from a pig’s stomach.  They have to use it to wrap the cutlet, but they cannot pierce it.   They have to get steamers out.

Then Marco wants to see the cutlets and he tells Matthew he did and single cutlet not a double cutlet, but Matthew doesn’t have time to fix it.  Reynold gets told he chopped his from the wrong end of the rack.  Billie gets told that hers might open.  They have the wok on and they have to get leeks, asparagus, herbs and butter for the garnish.

Honestly I’ll tell you I’m over hearing Marco say “Yes Marco?” because they don’t answer him each time he says it and it is doing my head in.  But then he tells us that they have to answer so he knows they understood what he said.  Reynold starts falling behind because he’s trying to be precise.  Then they cook the asparagus and put the lamb into the steamer and Matthew starts stressing about time because his chop is smaller than the others.  Reynold’s in all sorts of trouble and starts panicking and is lost and confused.

Then they get onto the truffle for the garnish, but Matthew has chopped it all up for the chicken mousse and Marco notices and isn’t overly happy, so he has to get some truffle out of the truffle, tongue and ham mixture.  Billie starts stressing over the crepinette that’s around her lamb chop and the possibility of it exploding.  They cook one of the types of leeks in water and put the other ones in the frypan.  Marco puts a small amount of butter and Matthew puts in a lot…oh dear.  Matthew finally checks him lamb and stresses out even more.  They put butter in the fry pan and warm their serving plate and add cream to the leeks.  The mushrooms go into the fry pan along with the asparagus and then the cutlet goes in there, then the leeks and the truffle juice and truffle and truffle oil.

Then it is time to start plating.  Billie’s not too far behind Marco and Reynold seems to be going okay.  Matthew now realises he’s got too much butter in the leeks and decides to plate up again, which stresses out Gary on the balcony along with everyone on the balcony and he’s racing to get everything on the plate.  Marco finishes and counts down from 10, as the contestants have 10 seconds to finish their dish.  Marco walks past the contestants and says that Billie’s done fantastic.   Then he tells them to look at his dish.

Tasting time…the judges taste Marco’s dish first.  Then they taste Billie’s dish, they think it looks very pretty.  Gary says the lamb is still pink but slightly more cooked than Marco’s is.  Marco thinks she’s done very well and should be really pleased with herself.  Matt thinks the asparagus could have been peeled a bit better.  George says it was a very good effort, but there were a couple of little things that could have been done better.

Matthew is up next.  Matt loved the sauce, Marco mentions the cutlet size first, then that his presentation showed panic and that he wanted to succeed.  George says it needed to be more refined, but it was a fabulous effort.

Last up is Reynold and he’s stressing about the huge bone.  Marco says the lamb is slightly over cooked but there is good flavour and he did a fantastic effort.  George loves the mousse.  Gary loves the balance of the truffles in the dish.

Decision time…Matt says how impressed they are that all three of them got everything on the plate.  Then Marco says how all three impressed him because keeping up with him isn’t the easiest job in the world.  George then says the good and bad about all three dishes.  Then says one stood out for how closely it matched Marco’s and it was Billie’s dish.  So she wins and the two boys are through to the elimination at the end of the week.  But the two boys won’t be cooking until that elimination challenge either.


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