Masterchef…Marco Pierre White is back

The six remaining contestants walk into the kitchen to see Marco Pierre White standing there and no judges and him screaming run, three to the left, three to the right and there are dishes already there for them to look at.  They have to make enough food for 120 diners and the clock is already ticking, there are three hours until the diners arrive.  Thankfully they have the recipes there…and to think they were probably expecting a mystery box.

The red team is Billie, Matthew and Reynold.  Reynold is doing the dessert, Matthew on the entrée which is tortellini and duck broth and Billie doing the main which is snapper.  The blue team is Georgia, Jessica and Sara.  Sara wants to do the entrée which is prawns, Jessica is doing the main which is lamb and Georgia is doing dessert, which includes puff pastry and she’s not at all excited about it.

Marco says the team that delivers the finest food is into the final immunity challenge of the year, he doesn’t say what happens to the other team and he reminds them that he told them he would be back and he’s not there to be their friend.

Georgia gets onto the poaching liquid for the peach and then it is used for the sorbet.  Reynold’s stressing over his dessert as well, as it has a lot of elements and gets onto the yoghurt sorbet, then berry consommé which is used in the jelly.

Sara’s doing poached prawns with champagne butter and she’s got 210 prawns to clean, oh honey have fun with that.  She has to shell, devein and split them and then Marco tells her to go faster and she should do 4 prawns a minute.

Matthew’s getting his duck ready and Marco wonders why he’s using a vegetable knife and not a boning knife and why the wishbone is still in the duck…oh heck he’s going to have a fun day.

Jessica’s doing the lamb, with slow cooked lamb necks and lamb loin that isn’t slow cooked and Marco stands over her checking out how she’s going.

Billie gets onto the snapper which she has to clean and fillet and there’s 35 of them to fillet, oh and then she has to pin bone them.  But Marco strolls over and turns the fish the other way and shows her how to do it.

Georgia gets her sorbet on and starts on her puff pastry and starts majorly stressing out about dividing up the quantities.

All of a sudden Marco tells them all to stop because the tables are being brought into the room and there’s 2 hours to go, then he says there’s a plate to be served every 20 seconds, holy shite!!!  Oh and the plate has to be perfect, not just a plate of food, and if they fail he fails and he doesn’t like to fail, well we know that!!

Oh dear, Georgia’s puff pastry looks rather weird to her…she hasn’t used enough butter, she’s only used half the amount, like she said maths wasn’t her strong point.  Oh well, time to start again.

Finally Gary, George and Matt arrive into the Masterchef kitchen and Marco tells them that he thinks it will be a tough service because they’re working as individuals and not as a team.  He then asks the blue team who is in charge, they nominate Sara and tells them to work as a team and Sara tells him that he knows they’ll be ready.

Matthew realises that they need to start working together instead of individually and they decide Mathew will be in charge, right before Marco asks.  Billie’s still going on the fish and finally Reynold offers help, god bless him, even though he’s got stuff to do.  But he forgets there’s a pot on the stove…oh dear.

Sara has finally shelled all the prawns, gee love, get a wriggle on.  There’s now only 90 minutes to go and they’ve already had 90 minutes in the kitchen.  Jessica’s still only on step one of the recipe, oh my goodness gracious me!!!  Sara offers assistance, but is still doing her dish.

Reynold gets his brulee into the oven and gets onto doughnut batter and then gets back to the fish.  Marco comes to check the fish and finds some bones in the fillets, oh my goodness gracious Reynold concentrate mate, you can’t hurt a person.

Now there’s only 45 minutes to go…Jessica gets the other bit of lamb done, it takes 45 minutes to cook and there’s 38 minutes until service starts, oh lord save me now!!  Now she’s onto the potatoes and stressing because they need to be put into cold water and brought up to the boil and Marco reminds her to put extra in because you don’t want to run out.  But she doesn’t put any extra in.

Matthew’s got the broth on and he’s onto the pasta.  He’s got 30 minutes to make a minimum of 60 tortellini and Marco tells him it won’t get done in the time, so he finally asks Billie for help and Reynold stays on the fish.

Sara gets onto the champagne sauce and then finally goes to help Jessica, but then remembers that she hasn’t split any of the prawns, oh hell…sorry Jessica the prawns take priority now as there’s 210 prawns to split with 20 minutes to go.

10 minutes to go and the guests arrive and the contestants start freaking out.  Matthew starts ordering Billie and Reynold to help him with the entrée.  Sara’s freaking out and realises she’s going to run out of time and asks Georgia for help and Georgia freaks as she’s got a lot still to do.

Sara finally starts poaching the prawns and Matthew is straining his broth with a minute to go until service.

The first orders come in the red team work together to plate the entrée.  Georgia and Sara work together to plate the prawn entrée and the first plates go out.

The entrees are taken to the judges.  First is Sara’s poached prawns with champagne butter sauce and they think it looks pretty and colourful.  George likes the dish, Gary loves the sauce and thinks they’ve done a brilliant job, but the prawns are over cooked because they’ve been in a pot that’s too hot.

Just when Matthew is feeling happy about his dishes going out 4 plates are brought back with raw tortellini.  Then the dish is taken to the judges and the music gets louder and louder and we go to an ad break and Matthew is really worried.  The dish is duck breast in a golden broth with duck and ginger tortellini.  Gary thinks the duck looks well cooked.  George likes the flavours, as does Gary.  But Gary’s tortellini isn’t cooked very well, George’s is though.

Entrée is finished…Georgia gets back to making her dessert and is seriously freaking out and she gets the pastry into the oven and can’t stop looking at the oven, obsessing over it.  Matthew goes and helps with the main course and the pin boning and Reynold gets onto the tomatoes and Billie gets onto the zucchini flowers.  But Reynold’s worrying about all the work he has left on dessert.

Marco gives them four minutes until he wants the first mains and Jessica doesn’t think it will get done.  The blue team is meant to be cooking the fish in the oven, but run out of time, so cook it in the pan and then in the over.  The orders for the first mains come through and the blue team panic, the red team starts plating and their fish goes out to the customers.  Marco keeps asking how long for the lamb and poor Jessica can’t answer him and she’s seriously stressing out and is trying not to have a teary.

The judges get the red team’s main, snapper with roast tomatoes, zucchini flower and basil oil and love the colours of it.  Matt loves how well the fish is cooked and says it is impeccable, as does George.  George and Gary both found a few scales on their fish, but aren’t overly worried about it.

The blue team are still manic cooking things for their main and haven’t served any and the lamb is getting cold and Marco’s not impressed and finally they start plating and Marco tells them not to give up.  The dish, slow cooked lamb with asparagus and smashed potatoes.  Matt thinks it looks as good, if not better than the original.  Gary and George say it’s not good enough that the lamb is cold. But Gary says it is cooked beautifully.  Oh dear, they’re starting to run out of potatoes…gee girl Marco said put extra on and Jessica didn’t, she better not run out of potatoes.  Oh dear, they tell Marco there’s only 5 serves of potatoes left and Marco tells them to compensate by putting pea puree on the plate instead of the potato.

Main course is done.  Dessert time…and they all have to help Georgia and Reynold with their desserts.  Reynold decides not to do the donuts as he doesn’t think that he doesn’t have time to make them and Marco questions him about it.  Amazingly Georgia’s puff pastry looks great and she’s slightly calmer.

The first orders come through and the teams get desserts out quite quickly.  The red dessert, vanilla crème brulee with berries and yoghurt sorbet, goes to the judges and Gary notices the missing doughnuts straight away and Matt says if the dish came out at a restaurant you would be very happy.  Gary loves the yoghurt sorbet and the tuille.

Georgia’s busy plating up and then after a while Marco asks where the peach sorbet is and she had forgotten it!!!  She grabs it out and starts putting it on the rest of the plates.  The judges get to taste the dessert, caramelised peach tart with ginger verbena sorbet, and Gary loves the plating up.  George and Gary think it is a good dessert and they all love the puff pastry.

They get all the plates out…then Marco tells them that they got a dish out every 30 seconds.

Decision time and Gary says that him, George and Matt are proud of them and Marco tells them that they amazed him because he didn’t think they would get to service or get through it.  George tells the red team the good things of each course, then adds but and lists the bad things.  Matt starts by telling the blue team what didn’t work, then what did work.  Gary says the dish that blew them away and was dish of the day belonged to Georgia and she’s about to keel over in shock.  But her dish is the reason why the blue team won the challenge.

But the losing team still don’t know what will happen, Marco will tell them tomorrow.


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