Masterchef…double immunity

There are four up for immunity tonight…Sara, Reynold, Georgia and Jessie.  Matt tells them that two of the contestants will be cooking for immunity, after getting through round one.

Round one is name the herb.  They do a knife pull to work out the order.  Reynold is 1st, then Jessie, then Georgia and then Sara.  Reynold guesses kaffir lime leaf and is safe.  Jessie guesses rosemary and is safe.  Georgia guesses coriander and is safe.  Sara guesses curry leaf and is safe.  Reynold’s turn again and he guesses Vietnamese mint and is safe.  Jessie guesses dill and is safe.  Georgia guesses basil and is safe.  Sara goes bay leaf and is correct.  Reynold guesses parsley and then says flat leaf and is safe.  Jessie guesses lemon myrtle and is safe.  Georgia guesses tarragon and is safe.  Sara says oregano and is safe.  Reynold says chervil and is right.  Jessie says chives and is right.  Georgia guesses sage and is right.  Sara guesses cheese herb and is right.  Reynold guesses chocolate mint and is right.  Jessie guesses Thai basil and is correct.  Georgia guesses dandelion and we go to an ad break and then we find out she is wrong, but they can’t tell her what it is.  Sara guesses celery and it wrong, it was lovage.  Georgia’s one was milk thistle.

So Reynold and Jessie get a chance at immunity and they’ll be cooking as a team.  But they’re up against two chefs from Icebergs Dining Room Bar at Bondi Beach, husband and wife chefs Monty and Jacqui Koludrovic.  They have an open pantry, which they don’t normally get and each team has to do a main and a dessert.  Reynold and Jessie have 75 minutes as usual and their combined score has to beat Monty and Jacqueline’s combined score to win the immunity pins.

Reynold is going to do dessert and Jessie is going to do main.  Reynold’s going tropical flavours and Jessie wants to do lobsters.  Reynold is planning to serve his dessert in the coconut shell, it is a frozen dessert with coconut granita and a frozen passionfruit sphere, but is serve with a hot coconut sauce.

Monty is planning on doing mussels and red snapper.  Jacqui is doing a mousse, granita and jelly.  But they’ve spent 10 minutes in the pantry, in awe about how much is in there.  Jacqui’s making her mousse and looks like she’s making enough for an army, not enough for one plate, holy heck girl.  Then she can’t get the mixer going.  Monty’s decided to do a seafood salad.

Jessie goes to cook the lobster and tries to put it in the pot delicately, until it falls in…oh love.  She cooks her lobster perfectly.  However Jacqui is racing to get her jelly done and with 15 minutes left it hasn’t even been put in to set.  Reynold’s sphere has frozen solid and he scrapes out some of the middle to put pineapple pieces.  Then he puts the granita into the coconut shell along with some dehydrated pineapple, but he’s worried about the sphere and joins the pieces while it is still in the blast chiller and leaves it there to freeze a bit more and then he makes a hot coconut sauce.

Jacqui puts glaze over her balls of mousse and they look amazing and then she puts gold leaf on top.

Time is almost up and the bottom half of the sphere is starting to melt as he takes it out of the freezer but there’s no time left.

Tasting time, up first is Monty’s seafood salad and the judges all love it.  Then Jacqui’s chocolate and olive oil mousse with granita and aperol jelly and they all love the mousse.

Next up is Jessie’s lobster with fennel and orange and they think it looks elegant and wonderful, Matt thinks it has classic flavours that work well together.  Gary thinks the lobster is cooked beautifully, but needs to be creamier.

Last dish in is Reynold’s coconut with passionfruit and pineapple and they all think it looks like a bit of fun when it comes in and Matt loves the theatre of it as the sauce is poured on.  George is that impressed that he’s scraping the inside of the coconut with his spoon, he says it is cold, hot, sweet, creamy, everything.  They’ll all super excited by it.

Scoring time.  They score Monty and Jacqui first and Jacqui looks really nervous.  Gary gives the main 10/10 and dessert 8/10.  George gives main 9/10 and dessert 9/10.  Matt scores main 9/10 and dessert 9/10 giving them 54/60.

Then the scores for Jessie and Reynold.  Matt gives main 8/10 and dessert 10/10.  George gives main 8/10 and dessert 10/10.  Gary scores Reynold first and gives him 10/10 meaning he got a perfect score and after a big build up he scores the main 7/10 giving them 53/60, meaning they didn’t win immunity.

Now I did look for the recipes, but the masterchef website said there was an error when I clicked on them…bugger!!


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