Masterchef…auction elimination.

Georgia, Reynold and Jessie are up for elimination tonight.  There’s three categories and three things in each category.  They have 100 minutes to start with, but bid with time.  Oh and if they get the item they have to use it.  The protein choices are chicken, sardines and eggs.  Jessie wants the chicken, so does Georgia, while Reynold wants the eggs.  The next category has root vegetables, citrus and nightshades.  Then there’s herbs, spices and condiments.  There’s no pantry and there’s garden, but they have staples of flour, sugar, butter, milk and cream.

Protein is up first, the chicken is up first and Jessie gets it for 25 minutes.  Georgia decides she has to have the egg seeing as she didn’t get the chicken.  Next up for bidding is the sardines and Georgia wasn’t paying attention and put her paddle up because she thought Matt said eggs…silly, silly girl, definite blonde moment there.            Reynold gets the eggs for free.

Next up are the nightshades and they go for 5 minutes to Georgia.  Then citrus is auctioned and Jessie bids just to get time from Reynold and he’s desperate to win the eggs, he gets them for 25 minutes.  Jessie gets the root vegetables for free.

Next up is the spices, which both Jessie and Reynold want and Jessie gets them for 15 minutes.  Georgia gets the herbs for 15 minutes and Reynold gets the condiments for free.

So Jessie has chicken, spices and root vegetables with 60 minutes cooking time.  Georgia has sardines, nightshades and herbs with 75 minutes cooking time and Reynold has eggs, citrus and condiments and 75 minutes cooking time.

Reynold and Georgia start and Reynold gets a curd going and wants to do a frozen curd with meringue and sable but Gary and George say they’ve seen it before.  Georgia fillets the sardines and isn’t sure what she’s doing, 15 minutes are nearly up and she still filleting and George can’t believe she doesn’t know what her dish is.

Jessie starts cooking and wants to cook chicken with parsnip chips, but is worried when she’s making her sauce because she doesn’t have things she’s used to using in sauces.  But Matt thinks he dish is too simple.  So she decides to do a caramelised parsnip puree.  But takes forever to get the chicken in the oven.

Reynold is trying to work out how to use the condiments and sees balsamic vinegar and decides to make a balsamic meringue.

Georgia decides to use tomatoes with her sardines, but then she loses the acidity by cooking them and removing the seeds…oh dear, time to focus.  She decides to try the tomatillos and they’re very acidic.

Reynold gets his curd into the blast chiller and Jessie’s sauce is done and she thinks it is too acidic.  Georgia then decides to make potato sand and goes on and on to tell us every single step, while Jessie’s parsnip puree is very grainy.  Then she takes the chicken out of the oven and it’s still raw a lot of the way through and there’s 8 minutes to go…holy heck darling, this is an elimination!!!  5 minutes to go and Reynold gets the frozen curd out of the freezer and it’s not frozen…silly thing is he knew he had put too much in the tin when he put it in the blast chiller, there is nobody else to blame and now his dish is too acidic and he’s just standing around having a moment.  Now Georgia’s making a butter sauce.

Time is up…Reynold is up first for tasting with balsamic and citrus and then he has a teary moment with the judges.  Gary says it is all good, except the curd and George thinks the balsamic ties it all together.

Georgia’s next with grilled sardines with tomatillo and herb butter.  George and Matt think using the tomatillo was a smart move and Gary loves it.

Last in is Jessie with roast chicken with parsnip puree, parsnip chips and sauce.  George is concerned about the chicken and as he cuts it we go to an ad.  Matt thinks it all depends on the sauce and says the chicken is perfectly cooked, but the sauce is bitter.

Decision time…Reynold is safe.  Georgia is safe and Jessie is going home and they’re all teary.  Before she goes Matt says that he rang Duncan Welgemoed and got his number and tells Jessie to ring him.


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