Masterchef…Darren Purchese pressure test

So we have Ashleigh, Jessica, Matthew and Billie in the pressure test.  George tells them today is the day to put the blinkers on and to focus on themselves, not the other competitors.

Matt says the dish is one of the trickiest they have ever seen and in strolls Darren Purchese…yes I would be having my fangirl moment if I was there, god bless him!!!  So he’s based the dessert on someone else’s dessert, but taken it to a whole new level.  It is his passionflower and holy mother of god it looks phenomenal.  George says it looks intricate but they’ve seen nothing yet.  Darren pours something around the base and the flower opens up…holy shite!!!  Darren says there are white chocolate petals and a white chocolate band and the sauce melts them and lets the petals open…gee I’m glad I’m not making it.

There’s a coconut mousse with coconut sponge and sesame tuille, soft passionfruit centre, sugar flour and of course the mint flavoured, yellow sprayed passion flower and then the coconut, lime and vanilla sauce.  Plus it is a 9.9 out of 10 for difficulty…far out!!!  Ashleigh is super excited because it is a dessert, but Jessica isn’t the biggest dessert cook.

They’ve got 2 hours and 45 minutes to cook it, then 10 minutes to assemble the dish.

They start on the dome which has the mousse, sponge and tuille along with the passionfruit centre.  Jessica turns from her mousse and it ends up scrambled…oh dear!!!  Ashleigh’s tuille hasn’t worked, they’re very thick, so she puts more in the oven.  Billie and Matthew get their domes assembled.  Then they start making the violet flowers and they have to get part of it to 154 degrees and Jessica’s focusing on getting it to that exact temperature when Matt and Darren stroll over, as they do.

Ashleigh’s onto another batch of tuille…honey I thought you were great at desserts, I’m worried!!!

Billie and Matthew are up to the white chocolate petals where they have to temper the chocolate.

Oh and Ashleigh’s 3rd batch of tuille looks rather dodgy too.

Darren is worried that Jessica is taking too long on her cooking, well she’s not a huge dessert cook so of course she’s going to go slower.

Billie’s got the chocolate right and ads the mint oil to it and then puts it on the acetate stencils.  Matthew gets his petals done, but Georgia notices he’s forgotten the mint oil.  Jessica’s doing the chocolate and keeps dropping the thermometer into the melted chocolate.  Ashleigh gets onto her chocolate.  Jessica realises she forgot to add the room temperature chocolate and adds it, but also forgot to add the mint out.

Billie’s onto the chocolate collar and George is impressed by that, as is Darren.  Now Matthew’s got issues with his flowers and he keeps burning them, which Darren notices.  Jessica decides not to spray her petals as she’s running out of time.  Billie paints her petals.  They have to get all the bits ready and Ashleigh’s collar keeps cracking.  Matthew hasn’t sprayed his petals and doesn’t have time and then notices the mint oil that he forgot to put in.

Time to plate and taste, Billie gets her 10 minutes first to put all the petals on the dish and she knows she’s the only one who painted the petals.  She takes it in and pours the sauce and all the petals fall for her and the judges all clap and Darren feels really proud for her and says it looks as good as his one and he is super impressed after trying it.

Ashleigh is up next and her collar isn’t right.  So the petals aren’t sitting in and it looks rather odd.  She pours the sauce and a few petals fall…oh darling.  Once she leaves the room Gary says she’ll be devastated that it hasn’t worked out as she has a pastry dream.

Jessica plates up next and Gary is in shock when she takes in a great looking dish and Darren is really pleased because he was worried for her during the cooking time.  She pours the sauce and only one petal doesn’t fall down.  Gary loved the sesame crunch and George loves the slightly runnier sauce.

Last up is Matthew and his collar keeps breaking, but he gets 7 petals in.  He pours the sauce and the petals manage to open.  George loves the mousse.

Decision time…oh dear, Ashleigh is eliminated!!!  But she has been offered her dream job.  She will be a trainee pastry chef at Om Nom under Christy Tania!!


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