Masterchef…cassis plum elimination

So we’ve got Reynold, Rose and Matthew in the pressure test and it’s the first for Reynold, unlike our dear Rose who seems to be in them every week.  Gary and Matt are in the kitchen, but poor Georgie Boy isn’t there because he’s not feeling well.

The chef tonight is from 2am dessert bar in Singapore, it is Janice Wong, who has been named best pastry chef in Asia for two years in a row and Reynold is a tad excited, but hiding it very well, then she says how her parents weren’t happy when they found out she wanted to be a pastry chef…mmm sound a bit familiar Reynold???

So they’re making her signature dish the cassis plum and it looks amazing.  Oh there are 10 textures in it…holy heck!!  It looks seriously good when she cuts it in half.  They have 2 hours and 15 minutes to make the cassis plum and Matt tells them it is a huge challenge.

Reynold’s off to a bad start and has already broken a canister that he’s pouring grapeseed oil into…oh honey settle the hell down already, it’s only 1 minute in.

They seem to settle and melt white chocolate and mix with cassis puree and get them into the moulds and now Reynold’s going on about how he doesn’t usually follow recipes…honey that isn’t going to help you today.  Now we see that Rose’s spheres aren’t right to the top of the moulds…oh dear, no good when they’re going into the blast chiller.

Then they make a gel and get that into the fridge…gee we’re already an hour down and the show’s only been on for 15 or so minutes…gee that’s gone quick.

Matthew gets the sphere out of the blast chiller and has to scoop out some of the mixture to leave a 5mm shell…oh dear, now Reynold’s doing it and he’s rushing and Rose starts doing her’s and now realises her mixture is too soft.  Matthew’s looks good, Reynold’s look thick and Rose’s look like they’re all over the joint.

Gee we’re only about 20 minutes into the show and there’s only an hour left to go in the cooking…they’re moving fast tonight.

Reynold’s onto the yuzu beads which are made with yuzu syrup and water chestnuts and he’s not sure how big 5mm is.  Then Gary and Janice go over to his bench and look at his water chestnuts and say it is too small…finally he grabs a ruler to cut to the right size, gee you couldn’t have done that first off.

Janice goes and looks at Rose’s spheres and says they won’t look right, so Rose finally realises what she’s done wrong by not having them reach the top of the mould, so off she goes to try and fix it.

Matt and Gary ask Janice what the she thinks and she says that Reynold is very jumpy, but Matthew is calm and Matt says it is because of his dentistry background.  Matthew then gets onto the yuzu caviar balls and gets them into the fridge, now Rose is ready to make hers, but they don’t really look like drops, they look like lines…oh dear.

Reynold’s onto the rice bubbles bit, which has melted white chocolate, rice bubbles and raspberry powder…even if they call them Rice Krispies…sorry I’m in Australia I’m calling them rice bubbles.  Then Matt and Janice want to look at his spheres and tell him to be more careful with them and for him to follow his instinct and the poor guy is overly stressed and lost his instincts in the cook today.

We’re down to 30 minutes to go and Matthew’s onto the yoghurt mousse that goes into the middle of the spheres and it seems easy enough for him.  Now he’s onto the cassis pastilles and it looks great and Janice tells him it looks beautiful and she wants to hire the contestants but Matt says she can have them in four weeks time.

Janice tells them that by now they should be joining their spheres and spraying them and Matthew goes to get his out of the blast chiller and now starts stressing about whether or not they’ll come out of the mould…no need to stress, they come out perfectly.  He joins them and Janice and Gary are impressed with how he’s going.  Then he has to cut the hole in the top…he definitely looks like a dentist when he’s doing that.

Reynold does his and is still stressing about how thick or thin his is, especially compared to Matthew’s.  But 15 minutes to go and Rose gets her sphere’s out of the blast chiller and they’re all dented and all over the joint…oh darling.  The poor love is stressing majorly and checks her second tray of spheres and thankfully they look better.  She gets one together and gets the hole in the top, but it isn’t sealed perfectly.

10 minutes to go…Matthew gets his spray mixture done and sprays his sphere and it looks pretty impressive.  Reynold makes his spray mixture…then manages to spill it onto the floor…oh dear!!!  Rose sprays her sphere while Reynold is trying to save some of his spray mixture so that he can still use it.

Now Reynold’s making the granita but he’s running into trouble with it.  Rose says she’s got organised chaos going on…well honey I agree with you there, it’s all over the joint.  Matthew is cutting the jelly for the top of the spheres and is having difficulty.

3 minutes to go and Rose starts plating up, at least she has a picture to work from, unlike Reynold.  Matthew’s plating up and hoping that he’s going well.  1 minute to go and Reynold thinks there is something missing, but isn’t sure what.  Then he realises once time is up…he forgot the rice bubbles on the outside of the ball…oh dear.

Tasting time…Matthew is up first and yeah he’s a tad excited about how his dish looks…as he should be and Janice can’t wait to taste it and she hears a crunch when Gary cuts it…gee it is different not seeing George cut a dish!!!  Just saying!!!  Matt says it is a beautiful dessert.  Janice says that Matthew went beyond her expectations, especially with how thin his spheres were.

Next up is Rose.  She says she’s happy that she got every element done, but isn’t overly happy with the overall dish.  Matt tells her to think about when she first entered the competition and she says back then she couldn’t have done that dish.  Janice and Gary love the plating.  Matt notices the split in the sphere straight up.  Matt loves the rice bubbles bits, but doesn’t like the caviar bits.  Gary doesn’t like the density of the sphere.

Last in is Reynold and he wishes he had been able to take more time on some of it.  Then Matt asks how he would feel is he went home on a dessert and he says this cook has made him realise that pastry is exactly what he wants to do.  Gary notices straight up the lad of rice bubbles on the outside of the dish and that he doesn’t he any crackles as he cuts the sphere…and we go to an ad break before we find out if he actually included any rice bubbles in the sphere.  Thankfully there are a couple in there.  Janice says that even though the sphere is bigger than the others it worked.  Matt also thinks that the sphere worked well.

Decision time…Matt says that all three did amazingly well and Janice is thoroughly impressed and that she can’t explain how proud she is of all three of them.  Matthew is the first one safe.  Reynold gets told that his sphere was the best of the day, Rose is told that her yoghurt foam was the best of the day, but her sphere was too dense and not as perfect as the other two, so she is going home.  Oh honey…we’ll miss you!!!  She manages to hold the tears in until Matt goes on and on about all the things that she’s done in the show…then the tears start and bless her she gives both Gary and Matt a huge hug…not many have managed that this series.  Oh and by the way she’s now opened a café in Adelaide.


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