So Matthew, Billie, Jessie, Sara and Rose are up for elimination after the high tea challenge and of course Billie has the immunity pin that she can use if she wants to and honestly she would be silly if she didn’t use it in my opinion, and she’s asked straight up about it.  Of course she uses it because she would kick herself if she didn’t use it and went home.

Matt says the challenge is a dish that has tripped up many contestants before…and it’s not risotto, it’s pie.  They want it to be totally enclosed with pastry and be a pie they can have a slice on and it can be filled with anything.  Top three are safe, worst pie is eliminated and they have 90 minutes.

Everyone except for Jessie is doing the pastry first, she’s doing the filling first…which is worrying those that are upstairs.  Rose is doing something with lentils, Jessie’s doing beef and prosciutto, Sara’s doing chicken and corn and Matthew’s doing beef.

Matthew’s doing two tins so he’s got a tester.  Sara’s rolling her pastry but it’s crumbly and she’s stressing out about it…oh dear.  Finally Jessie gets onto the pastry and has a bit of a brain fade and gets mixed up in how to make pastry and now realises she should have done the pastry first and not the filling.  25 minutes to go and she just puts the pie pastry base into the oven to blind bake…nothing like leaving things to the last second.  Sara gets her pie bases out of the oven and they’re very very flaky.

17 minutes to go and only Matthew has his full pie in the oven and Gary is worried they won’t get their pies cooked if they don’t move it.  15 minutes to go and Jessie’s don’t have tops on them…oh love!!!

1 minute to go and some of them are still taking their pies out of the oven…oh dear lord no rush or anything.

Tasting time…Matthew is up first and Gary says it looks amazing and George says it could be on the cover of a magazine, but Gary wants to put it in a brown paper bag and straight into his mouth.  It’s a beef and red wine pie with bacon and mushrooms and when it is cut none of the filling falls out, Gary is laughing in absolute joy.  Matt says it is absolutely delicious and the pastry is the hero and George says it is the best pie he’s eaten on the show and Gary goes to shake Matthew’s hand and they straight out tell him that he’s safe and Matthew can’t stop laughing as he goes upstairs.

Next up is Rose with a spiced beef and lentil pie.  Gary says it is delicious and George likes the flavour of it, but wants the lentils more cooked.  Matt thinks the spices of it make it delicious.

Next up is Jessie with beef, bacon and red win pie with parsley and pea sauce and the drama builds while it is cut and the poor love cries, but of course we go to an ad break…not that I’m surprised.  Finally we come back to find out it is raw pastry…oh honey.

Last up is Sara with Chinese chicken and sweetcorn pie with cucumber salad and the pastry is so crumbly they have to eat it with a spoon and they’re not keen on the salad.

Decision time…either Sara, Rose or Jessie are going home and it’s Jessie that’s told her dish is the worst of the day because the pastry was raw.  But George doesn’t say that Jessie is going home…then Matt says that on any other day she would be saying her goodbyes…but today she gets a second chance to prove she belongs in the top ten, but she’s not the only one to get a second chance and all the old contestants walk through the door and the others are all jumping up and down and screaming.

All the previously eliminated have to cook a dish, and the best dish goes up against Jessie for a spot back in the top 10.  They have 60 minutes and an open pantry.

Kristina’s doing poached snapper, prawn raviolo and a prawn head bisque.

Kha is doing quail and salad, things that got him knocked out.

Stephen’s doing confit fennel and confit salmon and Matt wants to know where the wow is in the dish, so he decides to rethink the dish.  Then he decides to use ingredients similar to what he used in the sea urchin dish that got him eliminated and decides on lobster and then he has a pot on fire as he hasn’t burnt the alcohol off in the pot that the mussels are in.

Less than 15 minutes to go and Kristina realises she hasn’t put a pot of water on for her raviolo…oh dear.

Time is up…up first is Melita with strawberry mousse cake with hazelnut and rhubarb and they liked it.

Fiona made cranachan which I’ve never heard of, but George really likes it and has never had it before.

John made pork kilawin with scallops and pomegranate jus and George enjoys the flavour.

Jacqui made chocolate mousse cake with raspberry sorbet and crumb and Matt says wow.

Ava made eye fillet with salsa verde and Matt says it shows how much she’s learning from those that she’s working with.

Anna made bouillabaisse with boiled potatoes, but they would have rather she didn’t do the potatoes as a side.

Kha made quail with Vietnamese salad and George simply says “well done.”  Matt says it is delicious and elegant.

Kristina made poached snapper fillet with prawn mousse raviolo and prawn bisque and they’re silent while they are tasting it and finally Matt says that it is absolutely delicious and George agrees and they tell her she’s in the mix of getting back into the competition.

Stephen is up next with….and we go to an ad break while he’s worrying about the lobster tail being undercooked.  He’s made lobster tail with mussels, roast fennel and lobster sauce and Gary starts with “oh Stephen…” then tells him there’s a real possibility he’ll be back into the kitchen.

We don’t get to see any more contestants…then Matt says the three standouts were Kha, Kristina and Stephen and the one to go up against Jessie is Stephen and poor Kristina is having a teary, but Gary says she’s on the right path with her cooking.

Now it is Jessie against Stephen and they can cook anything they want, they have 60 minutes and a free pantry.

Stephen decides to take a risk and do a dessert, which isn’t something that he hasn’t done much of in the competition so far.  Jessie’s decided on doing lobster.

Stephen starts having problems with his jelly and with his puree…oh no, it’s not looking great for him.

Time is up…Stephen goes in first for tasting.  He made a lemon verbena parfait with rhubarb carpaccio and crumb and he tells the judges there are a couple of elements that he missed and he’s kicking himself because of that.  Matt says regardless he’s put up two beautiful dishes.  Matt loves the combination of lemon verbena and the fennel and the honey, but he’s not keen on the rhubarb because there’s no acidity.

Jessie goes in with her dish…and we go off to an ad break, honestly this episode is getting longer and longer.  She made butter poached lobster with carrots and fennel and she’s getting teary talking to the judges and they can see how much she’s grown based solely on the dish in front of them.  Gary says it is delicious and the lobster is perfectly cooked.  George loves all the beautiful flavours and loves the carrot reduction.  Matt loves the simple ideas that are put together brilliantly.

Decision time…Matt says both dishes were beautiful, but only one had no negatives, so Jessie is back in the top ten.

So essentially after three lots of cooking the only thing that has changed is that Billie no longer has her immunity pin, the ten contestants are still the same as we started the day with.

Oh and the next episode according to the ad is the weirdest mystery box ever…apparently George hasn’t even used some of the ingredients in it.


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