Masterchef…high tea team challenge

So it’s Rose’s birthday and she gets a card inviting her to a nice birthday thing at the Masterchef kitchen…well that’s how you want to celebrate a birthday…for a team challenge of course.  They’re preparing high tea for 100 guests.  They’ll prepare them at the Masterchef kitchen and taking the food to the Hotel Windsor for service…ohhhh sounds good to me!!!  Mind you the Hotel Windsor has been serving high tea since 1883…just a tad of history.

But for inspiration they’ve invited a few dessert chefs…Kirsten Tibballs from Savour, Darren Purchase from Burch and Purchese, Bernard Chu from LuxBite and Christie Tania from Om Nom.  Georgia is fangirling over Darren Purchese, well I can understand that!!!

George goes 1, 2, 1, 2, to pick the teams, bit old school there…bless it.  Oh and Rose is the captain because it is her birthday and she’s got Sara, Billie, Jessie and Matthew.  The other captain is Reynold with Georgia, Ashleigh, Jessica and Amy.

They have to make at least 5 sweet items, enough to fill 25 stacks, so at least 80 of each item and they’ve got 3 hours to cook, 30 minutes to set up when they get there to dish up and 30 minutes to serve.

So all seems to be going well to start with, Rose has drawn diagrams of each dish so they know how each will look and Reynold is feeling like he’s under a lot of pressure, but personally I think he’ll go well given the skills he has in the kitchen.  Then Ashleigh has choux pastry issues.  Rose thankfully is thinking about transporting as she wants it all to be transported okay and suggests that Jessie tests her shortbread while she’s mixing it to test the mixture.  Then Gary checks on Ashleigh’s choux buns and her testers are very small, so now she’s having to redo the second batch before putting them in the oven and Gary’s telling her to settle.

The red team are thinking about transport even more because of a meringue element and also listening to what the dessert chefs said about having the same element across two sweets, which is good.  Poor Reynold on the other hand is answering and fixing a million things while trying to do his own cooking.  Unlike Rose who is constantly checking on her team-mates, especially poor Billie who is struggling to make 170 tart shells.

The blue team are racing all over the place and things are looking all over the place in terms of consistency.  Now disaster has hit the red team…15 minutes to go and they can’t get the tart shells out of the tins and they’re used in 2 desserts, poor Billie used spray oil on the tray and Rose was worried about it, with good reason now.  They now decide to use the tart shells at a crumble that they’ll plate up when they get to the Hotel Windsor.

Georgia’s doing the tapioca and lime dessert and piping lime curd but needs 11 more…no good as there’s no backup curd and they need to pack everything up to go to the Hotel Windsor.  Oh and if it’s not packed it can’t be taken…so it’s a mad dash to pack everything up.  Then next thing you know a blender lands on Sara’s cakes and they haven’t even left the Masterchef kitchen yet.  Thankfully she made 85 because 5 were squashed.

Time to load the vans and get to Hotel Windsor.  They get there and Matthew’s meringue didn’t travel well, so they ditch it and use crème fraiche instead and they’re madly putting the final touches on.  The blue team are putting everything together, but Reynold isn’t too sure about how the stands will look and George tells him he’s running around like a headless chook and to do a line up…gee good thing that Reynold realises what he’s going on about.

Service starts and the blue team have almost all their stands done…red team don’t quite have that many stands done…and we go to another damn ad break.

The blue team takes their stand to the judges and Darren is excited to try it.  They’ve got a chocolate mousse “popsicle” with popping candy and the first comment is about how soft it is.  Bernard thinks it is simple but perfect.

Then a raspberry profiterole with white chocolate glaze and Christina and Kirsten think it is good.

Next is strawberry shortcake and Matt loves the biscuit.

Then coconut and lime curd jar with tapioca, Darren likes all the flavours and thinks it is really fun.

Last up is the hazelnut praline tart and they’re not overly keen on it, or the pastry in particular.

There are 8 minutes left in service and red are still putting dishes on plates and stands…they’re not overly rushing things, but they finally get them done.  The red team takes their stand to the judges.  First up is blackberry verrine, which looks quite nice in a tube.  Then passionfruit curd meringue…which of course has no meringue which Gary asks about, Christina quite likes the texture of the curd.  Then chocolate tiramisu crumble and Matt quite enjoys it and thinks it is cute.  Then spiced carrot and orange cake, which is rubbery and dense and chewy.  Then rosemary shortbread with goat’s cheese curd and Christina likes that as does Matt.

Straight out Matt says one team blitzed it in the tasting and it wasn’t a close call today and announces the blue team as the winners and they look shocked.  So it means that Rose, Sara, Matthew, Jessie and Billie are through to elimination and of course Billie has her immunity pin if she chooses to use it.

Oh and we find out that the eliminated contestants are back…with a twist, of course there’s a twist.


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