Masterchef…elimination challenge Guillaume Brahimi

We have Georgia, Amy and Stephen up for elimination with Guillaume Brahimi and he tells them if they follow the recipe step by step they should be fine…emphasising the word should.

The recipe is his jewel of the sea and it looks amazing, there are no other words.

The base is sea urchin and of course none of them have opened one up before.  There is plenty of seafood in there, even squid that resembles pasta and I’m in awe, plus there is a custard at the base of it.  It seriously looks phenomenal and they get 2½ hours to cook it.

They get started with lobster stock and Georgia makes a good start, but Amy isn’t, the poor love has already burnt the lobster stock and Guillaume tells her to be careful because of burnt flavours through it…oh honey.  She’s stressing out and Guillaume and George tell her to move on as she’s saved it and put it in another pot.

Then Georgia is onto the tapioca discs which are deep fried tapioca which has squid ink in it.  Then there’s a corn puree that’s used in the corn custard.  Next is using the squid to make the “pasta” which gets frozen so it can be cut really fine.

Next they’re onto the sea urchin and a huge glove is required along with a pair of scissors and a massive knife and it has to be done perfectly because one is used as the bowl for the dish and Georgia thinks it is rather gross and smells rather shocking.  But she can’t find the tongues that Guillaume is talking about, then thankfully he and Gary help her find it and she needs tongues to make the butter and to put on the top of the dish.  Stephen thinks the sea urchin is like an alien, but he gets it open quite easily.  Now Amy’s into the sea urchin and she’s never cut it before either and she seems to be doing it quite well, but she only puts tongues aside for the butter, not the garnish.

Next is the sea urchin butter, which is simple compared to some of the elements…unless you’re Georgia who accidently puts the butter into the corn mix and not the sea urchin mix and doesn’t realise until she goes to finish the custard and then her hand goes straight to her mouth…oh dear, blonde moment!!!  Oh my god is about all she can say because she can’t put butter into the corn custard.  George and Guillaume come over and ask what she’s doing and she’s got a tiny bit of corn left in the pot and sieve and tell her to focus on using that as she’s not getting any more corn, it is a pressure test after all.

Stephen gets the custard made and has it in the oven and is the first one to do that.  Amy gets hers into the oven, who knows what Georgia is up to.

Then the lobster is cooked in the butter.  Oh Georgia is still doing the corn and she’s got enough puree to make ¼ of the recipe, so has enough to make one custard and is was behind Stephen and Guillaume says she only needs one custard and she’s stressing too much.

Oh dear, now we find out that Stephen didn’t put the squid into the freezer before…oopsy daisy.

20 minutes left and I’m not sure how the heck this will all play out.  Then Guillaume tells Stephen he won’t cook the lobster in time at the rate he’s going…heaven help the other two.

They start frying the tapioca discs and Georgia splatters hot oil towards Guillaume…oh gee she’s in a good way.  Then Amy’s lobster isn’t cooked…things are going all over the joint here.  At least Georgia has perfectly cut squid, we can’t say the same about Stephen.

Georgia starts plating up, which frying up the calamari “pasta” and then it is all frantic for everyone and thankfully Amy has well cooked pasta.  They’re all onto the sea urchin sauce and there are about 4 minutes to go but of course Stephen didn’t measure for the sauce and trusted his instincts, but has hardly any sauce…oh well.  Georgia’s adding lots of sauce and poor Stephen has hardly any…oh goodness this seriously can go any direction.

10 seconds to go and that’s when Amy realises she missed the three sea urchin tongues for on the top of the dish…oh honey.

Thankfully time is up and it’s a miracle any of them are standing right now.  Georgia thinks she’s going home, Amy’s stressing about the three sea urchin tongues and Stephen’s worried about the sauce.  Too late now.

Georgia is up first for tasting and she turns on the tears which breaks Guillaume as his dish isn’t made for that…oh bless him.  He says he’s impressed with her commitment, but wishes she would stop crying.  They’re not happy with how flat it looks though…oh dear.  Gary enjoys the sauce and the calamari.  Guillaume thinks it is bloody delicious and well balanced.  George thinks she’s put up a really tasty dish and pulled the cat out of the bag.

Stephen is up next and he’s worried about the sauce and the squid.  George thinks he’s done well, Guillaume thinks the squid is too think and there’s no sauce in it.  Gary thinks it’s not delicate and is just seafood jammed into a shell.

Amy is up last and is still stressing about the sea urchin tongues on the top of the dish.  Guillaume thinks it looks lovely, except for the lack of sea urchin tongues and Gary’s not happy about that either.  They love her custard and think the dish was pretty good.

I’m honestly not sure who will be going home.

Decision time…well Guillaume was blown away with what they achieved and that they all took the challenge with the dish.  Matt tells them what they all did well, then what they all didn’t do well…then the big, long pause before the decision and says “the French love their sauces almost as much as they love their grandmothers and Stephen that is the reason why you are going home”…ohhhh poor bugger.  Georgia looks like she could be knocked over with a feather.

Bless Stephen for apologising to Guillaume for not doing his dish justice…honey, honey, honey, you’re a tad too sweet.  Gee there’s not many men left in the show now…only two of them Reynold and Matthew and 8 women are left!!

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