Masterchef…Heston’s invention test!!!

Now I’m just putting it out there, I adore Heston!!!  Rose’s fangirling of the series so far would be nowhere near what I would be like if Heston stepped in front of me!!!  Just putting it out there for you in advance.

They all walk into the kitchen and Gary says that by the end of this week the top 10 will be decided…which is a great thing.  Then he says it is only going to get tougher from here, but this day will be a day they will all remember for the rest of their lives.  Matt says they’ve found a Melbourne chef that will push them and only a few chefs can be classed as an immortal and the one about to walk through the door is one of them…then he says about an edible house and egg and bacon ice cream and they’re all freaking out.  Honestly I wouldn’t be able to control myself…he walked into a rock star welcome.  Then Reynold gets asked how he is and says he is speechless but can’t stop talking and poor Matthew is in complete shock.

So the mystery box has been inspired by Heston’s love of history and is based on Australian history and has been hunted and foraged in Australia for thousands of years and feature in Australia’s first ever cookbook that was published 150 years ago.  In the box there is a heap of stuff that most of them aren’t sure about.  There are finger limes, macadamia nuts, lemon myrtle, quandongs, warrigal greens, bush tomato, wallaby and emu.

They only have to use one of the items in their dish and only three dishes will be tasted.

Heston goes to Sara who’s all over the joint and thankfully they give her some advice on cooking the meat.  Then he goes over to Reynold and George can’t believe he’s not cooking a dessert and Heston checks his wallaby meat.  Then he goes over to Billie who’s making a heap of things and Heston says it is a triangle of desserts and tells her the more she does mean the more chances there are for things to go wrong…oh dear, not great hearing that right before an ad break.  Then he goes over to Matthew who’s doing a parfait and Heston thinks it is ambitious.  Time is almost up and Heston just happens to be at Matthew’s bench as he gets the parfait out of the mould…the first one is all runny…oh dear, good thing there’s a second one…and we’re off to another ad break…thankfully it came out quite well and there’s a minute for him to add the meringue to it.

Time is up…tasting time.  First up is Reynold with wallaby with macadamia puree, warrigal greens and quandongs and Heston thinks it is well balanced.

Next is Sara who is slightly shocked.  She’s made lemon myrtle infused emu with sweet and sour bush tomato sauce and Heston thinks it is beautiful.

Then they taste Billie’s dish, macadamia syrup cake with caramel macadamia parfait.  Heston says it could have ended up like a train wreck, but it works and thinks it is a great dish.

Heston chooses that the winner is…Sara and she’s more shocked, poor love!!

The invention test is inspired by Heston, under the first cloche is espresso martini, the next is bloody Mary and the last is whisky sour, which she guessed.  They have to use the flavour found in the dish to make a dish and Sara’s now completely freaking out.

Then Heston shows something amazing…he adds something to a bottle and they all go “whoa” and we’re off to another damn ad break.  Ohhhh he’s turning liquid into solid, what the fark????  Please explain???????????  Then he says it is what he wants them to do and they’re all confused no end.

Sara tells them the choices and Jessica is beside herself…she chose whiskey sour.  Gary says they need to use the flavours of the drink to create a dish of their choice and poor Georgia is terrified.  Top three are in the immunity challenge, bottom three are into the pressure test…yeah we know…just start cooking.  Now poor Ashleigh is stressing, but is thinking of doing a trifle…strangely enough Heston was talking trifle to the judges just before.  Matthew and Rose also haven’t had a whiskey sour before…I’m feeling what they’re feeling.

Gary and Heston go to Georgia and they think she’s playing it way too safe compared to normal and Gary’s worried about that.

Heston says savoury would be a real risk…then we see Stephen doing fish and Heston goes over to him.  He wants to do a whiskey cured barramundi and Gary and Heston don’t know if it will work.

Sara’s decided to make whisky sour tart shots…and she’s all overwhelmed with pressure and is stressing because she’s buggered up the meringue and realises she picked based on the drink, not on the ingredients.

Heston and Matt go over to Amy and think she’s not being inventive…oh honey, it is an invention test.

Matt and Heston go over to Georgia and Matt goes on about her not being inventive today when normally she’s very inventive.

Matthew is using orange jelly as a pasta…um okay, that’s inventive, I’ll give him that.

Jessica is doing quail…different.

Ashleigh is still all over the joint as she doesn’t drink and it basing it all on instinct about flavours, oh bless you honey.

Now Amy decides to make a caramel dome to sit on the tart and then whiskey cherries to go on top of the caramel dome.

Matthew’s got his fish in the oven and is cooking cavalo nero, but the acidity he’s added have made it really tough and Heston’s not keen on it, so he decides not to use it.

Poor Sara is in all sorts of pain, the biscuit base is frozen, the jelly isn’t set properly and the meringue was over whipped and now she’s all teary as there’s 10 minutes to go and there’s nothing she can put on the plate…poor darling.

Now Georgia’s all teary about her jelly not being fully set…oh honey.

Thankfully time is up as there’s a lot of teary emotional contestants in the kitchen.  Amy’s dome didn’t work, Matthew forgot the lemons and Sara sits on the floor crying then walks out of the kitchen in tears and George follows her and he’s happy that she’s emotional about her food because it shows how much she cares…oh Georgie Boy how I adore you!!!

Tasting time…Georgia is up first and is devastated, poor darling…oh heck the jelly has completely gone runny and we go to an ad break.  When they comment she’s got tears running down her face, oh honey you need Heston to give you a hug.

Next is Matthew with whisky sour ravioli and Heston says there’s an excitement to the dish and he can see the connection to the drink.

Then it’s Amy’s turn with deconstructed lemon curd tart.  I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look overly inventive to me.  Heston thinks it’s not sour enough and it doesn’t connect to whisky sour and George can’t find the whisky and the poor honey is crying because they know the cherries are still on the bench.

Up next is Jessica with whisky and bitters marinated quail with a ginger and lemon foam.  Heston loves the spice mix on the quail and thinks the quail is great.  Gary thinks the connections to the drink are strong and loves it.

Next up is Stephen with pan fried barramundi with whisky sauce…and then he gets asked where the whisky sour is and he mentions that he forgot to put the lemon segments on the plate.  Heston gets no connection to whisky sour…oh dear.

Then it is Ashleigh’s turn who made whisky sour trifle with apricots and rosemary and she straight up says that she doesn’t drink.  Heston loves it because it is utterly delicious, it is complex, satisfying and ballsy.  Darling you need to be jumping up and down right now, especially after he says they would have struggled to produce something as good as that.

Now it is Sara’s turn and she’s stressing and saying “I’m sorry” over and over and we’re off to another damn ad.  She says she’s embarrassed and Heston said there’s nothing to be embarrassed about as it was a proper challenge and that at least she put something up as he thought she probably wouldn’t at one stage.  Oh darling, you need a hug as well.

Next is Rose with lemon and whisky jelly with orange mousse and Heston thinks that she nailed it and you could knock Rose over with a feather she’s in that much shock.  Matt loves it.  Heston says it is happily ever after and George says he can guarantee she won’t be in the bottom three.

Righty-o decision time…after all the emotion we’ve already seen…and we didn’t see all the dishes I don’t remember seeing Reynold’s.

So the top three are Ashleigh, Rose and Matthew.  Pretty impressive from one who doesn’t like whisky, one that’s never had a whisky sour and one that doesn’t drink…ohhhh I love it.

Now the bottom three…Stephen, Georgia and Amy.  Sara’s all teary and now feels guilty, oh honey, honey, honey go and hug Heston, it will make you feel better.


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