Masterchef…power week elimination

So we have Georgia, John, Stephen, Matthew, Rose and Sara up for elimination and Ashleigh has the power apron.

There’s six contestants and only five chairs…Ashleigh has the power to save one of the contestants from elimination and the poor love gets teary straight away and Rose tells her that it’s all okay.  I’ll tell you she better not save John!!!  Thankfully she saves Stephen because he’s had a rough time lately on the show, oh bless her, honestly if it had of been John I would have turned the episode off.

So there are two rounds…round 1 is a taste test.  They all get an identical dish and they have to identify as many ingredients as possible.  In round 2 they only get to cook with the ingredients they identified correctly in round one and they have three minutes to taste and memorise ingredients, then two minutes to write them all down…oh but they’ll be blindfolded as well…I love it!!!

Georgia’s freaking out…then Gary says there’s 29 ingredients and then Matthew realised the ingredients are all rather separate on the plate.  Then John thinks they’re tasting his favourite dish…oh heck, I’m not keen on him doing well in this after yesterday…it will be history repeating if he does well.

Time for eating is up and it’s time to write, the judges cover the dishes and they get to start writing.  Oh look John is struggling to write anything down, not bad for someone who was rather cocky a minute ago.  Mind you when asked if they knew what the dish was he was right.

They all got shitake mushroom right, as well as rice and egg.  4 said garlic, 4 said sesame seeds, 3 said nori, they didn’t all say beef…oh it was John and Sara!!!  Some said sesame oil, pepper, cucumber, carrot, daikon, peanut oil, sugar…oh dear John forgot salt.  There was also kimchi, ginger, bean sprouts, soya sauce, chilli paste, spinach, zucchini, apple cider vinegar…but nobody got pickled daikon, dried anchovies, garlic chives, fern or fish sauce.

One person got 16 ingredients…Sara, who is shocked by that.  Georgia got 15, Matthew got 13, Rose got 11 and poor old John got 10 and has all the usual excuses.  They can cook what they like and the pantry and garden are out of bounds and they’ve got 60 minutes using what is on their bench.

John has cucumber, nori sheets, chilli paste, mushrooms, rice, garlic, ginger, peanut oil, egg and soya sauce…at least I think it is that.  Well that makes things hard.  Georgia’s doing a beef dish, Sara is doing a kimchi vegetarian soup, Rose wants to do a beef broth and Matthew is nervous because of the Korean ingredients and doesn’t feel great but decides on a beef dish.  15 minutes in and John still doesn’t know what to make, he wanted to do a Filipino dish, but realises he can’t…then decides on risotto, the Masterchef death dish!!!  But he doesn’t have anything to provide creaminess in the dish…and of course the judges are worried.

Gary and George go over to Georgia and tell her that the utensil the shredded the carrot with is useless as it bruises the vegetable and she juliennes it herself to make it better.  They go to Rose and talk about her adding the broth over the rice and it turning to muck, so she changes things up.  Oh my goodness gracious me, John is adding mayo to his risotto to add the creaminess…guess what he realises pretty quickly it is a disaster!!!  George simple says “oh God!”  Then John starts again with 30 minutes to go.  The judges go to Matthew and give him advice, but he’s still stressing.

John is now making goodness knows what with as many elements as he can and now starts making an egg custard as part of the dish…what the???

Then Georgia sets a huge fire in a pan when she adds apple cider vinegar to a hot pan and starts screaming and sets off fire alarms and it’s off to another ad break…oh the poor love she’s freaking out completely.  Oh there goes the vinaigrette and she decides to make a mayo.

The judges are talking…Matt’s worried about Rose and George isn’t sure how Matthew is going to put his dish together and Matt’s really confused about John’s dish because of all the elements he’s done.  God love Matt who tells John that there’s a lot of his bench and some looks really great and some looks terrible and they only want to see what is great!!!  Matt Preston never have truer words been said in that kitchen!!!  Then he tells Matthew he has to be Robbie Williams, because he’s doing it for the kids…oh dear, bad dad joke time.  Now Rose can’t get the egg shell off her egg and it’s all weird, honestly what’s going on here??  Then she decides to fry an egg, but breaks the yolk, oh goodness gracious me.

Thankfully time is up!!!

Tasting time…up first is Georgia with beef tataki with gochujang aioli and pickled vegetables.  She used 14 of her 15 ingredients as at the last second she left the bean sprouts off the dish.  Matt says it looks spectacular.  Gary and George love the dish and think it is delicious.

Next up is Rose with her damaged egg, which George mentions straight up and off to another ad break…but she made beef and mushroom broth with vegetables.  They like the broth and it makes George feel warm and fuzzy…oh how cute!!!

Next is Matthew with sesame tataki beef with toasted rice and kimchi salad and Matt says that he’s improved the most, but the last few cooks he’s been going backwards and Matthew says it’s all about his family, but he wants to stay in the kitchen…anyhow time to taste.  Matt thinks it is a great combination of flavours, but is concerned about the omelette.

Next is Sara with kimchi soup with soft boiled egg and vegetable “noodles”…and of course the egg is soft and the judges are super happy with it and they love that the vegetables are in different shapes.

Last one in is John with Korean rice ball with stir fry, egg custard and garlic aioli.  Gary asks if there was anything else he could get on the plate.  Matt likes the crunchy rice balls with the spicy cucumber and doesn’t get why there is egg custard or mayo on the plate.

Gary says it is the two boys at the bottom of the pile…oh dear.

Back in the kitchen the girls are saved straight up…thankfully it is John going home because of the excess of elements on the plate.

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