Masterchef…power apron week team challenge

So they’re in a cool, trendy laneway in Melbourne…well that’s Georgia’s take on where they are for the team challenge.  There’s two restaurants involved, Saigon Sally and Tokyo Tina, and two cuisines, Vietnamese and Japanese and it’s the first time they’re in proper restaurant kitchens.

Billie has the responsibility of being a captain as she has the power apron and she chooses which restaurant her team cooks in and she gets to choose her own team…gee impressive powers for her.  She’s the red team and chooses Saigon Sally as Vietnamese is more suited to her cooking.  Then she chooses Jessie, Amy, Jessica, Reynold and Ashleigh.  The other restaurant and blue team is Stephen, Georgia, Matthew, John, Sara and Rose at Tokyo Tina.

They get 2½ hours for prep and 90 minutes for service and they’ll be judged on the quality of the food and how they work in the kitchen.  They’ll cook for 50 and they must do 2 desserts and decide how many savoury dishes to do that reflect the restaurant and cuisine they’re cooking.  The losing team goes to elimination and the best performer on the winning team gets the power apron.

The blue team has John for their captain and the others are stressing as he wants six dishes and there’s only six of them, the others think it is too much.  The red team is going two mains and two desserts and sent the dessert people off before they even talk about the mains, which I like.

Poor Georgia is more stressed than anyone else as she’s doing 2 of the 6 dishes…oh honey I’m feeling for you.  The red team look so much more comfortable than the blue team and a lot less stressed, which they should as they’re the team that Billie chose.

Now the blue team notice that John is making a dessert and Sara’s not happy as she says the captain shouldn’t be doing a dessert.  George and Gary go and ask about the menu and Gary asks if they’ll be ready to serve and have the bitten off more than they can chew and the others are all telling John to drop the tuna dish as they’re freaking out, but he’s not making any decisions in a hurry…honestly mate step up to it.  Then he decides to keep doing the tuna, he believes in them, gee they don’t think they can mate!!!

Gary and George go to the red kitchen and George is worried that there’s only two savoury dishes on offer and they’re both white meat as they’re chicken and pork, he’s worried there’s not enough variety and they may need another dish and they’ve still got an hour to go and poor Billie is stressing even though she knows the judges are right.  So they decide on a prawn dish.

Back in the blue kitchen for Georgia is going nowhere fast on her to do list, she’s got so much to do and nobody helping her.  She’s freaking out and finally John realises how much she’s freaking out, honestly this guy frustrates me no end.  She starts to have a meltdown and has a teary in the kitchen and says she is drowning, god bless Matthew for helping to calm her down…can’t say much about the captain and then Matthew gets Stephen to go and help Georgia, oh bless him.

Oh and the first customers have arrived and there’s less than 15 minutes to service.

Thankfully Billie was delegating dishes and she gets Ashleigh to help with the prawns before service starts…oh dear service starts and we’re off to an ad break.  Oh that’s right, it went to an ad because Georgia’s still freaking out.  Then George gives the first order to John.  John is just saying order after order after order but no food is going out.  Then we finally see some food going out.  Oh dear, then a dish comes back and the eggplant isn’t cooked through.

Tasting time…first is the tuna tartare with honey wasabi emulsion.  Gary says it’s great and Matt loves the emulsion.  Then they try the seared scallops with watercress and horseradish mayonnaise and Gary thinks it is yummy and George thinks the scallops are great.  Next is yakitori chicken with cabbage salad and sesame dressing, but they think there isn’t enough stickiness on the chicken, but like it.  Next is miso glazed eggplant with mushroom stir-fry and tofu…oh dear George thinks the eggplant isn’t cooked enough.

In the red kitchen there are a mass or orders straight up and Billie seems to be doing a great job being in control of the kitchen.

Tasting time and the judges say how generous the dishes look and how great they look for sharing…up first is Vietnamese coleslaw with coconut poached chicken and they all love it.

Next is glazed pork belly with herb salad and chilli mayo.  Matt loves every bit of it with the crunchiness of the salad and the great pork.

Next is the chargrilled prawns and a mint salad and Gary loves the idea and description of it but thinks it is missing a crunch and that it was a bit of a letdown.

Desserts are almost ready…but poor Reynold has buggered up the first batch of honeycomb and has to make a second lot with less than 10 minutes to go, and has to do it as it is on the menu…oh and it’s ad break time again!!!  Over in the blue kitchen they’re ordering desserts and none are ready, partly because John’s been on the pass instead of making his dessert…oh dear, never would of guessed that would happen, oh wait the rest of the team did!!  Then he goes off looking for white chocolate to incorporate into the mousse and he can’t find it…oh heck!!!  There isn’t any and he didn’t check before deciding on the menu…seriously hasn’t he stuffed up like this before.  Then it gets worse, the profiteroles are burnt.

Back in the red kitchen the second honeycomb is burnt…oh dear!!  They decide to put some of the crumble from the other dessert.  At least they’re serving dessert now.

Tasting time…lime ice cream sundae.  Matt says it looks good, but Gary asks where the honeycomb is, however they do think it is a delicious dish.

Next is coconut tapioca with coconut crumble and they notice the crumble is the same on both dishes, Gary loves the dish, except that it’s the same crumble.  Matt loves the dish and thinks it fits in with the theme of the restaurant.

Back in the blue kitchen there’s saga upon saga and they’re still going on with desserts and Rose is stressing and frustrated because of John’s white chocolate saga.

Tasting time for the blue desserts…choux puff with green tea mousse.  Matt asks where the flavour is and where the white chocolate stickiness is…he needs to ask John I think.  Poor Georgia is still stressing about the apple crumble and hates it, oh bless her.  They taste the Japanese nashi pear and apple crumble, George thinks the sesame seed says it’s Japanese but the rest doesn’t and Matt says it is a missed opportunity.

Decision time…Matt says there was a long wait for desserts and they weren’t worth the wait.  Then he says the red team’s mains were delicious and then asks about the honeycomb and says that it let down the dessert not having it on the plate, but the desserts were delicious and the red team win and John takes responsibility for the blue team’s loss…strange about that!!!  The power apron goes to Ashleigh because of how well she did in the kitchen.


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