Masterchef…power apron week immunity pin challenge

So the winner of this episode is guaranteed the immunity pin and the power apron…a nice thing to look forward to I think.  We have Reynold, Billie, Sara and Jessie and George shows them the pin straight off the bat so they can admire it.  Then Matt tells them there is no top chef to go against, but it will be a duel, with three rounds, rounds one and two are two contestants going against each other and the winners go against each other in round three.

The protein choices are goat, pork, pipis, flathead, beef and chicken and the cuisine choices are U.K., Lebanon, France, U.S.A, India and China.  Oh and there’s an open pantry of course.

As Reynold has the power apron he gets to decide, protein, cuisine and who he cooks against.  He chooses Jessie, French food and Jessie’s not overly happy about that because she’s not a huge French food fan and then he chooses pipis for the protein, which confuses Shannon no end.  They have 30 minutes to cook.

5 minutes in and Jessie is still in the pantry, no rush love….get a move on hon.

10 minutes in, 20 minutes to go and Reynold has already cooked his pipis…ummmmm okay I’m confused.  Gary and George go to Reynold’s bench and confuse and worry him as he’s cut the pipis off the shell and cut off their stomach and they look so tiny sitting on some paper towel.

Time is up all rather quickly and they both have very pretty looking plates.  Reynold is up first with steamed pipis with butter emulsion and herbs.  Gary and George think it is a very safe dish, but Gary says the pipis are rubbery.  Shannon also thinks it is a very small dish.  Then Jessie is up with tarragon and dill nage with pipis and cauliflower and Gary thinks it looks gorgeous.

George likes the flavour and Gary loves the balance and says the pipis are cooked beautifully…oh Reynold that’s not good for you.  Shannon says he would put the dish on any brasserie or bistro menu and Jessie’s a tad excited, god bless her.  So the winner has to be Jessie, if it isn’t I’ll be shocked.  Oh look it’s Jessie.

So round two…Sara against Billie.  The cuisine and protein is decided on a coin toss.  Sara chooses heads, but it’s tails and Billie’s choice.  She chooses cuisine and chooses U.K. and Sara chooses flathead as the protein.  30 minutes to cook.

Sara fillets the fish really well and uses an apple corer to cut out bits of potato and Billie’s doing a version of fish and chips with various types of potatoes and then decides to make a mayo and runs into the pantry to get oil while whisking the egg yolks, but it’s not getting thick and she’s looks rather manic while Sara is all calm.

Sara’s worried about running out of time so with 10 minutes to go she’s got the fish in the pan, which worries George, but she’s also still got a full basket of food on her bench.  30 seconds to go and Sara runs back to the pantry for a lemon and gets back with 10 seconds to go to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on the plate.

Tasting time and Sara’s up first with butter and herb fried flathead with pan fried potatoes.  Shannon likes the potatoes, but not the fish, same with Matt.  Billie goes up with her dish, fried flathead with potato three ways.  Gary likes the dish, but isn’t keen on the mayo and neither is George.

The judges go off to talk leaving the two girls stressing and of course we go to an ad break when George says he knows which dish he would like to eat again…surprise, surprise.  Billie makes it through because of her well cooked fish.

Time for round three the immunity pin will go to either Billie or Jessie.  The coin toss is back in play for cuisine and protein choices.  Billie chooses tails and it is tails.  She chooses Chinese cuisine and Jessie is rather excited.  Then Jessie chooses chicken.  They get 60 minutes to cook this time and it’s a blind tasting so Gary, George and Matt leave the room.

Billie’s doing chicken with an orange glaze and is twice cooking the chicken, in the pressure cooker then in the oven.  Jessie’s doing a roulade and gets the skin off the chicken in one piece and has stock going into the pressure cooker…and apparently it’s already 30 minutes down.  Gee that was quick.

Then Jessie starts making her fresh noodles…but they’re not going well to start with.  Then finally decides not to keep going with them.

Time is up rather quickly…tasting time and they try Jessie’s first, Hainanese chicken soup, and they think it looks nice.  George thinks it is a good dish and Gary and Matt both enjoy it, but Gary wishes the noodles were handmade.  Then they taste Billie’s dish, twice-cooked orange and cinnamon glazed chicken and of course Gary’s instantly wondering if the chicken is great or dry and overcooked and we go off to another ad break.  Matt simply says “Oh wow” and has a heap of beautiful adjectives about the dish and George loves every bit of the dish.

George then says it will be interesting because there is two good dishes…seriously it has to be Billie based on their initial reactions.

Scoring time…Gary gives Jessie 8/10, Matt gives her 8/10 and George gives her 8/10 giving her 24/30 and she’s feeling confident.

For Billie the scores are Matt 9/10, George 9/10 and Gary 9/10 giving her 27/30 along with the power apron and the immunity pin.  Shannon puts on the power apron for her and George gives her the immunity pin.

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