Masterchef…power apron roast pressure test elimination.

So it’s power apron week and pressure test elimination with Stephen, Matthew and Jamie.  But Reynold has the power apron and has some kind of power to change the game, not that we know what it is.

Then Matt tells us there is no chef coming in with a cloche and a spectacular dish, there is no recipe, they are left on their own…bugger that!!!  But they want a fine dining take on a roast, comfort but Mastercheffed up.

So we get told that Reynold gets to say what they cook and he decide roast chicken…sorry I can’t do a Maggie Beer and call it a chook.  They have two hours, have to do 3 individual plates and 3 sides and one of the sides must include potatoes.  Sounds easy enough.

Matthew decides to do a roulade with his chicken and do a chicken jus and his sides and it sounds quite nice.  Stephen gets straight onto his jus and Jamie gets onto his sides and wants to do a roast garlic bread sauce…ummm okay.  Stephen is putting a flavoured butter under his chicken skin, which sounds quite nice.

Gary and George go up to Jamie, but think his dish sounds rather old fashioned and not very exciting or Mastercheffy…oh mate!!  Then he decides to crumb and roll the chicken breast, let’s hope it’s exciting enough for the judges.

George and Garry go to Matthew and like what his potatoes sound like…he’s doing pommes dauphine.  Then they go to Stephen who is all confused about how he’s going to plate up his dish so Gary tells him to focus on that.

Matthew gets onto his potatoes and something’s not going right with it…oh dear!!!

15 minutes to go and Stephen’s got the chicken out of the oven and would you believe that it’s undercooked again, honestly mate you’re struggling with meat lately.  10 minutes to go and Matthew has the pommes dauphine sorted out and his chicken out of the sous vide machine.  Jamie’s got to put his chicken in the deep fryer because he’s running out of time.

Then of course there’s the usual madness and counting down the last few seconds.  Jamie’s stressing that his chicken is overcooked, too late mate, time’s up and you can’t turn back the clock.

Tasting time…up first is Jamie who’s still going on about the overcooked chicken.  He made parsley stuffed roulade with garlic bread sauce.  Well George’s chicken is overcooked and Matt’s not liking the potatoes.  Gary loves the sauce.

Next is Matthew with macadamia roulade with pumpkin puree and pommes dauphine.  George says the plate looks great, Gary thinks it’s a small serve based on looks, but then is very excited about the dish and Matt loves that it’s roast chicken that you can eat with a spoon and Gary’s overexcited about the sauce and the pommes dauphine.

Last up is Stephen with roast chicken with braised celery and fondant potatoes.  George says it’s not consistent as there’s bits of skin missing and Gary says it’s not crispy.  They’re not keen on the skin, but think the chicken is well cooked and they love the braised celery and Matt’s not keen on the sauce.

Straight up the judges are telling each other that Matthew’s safe, but they’re not sure about who’s out.  Matt and Gary think opposite and George…well we’re off to an ad break.  We come back and they tell Matthew he’s safe, well we knew that, just because he didn’t know, that’s beside the point, get on with telling us who is going home.  George waffles on then says that Matt preferred Jamie’s dish and Gary preferred Stephen’s dish and George preferred Stephen’s dish so Stephen is safe and Jamie is going home, all because of a bit of overcooked chicken.


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  1. Sehar A.
    Jun 16, 2015 @ 20:11:21

    LOVE masterchef! =D inspires me to come up with my own experiments. =]
    And please check out my blog with food-lover posts, which you may find interesting at =]


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