Masterchef…the Power Apron returns.

So straight up is the mystery box with granny smith apple, pecan nuts, blue cheese, honeycomb, star anise, figs, rosemary and kaiserfleisch bacon…oh and they have to use every ingredient in the box to create one dish.

Then Matt says they need to use all the ingredients because the power apron is back and it is power apron week!!!  But honestly how the hell do you put all those things into one dish???  So the winner of the mystery box gets the power apron and all of the powers that come with it, but like they’re going to tell us what they are.

60 minutes to cook using all of the ingredients along with some staples and they’re only tasting 3 dishes.  So Matthew’s going down the pasta line, Georgia’s doing some form of doughnuts and Jessica is doing a cheeseboard with a lot of elements, until she cuts herself quite badly…poor love.  Then it seems to be getting worse and worse and she’s getting rather pale, oh honey not the right day for this to happen.  Ashleigh’s doing a changed up apple crumble which sounds rather interesting.  Reynold’s doing a deconstructed cheese platter, gee I hope these cheese platter interpretations are rather interesting, because they’re not sounding so exciting.  Jessie is making a dessert for the first time and she’s busy cooking when Matt Preston pops his head in front of her and scares the life out of her, mind you apple caramel sounds rather interesting.  Poor Georgia is stressing about her oil taking forever to heat up and with only a few minutes to go it still isn’t hot enough, but she’s put the dough in the oil regardless.  Then poor Jessie has buggered up the apple caramel but uses it because she has no choice in the matter.  Amazingly Georgia got the honey puff things on the plate with a couple of seconds to go, but they look shocking, just putting it out there.

Tasting time…they decide to taste four dishes and not the three they said they would before the cook started.

Up first is Matthew with blue cheese tortellini with rosemary oil and grilled figs but he’s not happy with the figs.  Yet Gary says how great and soft the figs are straight up.  Matt says that the tortellini are made beautifully and the figs balanced the excess of blue cheese that’s in the tortellini.

Next up is Reynold with blue cheese figs and apples with honey rosemary ice cream and he wants to impress Gary more than anything because of how he’s done a deconstructed dish and thankfully Gary loves it as does Matt.

Up next is Ashleigh with apple and blue cheese terrine with honey rosemary semifredo.  Gary says it looks beautiful, but George says there’s too much sugar because of the added sugar and all the natural sugar in the dish.

Finally they taste…an ad break, and no I’m not surprised in the slightest.  But they taste Jessie’s dish which is blue cheese honey parfait with apple caramel and figs and she’s completely shocked.  All Gary can say is mmmmm and then he’s got a laugh and goes back for seconds “purely for professional reasons” and Matt’s only able to say “oh wow”.  They literally scrape the dish clean.  God bless it when Matt tells her not to go anywhere then says she’s won the power apron…not bad for her first dessert, which is rather sweet and savoury and very complex.

Off she goes to the pantry with Gary and George to find out the first power she has.  But there’s no core ingredients to choose from…mmmm.  So she can choose any ingredient from the pantry and she has to highlight it three ways in the dish.  But everyone else gets to pick their own core ingredient as well, then she runs out with a basket of food, says to the others “can’t talk, running”   and starts cooking and the others are still standing there and we go to another damn ad break.  The judges tell the others to sit down and relax, but don’t say anything else.

Jessie meanwhile has chosen beetroot as her core ingredient.  Then she lets us know she gets an extra 30 minutes to cook, while the others stand around waiting knowing nothing.

Finally the judges talk…they’re after dish of the day for the power apron and three others to go into the immunity challenge and one will get a guaranteed immunity pin and take over the power apron and bottom three are into the pressure test.  Then they finally tell them that they’re choosing their own core ingredient and they have to show it three ways on the one plate and they have 60 minutes to cook and there’s a mad rush.

For core ingredients Matthew’s doing duck, Georgia’s doing lemon, Stephen’s doing onions, Reynold’s doing chocolate, Sara is doing cauliflower, Jamie’s doing quail, Amy’s doing duck and Billie’s done fennel.

Tasting time…Jessie is up first with beetroot three ways with pan seared duck and jus.  Gary thinks it looks fantastic and Matt loves the glaze on the beetroot and the freshness of the blackberries, Gary loves the sauce.

Up next is Matthew with duck next sausage with duck breast and confit leg and he straight up says he isn’t happy and Matt says the plating isn’t spectacular…poor bugger.  George says there’s some things that are okay, but let’s say that the confit isn’t one of those good things.

Next is Sara with spiced lamb with cauliflower three ways and Gary loves all the flavour in it and Matt says it all goes together.

Then Ashleigh with her strawberries dish and she hasn’t overdosed it in sugar.

Rose did beetroot, but has overcooked duck on it.

John did apples, but it has things missing.

Jessica did cauliflower, but George says it could have tasted better.

Stephen is up with roast beef with onion three ways and he says he’s devastated and embarrassed about the dish and he cut through the grain and put the gristly bit on the plate…oh holy heck, the poor bugger.  Better get your black outfit ready mate.

Then Georgia with lemon zucchini cake with lemon sorbet and lemon syrup and she’s stressing about the sorbet not being set.  Gary loves the cake, as does Matt, but of course there’s the dodgy sorbet.

Next is Billie with fennel sorbet with fennel cream and roasted fennel.  Matt loves it and thinks it is exciting.  George is proud because it is interesting and creative and pushing the boundaries.

Then it is Amy’s turn and she’s stressing because she only put the main ingredient on the plate two ways and not three because she left the crackling off the plate and she’s teary in front of the judges and of course we’re off to an ad break, like that was a surprise.  She’s made duck neck sausage with cashew cream and duck jus.  Poor love.

Next is Jamie with quail ballotine with quail mousse and ginger sauce and he’s worried about the sauce.  Gary likes the ballotine, but doesn’t think the sauce counts as being quail and neither does George.

Last up is Reynold with chocolate log with raspberry and chocolate soil and Matt thinks it looks rather interesting and of course the log cracks and raspberry oozes out everywhere and George says it is unbelievable and Matt says it is three stairways to heaven and Gary can’t stop smiling.

Decision time…finally…it seems to have taken forever.  So Matt calls the top four who are up for the guaranteed immunity pin.  Reynold…of course, Billie, Sara who is in complete shock bless her and Jessie, which we were all hoping for given her advantage.  The power apron goes to Reynold, which is well deserved.

The bottom three are Matthew, Stephen and then it is out of Jamie and Amy.  Then after dragging it out the final place in the bottom three goes to Jamie.

Oh dear lord George brings out the line “with great power comes great responsibility” as Reynold has a power in the elimination…but of course we don’t get told what it is.


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  1. Annette Ford
    Jun 15, 2015 @ 16:32:21

    Please can a recipe for Georgia’s GF and Dairy Free Lemon Zucchini Cake be published, i cant find a recipe.


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