Masterchef…mystery box elimination.

Yes you read right boys and girls.  We have an elimination that involves mystery boxes and it’s not Sunday, it’s Thursday.  Time to confuse us all as Gary says we’ve never seen black aprons and mystery boxes together on the show.

So we have Jacqui, Stephen, Jamie, Ashleigh, Georgia, Billie and Matthew.

In the mystery box there is scampi, Dijon mustard, mandarins, watercress, eggplant, horseradish, walnuts, lamb rack and dark chocolate.  Oh and there’s three rounds, but they only have the one mystery box and they can only use what is in the mystery box, if they use it, it doesn’t get replenished.  Oh but there are staples, except they aren’t getting replenished and only two people are safe after round 1.

Round 1 is 30 minutes long and they’re all being tasted.

Jacqui’s going chocolate up first, Georgia’s going scampi fritters, Stephen’s going lamb rack, Matthew’s doing scampi pasta, Ashleigh’s doing a chocolate mousse with mandarin elements but when asked by Gary what she’s making she says “I think I’m making a mistake” oh honey…good thing they went to an ad break.

Tasting time…Matthew’s up first with creamy scampi pasta and Gary loves the scampi and loves the pasta, Matt thinks the pasta is amazingly good given it was a 30 minute challenge.

Then it’s Georgia with scampi fritters with horseradish mayonnaise.  Matt and Gary love them because of how much scampi is in them.

Then Stephen with lamb rack with eggplant and mandarin puree…but it’s a bit mooey according to Gary, otherwise known as slightly under.  Ashleigh made chocolate mandarin mousse, but it is rather dense.  Billie made scampi with mandarin vinaigrette, it’s lovely but we never saw her cook at all.  Jamie made butter cake with mandarin curd and chocolate ganache and apparently it wasn’t the best of dishes.  Then Jacqui with chocolate fondant and caramelised walnuts oh and there’s gooeyness when they cut it open and Gary says she’s been very clever with how she cooked.

Decision time…they all agreed on Georgia being safe.  The second safe person is out of Jacqui and Matthew and they choose…an ad break, yes I should have guessed that.  Finally we get told it’s Matthew because of the perfect pasta.  They’re off upstairs.

Time for round 2…Stephen’s going scampi, Billie’s doing ice-cream sandwiches…yep ice-cream and biscuits in 30 minutes.  Jamie’s doing scampi and Jacqui’s doing soufflé…holy shite!!!  Ashleigh’s going lamb cutlets.

Tasting time…Jacqui is up first but while she’s walking the soufflé is sinking…and off we go to an ad break…so apparently it is eggy and majorly flawed, but the ganache and biscuits are really good.  Next up is Billie ice cream sandwiches with walnut shortbread and they enjoyed it.

Jamie made scampi with crustacean reduction and walnut crumb and it apparently the best dish he’s put up.

Stephen made griddled scampi and mandarin buerre blanc, oh dear, the sauce is custard like and not really what they were expecting.  Next is Ashleigh with lamb cutlets with an eggplant mandarin crumb, George says she has to lift as her negativity is coming across in her food, time to lift your game honey.

Decision time…Jamie is safe as is Billie.

Onto round three and we have Stephen, Ashleigh and Jacqui.  Ashleigh is inspired for a change and is doing a mandarin crème brulee.  Jacqui is doing an open lasagne with scampi.  Stephen is doing a dessert as she’s really only got chocolate and mandarin left, so he’s doing a chocolate mousse and he’s a tad worried.  The judges are happy with how Jacqui is going and then they tell Stephen the quantities of the ingredients in his mousse are all out of whack…oh dear.  Then they notice that Ashleigh is back and confident.

Time is up…tasting time and we’re in the secret back room where they taste away from everyone else.  Up first is Ashleigh with mandarin crème brulee and Gary quite liked it and Matt thought it was beautiful and George thought it was very tasty.

Next is Jacqui with scampi lasagne, Gary thinks the scampi is brilliant but the pasta is too think, but Matt’s scampi is overcooked and mushy.

Last up is Stephen with his chocolate mousse and mandarin and the poor bugger gets teary talking to the judges…and yet another damn ad break.  Anyway the mousse must be nice as they’re all scraping the bowl, especially Matt who is extremely surprised and says he was ready to call Stephen a cab…gee not backwards in coming forwards.

Decision time…Ashleigh is safe as is Stephen and poor Jacqui is going home…to think she was almost through in round 1, that’s how close it was.  Oh and she’s now working at a café.

But in the meantime in the next episode is the power apron!!!!!  Bring it on!!!


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