Masterchef…Marcus Wareing pressure test elimination

Ashleigh, Anna and Billie are up for elimination and Ashleigh’s already got the guilts about it, Anna meanwhile is confident enough to leave her photos stuck up at the house.

Strange how everyone else is still at the house when they leave, yet they’re all in the kitchen when they arrive.

Then Gary starts off by saying they’re shocked to see these three in an elimination together as they’re three of the best cooks in the competition.  Does he realise what he just said???  It is a competition, one bad cook and you’re up for elimination, simple as that.

So the guest chef has a heap of titles that Matt rattles off and in walks Marcus Wareing to claps, cheers and whistles.  I think I’ve seen him on Masterchef before, but I wouldn’t know who he is.  Steven on the other hand is fangirling, unlike Rose who is quiet for a change, but he is from the area that Marcus is from.

Finally he lifts the cloche to show us the dish, I mean no need to rush and holy heck it looks a tad fancy and he says “the dish I want you to cook today is veal, my veal ”…holy heck, they’re in trouble.  There’s veal cooked in three different ways, the loin, rib and kidney, there’s black garlic on the plate, something with onion, a milk tuille and then there’s also the braising liquid used in the sauce.

They have 2½ hours to cook the dish…yep they’re definitely in trouble.  Oh it gets better, there are 13 elements in the dish and 26 steps and goodness knows how many pages in the recipe.

First up they’ve got a smoke gun out, yeah I would be in trouble.  So they’ve smoked the garlic and now they’re putting in on to confit.  Then the loin gets marinated in a red wine marinade.  Ashleigh is struggling with breaking down the loin.

Then they get onto the kidney, which is hidden under a massive layer of fat, but they need to keep the kidney whole so there’s brute strength involved as opposed to a knife.  The kidney goes into the fridge, then a piece of the fat gets cooked in the sous vide machine.  Anna’s struggling with the kidney.  Oh and the kidney fat cooks for 90 minutes and there’s only 90 minutes left and only Billie has her’s in cooking.  Anna’s battering the fat all over the joint and poor Marcus can hardly look at what she’s doing, he literally has his hands on his face and finally he steps in and talks to her.

Then they’re onto the braised and glazed ribs and they get into the pressure cooker quite easily.  Marcus is impressed with Billie, but says that Anna’s working with blinkers on and that Ashleigh is the one feeling the pressure the most, the poor thing is stressing because it’s a savoury dish.

Next up is the braised onions.  Marcus and George go over to Anna and Marcus tells her that if she gets through she should frame the recipe, it is seriously messy and not great looking.

Billie is now up to the tuille and they’re in the oven quite quickly for her…there’s 45 minutes to go and Anna’s now onto the tuille and her’s look rather bulky as opposed to delicate as they go into the oven.  Ashleigh starts having a teary and Marcus has a chat to her.

Billie’s flying ahead, the ribs are out of the pressure cooker, the sauce is on its way and the kidney is in the pan cooking.  Ashleigh is feeling better as she starts completing things, bless her.

Anna’s got the ribs out, but has forgotten to glaze them…oh dear, anything can happen now and there’s only 15 minutes left.

Now Anna’s only cooked the kidneys in the pan and not in the oven as well like Billie and Ashleigh have…honey, honey, honey it is time to focus!!

Billie’s done nectarine segments and is now onto the black garlic puree and Ashleigh’s onto the black garlic puree and Matt and Marcus are impressed with how she’s going so far.

Oh dear, Anna’s now realised she has raw kidney, strange what happens when you don’t follow the recipe, then again Ashleigh thinks her is raw too, but can remember how it looked on the original plate and put it back into the pan as well.  Oh dear, now Anna’s burnt her kidney…oops!!

Ashleigh’s onions have colour but she plates them anyway and Anna is stressing in the last few minutes but they all have a plate done when time is up and Ashleigh is stressing and Anna is disappointed and teary and realises she missed the step about glazing the kidney.  Gee talk about tears happening!!!

Tasting time and Billie is up first and she gets teary in front of the judges.  Matt says it looks fantastic.  Marcus says it is brilliant and beautifully balanced and he could eat another plate of it and she has an amazing future.

Next up is Anna who says it is one of the hardest days she’s ever had in her whole life.  Oh look she has four and a half degrees, which shocks George…mate good thing I never told you how many I have when I met you.  So the kidney is not only undercooked, it is raw…not a good sign.  But the loin is done well.

Last up is Ashleigh.  Gary says all the elements are there but it is a little clumsy.  Poor Matt has raw kidney, but he loves the sauce.  Marcus says how incredible it is that she has the full plate up and mentions all the great things.

Decision time…Marcus says that Billie’s dish could have been done by a professional chef and Matt says that she excelled.  So it’s down to Anna and Ashleigh, Matt says they both cooked the loin well and both undercooked the kidney and one overcooked the braise and failed to glaze it, so it is Anna going home.


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