Masterchef…Justine Schofield reinvention elimination

So the red team from the Mexican team challenge is into the elimination of Favourites Week and we get Justine Schofield back in the kitchen for this for a French based reinvention test as French food is her favourite food, the food she grew up on.  Oh but wait…there are knives to decide which dish, French classics on all of them.  The chosen knife is the dish they will all have to make.

No good that Matt pulls out two of the knives…no coq au vin or cassoulet to be made.  Poor Ava gets to choose and picks Duck A L’Orange…oh dear, there’s a few worried people there, including her and Georgia.  They get 90 minutes to cook and an open pantry and the worst dish is a pass out the door, out of the kitchen and off the show.

Georgia’s doing consommé.  Jessica meanwhile is going Asian flavours, as you do.  Jacqui’s doing Duck A L’Orange hot pot…sounds interesting, until Matt asks her about naming a dish that combines oranges and potatoes successfully, he has a point there.

Jessie’s slightly stressed about the French side of is, but is happy cooking duck.  Ava’s going on about a duck salad that has goat’s cheese and Justine is a tad unsure about her putting goat’s cheese in it.

Back to Georgia and her consommé is clear.  Ava’s still going on with her jus and the lack of orange taste going on in it.

Time is up and poor Georgia is stressing that her consommé tastes like lemon and the duck skin isn’t crispy…oh well, too late now.

Time to taste…Jessie is up first with pan seared duck with pumpkin puree and glazed carrots and George says it is a beautiful plate of food.  Gary had the duck and sauce and couldn’t find the orange…then had the puree and noticed it.

Next up is Jessica who’s having a stress attack, she made crispy duck breast with kimchi salad and orange sauce…because her pancake mixture didn’t work…and of course we go straight to an ad break, honey we know how horrible that normally ends up.  Then she starts having a teary.  Matt and Gary enjoy the dish and Justine loves the sauce.

Next is Jacqui with Duck a L’Orange hot pot.  Oh no…all the sauce has dried up, but at least George can smell orange.  Gary doesn’t like the dish, Matt’s still going on about the orange and potatoes.

John goes in and we don’t even get a whole conversation, let alone the name of the dish on the screen, but they all love it.  Same with a few of the others…rather disappointing as they’re the people we didn’t even see cooking, let alone see their food.

Now for Georgia and of course there’s a whole conversation with her duck, orange and fennel consommé.  Then she starts getting all teary, oh lord honestly I’m over all the tears.  Gary’s not enjoying the look of the duck with the layer of fat between it and the skin.  George thinks there’s too much lemon in the consommé, which is what Georgia thought.

Next up is Ava, who’s also having a stress attack.  She made warm duck salad with figs and goat’s cheese…but then George says “where’s the orange?” and we’re off to another ad break.  Apparently it is in the salad and in the sauce.  Gary enjoys the duck, but the rest has a lot of problems, bitter sauce and no orange flavour and Justin doesn’t like gravy with salad.

So the best ones were John, Jessie, Jessica and Steven.

Two however, says George weren’t great…naturally enough they are Ava and Jacqui and dear old Georgia is breathing a sigh of relief.  Matt says that Ava is going home because the taste of orange was practically non-existent and lots of people tear up, poor love I quite like her.  But she’s know working full time in a hotel kitchen.


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