Masterchef…Kylie Millar elimination pressure test

So we have Kristina, Rose and Ashleigh and honestly I’m over seeing Rose in elimination challenges…I know she says she’s disappointed with herself, but seriously love, cook well and you wouldn’t be in these situations.

We have Kylie Millar back in the Masterchef kitchen and I can honestly say I adore her, maybe it is because I’m apparently good at desserts…I don’t necessarily think so, but I have got banana bread in the oven right now and brownies ready to go in followed by apple turnovers and who knows what else.  But bring on Kylie, she’s a great former contestant, one of my favourites.

They’re making her “toffee apple”…um I’m with the contestants, it doesn’t look like any normal toffee apple that we’ve ever seen, but there’s lots of caramel and apple on the plate.  There’s two spheres and there’s a liquid centre in them and I could easily be drooling right now.  Then there’s salted caramel gelato, eggless meringues…say what???  How the hell do you do eggless meringues???  Just wondering.  Then to top it all off there’s an edible spoon made from sugar, oh dear god yes please I want it now!!!  Plus there’s caramelised white chocolate, holy hell mother of god I seriously want it!!

A mere 14 elements and 28 steps, holy heck!!!  So they’ve got 2½ hours to cook, then 5 minutes to plate up and present it to the judges.

Well Kristina has already buggered up her caramel and is onto take two of it.  Meanwhile Ashleigh is all confident as she wants to get into desserts.  Rose is in her frantic element as per usual, she just needs to take a breath already and her caramelised white chocolate looks rather dark and strange.

Poor Kristina has just been asked by Matt is she’s multi-tasking, but bless her she’s been doing one thing at a time, so she’s falling behind…oh honey, time to speed up.

Rose is all confused between whether she’s making spoons or shards, honey, honey, honey…focus!!!

Now Kylie is saying she’ll be surprised if they get all the elements done, just as Kristina gets the chocolate out of the microwave and it looks rather odd, but somehow it is okay as she is stirring it.  Then she gets George telling her he’s worried about and she needs to put her skates on, come on George, where’s a “boom, boom shake the room!!!”

Ashleigh’s gunning it with her spheres covered with glaze and Rose gets hers out to cover them with glaze, but her glaze is rather dark in colour, oh well too late to do anything about it now.  Kristina hasn’t even got the spheres made, but is doing the spoons and there’s only 10 minutes to go…oh darling focus on what needs to be done…she’s confused given all she has left to go, poor love.

Minutes to go and Rose starts running backwards and forwards and Kristina is shattered bless her, but Ashleigh is all excited.  Rose runs out of time for the edible spoon, Kristina…well we won’t go there…poor love has a teary, take a breath hon, you never know!!!

Up first is Ashleigh…and Kylie was impressed with her.  George loves the apple and Matt can tell what are the important parts of the dish and loves Ashleigh’s dish.

Up next is Rose…and Gary didn’t expect it at all, but of course they notice the spoon is missing.  Her caramel sauce is darker than Kylie’s but Gary loves it.  Plus Matt says that the big part is replication.

Righty-o time for Kristina.  Well it looks okay, there’s just a few bits missing off the plate/board/whatever the heck you want to call it.  Oh dear, they’re saying it’s too sweet, but Kylie thought her spoon was the best of the lot.

Decision time…Kristina is going home…sorry to say it wasn’t a huge surprise.  She’s now working as an apprentice chef at a Hobart restaurant.


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