Masterchef…Thai elimination

So the blue team from the bakery team challenge walk into the kitchen in black for elimination.  There are three rounds with a Thai theme and thankfully they have a mentor to help them, Benjamin Cooper, he walks in and Rose is fangirling, gee this woman fangirls over a lot of chefs that walk into the kitchen, she’s even going on about his hair and tells him how much she loves his Mohawk, honey, breath already!!

Each round they have to make one dish…round one is a mere 10 minutes and they’re tasting everyone’s dishes and the top three are safe, the rest are into round two.

Benjamin says scallops and eggs are good, so a heap of them grab scallops including dear old Rose who bless her drops a scallop on the floor as she’s plating it, so only gets one on the plate.

Anna made mussels in a coconut broth.  They all like it.

Ashleigh made crispy soft shell crab with herb salad and Gary says she’s brave.  They mostly like it.

Billie made seared scallops with pork larb which they enjoy.

Jamie made pan seared scallops with Thai dressing and they like that it has mandarin in it.

Up comes Rose with her single scallop…poor love…you know it’s out there when we go to an ad break!!!  But she made cucumber and papaya salad with a seared scallop and Benjamin seriously cuts the scallop into four and she does mention that she dropped a scallop.  Gary says it looks lovely, but needs more punchiness in the dressing.

Melita made seared scallops with Thai dressing and Gary quite enjoys it.

Jacqui made ceviche scallops with Thai dressing.  She says she’s out of her comfort zone.

Stephen made seared scallops with Thai dressing…gee this is sounding familiar.

Ava made cured scallops with herb salad.  She tells George how much she enjoyed the challenge and she’s doing George hands all over the joint and George is flabbergasted, then he eats the dish and almost chokes on chilli and we know how much George can’t handle chilli.

So the three safe people are…Anna, Billie and then it was between Ashleigh and Jamie…and the safe person is…Jamie.

Righty-o…round two…where they have a whole 20 minutes and Benjamin gives them a pep talk about confidence and losing their fear before they start, hope dear old Rose was listening.  Next thing you know she grabs a massive snapper, what the???  Then the judges stroll over to her bench to watch and they say nothing.

Stephen’s stressing and going all over the joint and Gary says as much to the poor bugger and he starts to focus.

Time is up…tasting time.

Stephen is up first with his absolutely gorgeous Thai prawn and coconut curry and the judges all love the prawn meat and Benjamin says “it is ballsy and I would be stoked sitting down to this with a beer”…oh bless him they go to chat about it straight away and then tell him to get upstairs.  Not bad for a bloke that was stressing out a few minutes earlier.

Rose is up next with chilli salt snapper on a betel leaf.  Benjamin says how she used the snapper was really clever.  Gary says it is missing something, Benjamin says it needed more chilli.

Jacqui made green mango salad with crispy whitebait…Matt’s got lots of nots for her.

Melita made pork mince curry on betel leaf, Gary’s not enjoying having greasy fingers.

Ashleigh made mussels in a coconut broth.

Ava made crunchy salad with coconut dressing and prawns and Benjamin smiles at her and they can all only moan and Gary grabs the bowl to scrape the last of the dressing out of it and Matt goes on about the grunt scale, 2 grunts is good, 3 is really good and 4 is pretty much exceptional and Benjamin gave her 4 grunts.

So Stephen we know is safe, so is Ava…well that wasn’t half expected given their reaction and Matt’s loving the attitude she’s showing in the kitchen.  Also safe is Ashleigh, well her dish was a fair bit better than the other three.

Into round three is Rose, Jacqui and Melita and Benjamin gives another pep talk.  They have 30 minutes this time.

Benjamin strolls around and gives all three girls extra chillies so they they’re more bold with their cooking and gives Melita a lovely smile and poor Georgie Boy looks worried because we know he’s not a chilli fan.

Jacqui’s stressing and Benjamin tells her to breathe…oh bless him.

Time is up and Melita realises there’s a lot of chicken left in the pot and stresses over how much actually made the plate…can’t do anything about that now love.

Into the tasting room we go and up first for tasting is Jacqui who is teary from the start.  She made marinated chicken skewers with cucumber salad.  They like the dish, but think it is a bit disjointed.

Next is Rose with chicken larb with rice, fried egg and crispy shallots and straight up Benjamin says it is classic Thai street food at its best, based on what it is and how it looks.  Gary says it is a clever dish.  Benjamin says it is amazing and poor George is sweating up and wiping his head.

Up last is Melita and she walks in all teary from the start as well.  She made red Thai chicken curry.  Oh no…George can’t find the chicken when he’s going to serve the dish, holy heck love there isn’t a single bit of chicken in there…and ad break!!!  Benjamin says if he was just told it was a red Thai curry he would have liked it as a vegetarian dish.  Gary had a tiny little bit of chicken though!!

Decision time…back into the main room we go and they say how great Rose’s dish was and that she’s safe.  Poor Melita is going home because of the lack of chicken in her chicken curry and Jacqui is safe.


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