Masterchef…bakery team challenge

So we’re up to another team challenge and they’re waking up at 3am to start it and most of them look like they’re struggling at that hour of the day.  Turns out they’re taking over Abbotsford Convent Bakery and Café for the day, they have three hours to sell the food and the winner is the team with the most money.  They pick a token to choose teams and of course a token for each colour says captain.  Sara gets to be red team captain and the poor love is stressing over it.  The blue team captain is funnily enough the last token out and it is Ava who’s been reading the letter out.

The captain and two other have to leave straight away to start making the bread and the bakery has a reputation for it’s great sourdough bread, oh and the owner Dominic has to approve each loaf of bread before it is sold…holy heck, they’ve got a mere 5 hours until the bakery opens.  An hour later the others arrive and it is actually daylight when they front up.  They have to make pizzas, pies and sweet things and they’re expecting 500 people.

So the red team are making; bread, pizza, including a vegetarian option, a chicken and bacon pie and for sweets they’re making a chocolate and raspberry swiss roll which apparently won’t take long to cook, but George thinks one dessert isn’t good because there should be options in the window especially because of the skills the team have.

The blue team are making; bread, brownies, chicken and leek pie, pizza and Gary gets onto them about lack of options.  Good thing one captain is from advertising and the other is from a visual merchandising background, strangely both captains are thinking lemon tarts, but their team isn’t thinking the same.

Gee two hours to go and it looks like major chaos is going on in the kitchen.  Nothing like Jessica standing on a pot to stir the pot as she’s too short, good workplace health and safety going on there.  Then they try to work the pastry machine and it goes in the wrong direction and they freak out and somehow save it.

An hour to go and the place still looks like a bomb site.  Finally there’s some bread going into the oven, it’s a massive wood fire oven and they put the bread in using a huge wooden paddle.  45 minutes to go and there’s a massive queue going on, bloody heck.  Matt sends the captains out to write up their board and prices and people honestly clap, holy heck.  They can’t see each other’s prices, but customers are saying the red team is pricing to high, well the blue team has pie for $3.50 while re has pie for $7.50, holy lord that’s a dear pie.

Back to the bread, it is finally cooked and too bad if they’ve covered in soot, they won’t get sold, but most make it past Dominic’s eyes.  Neither team has huge amounts of food ready and there are sagas going on with pies because of pastry issues and it is getting closer to opening time.  So the red team decide to put the pies together in the fridge so the pastry survives and they get a tray of pies in the oven with only 15 minutes until the doors open.  5 minutes to go and the blue team only has bread in the cabinets, the red team has desserts and pizzas in their cabinets.

Part way through blue team has sold $50 and red team $300, Gary says blue team can either roll over and die, or save themselves.

Well the judges like the red team’s pizzas.  Then they try the blue team’s pizza and they say it’s not as light or as juicy.  Finally 45 minutes into service the blue team has pies, no rush there.

The judges like how the blue team’s pie looks, lots of filling, juicy and great pastry.  As for the red team’s pie they like the filling but prefer the blue team’s pie.  Gary also thinks the $7.50 pie on the blue time is rather dear, but the challenge is about money.  The next lot of red team’s pies aren’t great at all, they’ve cracking everywhere because it is the pastry offcuts that were used, so they lose an entire tray of 28 pies…oh hell!!  So Sara decides to see deconstructed pies at the cheaper price of $4 and amazingly they sell.

The judges taste the desserts and they love the red team’s chocolate dessert and Matt loves the lemon and thyme biscuit as does Gary.  As for the blue’s desserts they love how great the brownies look and love the taste of them and love the curd in the lemon tarts.

Five minutes to go…and Sara starts selling things really cheap as it Ava.  One minute to go and it’s even cheaper and it’s complete madness.

Decision time…and they’re told that all the money they raised is going to charity.

The star performers on the red team are Matthew with his pizza and John with his lemon thyme biscuits and on the blue team Ashleigh with her brownies, which made up 30% of the total sales for the blue team and she made the curd for the lemon curd tarts.  Oh and the blue team made twice as many pies as the red team.

Matt reads the totals…the blue team made $2,565.75.

The red team made $3,205.80…the red team wins.


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