Masterchef…immunity pin challenge.

We’ve got Billie, Jessie and John trying to win immunity in this episode and Shannon Bennett is back with his flowing locks.

Round 1 involves 26 cloches with an ingredient that starts with the letter in front of the cloche…yet it right you’re still in, get it wrong, you’re out.  Last one standing is through to the immunity cook off.

The knife off to pick places shows Billie as 1, Jessie as 2 and John as 3…and John picked first.

B – brazil nut.  P – palm sugar.  G – John thinks ginger, breaks it and realises it isn’t and says galangal which it is.  M – Billie knows it is a mirco-herb, but has no idea what…Shannon says it is mustard cress…she’s out.  Then there were 2.  C – from a distance she thinks cos lettuce, up close she’s thinking an Asian green…ohhh ad break…now she’s thinking Chinese spinach, but they can’t accept that.  It’s choi sum.

Just like that John is through to round two.  He’s up against Duncan Welgemoed and Rose is jumping up and down on the balcony.

John gets 75 minutes and to choose the pantry, while Duncan gets 60 minutes.  The choice of pantries are before or after…before is all fresh and raw ingredients, after is full of processed items.  John chooses fresh ingredients and plans to keep it simple for a change…well we’ll wait and see.

He decides to make pork adobo with coconut rice…but of course he needs vinegar and there isn’t any vinegar and he needs something acidic and goes for lemons.  Then he’s all under pressure and next thing you know a lemon slips and a bowl shatters on the floor.

Time for Duncan to start cooking…he’s doing something with tuna, stone fruits and pork belly for the pork fat.  He’s using the pork fat to make a vinaigrette and the stone fruits will be a puree.  The contestants on the balcony can’t get over how calm Duncan looks, just strolling around unlike their madness.

John gets on to making his own coconut cream.  While Duncan is cutting and cutting and lots of the bench is empty and clear which shocks Shannon and some of the others are worried that his dish is more raw than cooked.  Now John is into the cane sugar, bashing it on the bench, he wants to add it to the salad but Shannon’s hinting that pineapple is sweet enough, but John’s still going on about sugar cane.

20 minutes to go and Duncan still seems to be doing lots of chopping while John is chopping up the salad.  Now Duncan’s slightly worried about serving a raw piece of tuna.  John’s reducing the cane sugar syrup and Shannon’s saying just how sweet it is and pushing that less is more and pretty much saying don’t use the damn syrup, but John’s not listening.

Duncan’s dry roasting blueberries with garlic, ummm different, never sen that before.

John takes the pork belly out of the pressure cooker and it’s rather grey and some of the others are worried, meanwhile Duncan’s still rendering the fat from his pork belly.  2 minutes to go and neither have huge amounts on their plate and Duncan hasn’t taken his pork belly out of the oven but then it comes out but there’s not much juice coming out of it.

30 seconds to go and finally Duncan puts stuff on a plate.  John is putting extra stuff on the plate and Shannon gets in his ears again and finally he decides not to use the cane sugar syrup, let’s all say hallelujah, praise the lord.

Judging time…Duncan’s dish is first…tuna with pork fat vinaigrette and stone fruits.  The judges think it looks beautiful.  George wants to eat all of the tuna and somehow imagines it as part of a 12 to 14 course dinner served with the right wine, but Gary can’t get much flavour from the pork fat vinaigrette.

Next is John’s dish…pork adobo with coconut rice and straight up Gary says “that’s definitely a John dish” but they think it smells delicious.  George loves the pineapple, Gary thinks the flavours are very subtle and him and Matt want the fat level of the pork cooked more.  Matt them comments on the restraint shown in the dish.

Scoring time…Duncan’s scores are first.  He gets 8/10 from Gary, 8/10 from George and 8/10 from Matt giving him 24/30.

John’s scores are 8/10 from Gary, 7/10 from George and 7/10 from Matt giving him 22/30.

Sorry John no immunity pin for you tonight.

Then Matt tells all the contestants to set their alarms for 3am because the next day is a massive one…as the preview shows they’re baking for 500 at a commercial bakery.


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