Masterchef…carrot cake elimination

So we have Rose, Jacqui and Fiona in the pressure test tonight and it is the 2014 Australian dessert of the year, I’ve seen the recipe and I’m scared for them.

The creator of the dish is apparently the “punk princess of pastry” and “your worst nightmare”…go Matt scare them next time.  It is Anna Polyviou from the Shangri-La in Sydney and her hair definitely matches the punk princess label.

So they’re making a carrot cake, which of course does not look like a carrot cake whatsoever oh and yes there actually is carrot cake in it.  There’s a stupid amount of elements; carrot cake, carrot crumbs, rice bubble sheets, apricot insert, caramel glaze, praline cream, apricot and carrot sorbet, walnut crumble, carrot ribbons, graffiti on the glaze, tempered chocolate and cream cheese foam…and they have 3 hours to make it…far out!!!

Oh dear Fiona is having issues with her scale while she is cooking as it is set to ounces and no grams…oh dear.

Now they all seem to be running behind and Fiona is telling them to get a sprint on and telling them to get a massive move on and an hour in her money is on Jacqui, because Fiona is all flustered and Rose is going too slow.

Jacqui’s getting the caramel glaze on and the others upstairs are all worried about how long it is on the heat and telling her not to burn it, but she wants it to be the exact temperature that the recipe says.  It looks quite dark, but there isn’t time to go and try it again.

Rose definitely isn’t in any kind of rush in her cooking and Anna says she’s doing well, but not quick enough. Then she puts the caramel on and it’s rather thick and not moving or spreading or anything, oh poor love!!

So they all had to give up on the tempered chocolate to do the graffiti, oh well…lack of time and it’s not the most important part of the dish.

Time is up and poor Rose didn’t get the cream cheese foam done, if I was her I wouldn’t be too stressed, she did well.

Up first for tasting is Rose without the tempered chocolate and without the cream cheese foam.  Gary thinks it tastes great, George loves the sorbet.

Fiona is up next.  She is also missing the tempered chocolate.  They say that the cream cheese and the sorbet taste a bit weird and structurally it is not as good as Rose’s cake.

Up last is Jacqui and she doesn’t have the tempered chocolate either, due to lack of time…then they cut it and it is all gooey and all over the joint because the glaze it so sticky.  Matt thinks that the stickiness of the glaze means every spoonful is a huge one, but the ice-cream and crumb are great.  Anna thinks that the caramel has been taken too far.

Results time…thankfully Gary tells them to give themselves a pat on the back, they did do really well given the complexity of the dessert.

Rose is safe and bless her she’s tearing up before they tell her…well done love.

So it is between Jacqui and Fiona…and Fiona is going home as he cake lacked definition and the poor love is guttered.  Oh bless her, she’s teary but smiling because she’s going out on a high.  She’s now working in the food industry, surprise, surprise.

So the next episode is for an immunity pin…and I enjoy those episodes.


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