Masterchef…Marco Pierre Week…another elimination

Tonight is the last night of Marco Pierre White week…and another elimination.  We’ve got the team that stuffed up in the team challenge; John who finally feels responsible for stuffing up, as he should, Georgia, Fiona, Amy and Jarrod.

They have to cook five plates of food, one for each judge; Matt, Gary, George and Marco and a plate for themselves and they have to join the judges at the tasting table, ummmmm okay this is a tad different.  Oh and they can cook whatever they want with an open pantry, but they must be consistent.  They have 75 minutes to do it.  Marco says they need to keep it simple; protein, sauce, garnish and is most looking forward to Fiona’s dish.  George is looking forward to Jarrod’s most.

Georgia is determined to make tuna, oh look, no tuna.  She gets prawns and hopes to redeem herself after the disaster of the prawns in the team challenge.  Thankfully she has a test prawn to cook to test the timing and how cooked it is, but it is overcooked, and she turns off the oil and moves on to making the salad.  Oh look it takes forever for the oil to heat up again and she’s got it in a pan, Gary says to get a fryer, but she’s never used one before.

Jarrod is making Mexican gazpacho with fish croquettes.  Gary’s listening to what Jarrod’s put in the gazpacho, but says there’s something missing and Jarrod isn’t sure what it is, Gary tells George it needs vinegar.  Jarrod runs to get something and next thing you know he knocks over all the cooked croquettes onto the floor…oh shite, there are no other words for the poor bugger.  The judges all go to see how it’s going and Marco says there’s still enough mix to make some more with the whole of 7 minutes to go.  He did plan to do three croquettes per bowl, that’s down to one.

Fiona is cooking individual chicken pies with mashed potato.  But with 40 minutes to go she’s starting to run out of time, she’s not even doing the potatoes or the chicken gravy any more as she has to get the filling and pastry finished.  30 minutes to go and the pies aren’t in the oven, gee girl get a move on.  25 minutes to go and they’re still not in the oven as she’s fluffing about with pastry.  Then she puts them in the oven one at a time, opening the oven door to put the rest in.  Fiona is strolling through the pantry while the pies are in the oven, so grabs brussel sprouts to use as a garnish.  Two pies look ready, the rest don’t…oh dear, thank god there’s a couple of minutes left, time is up and one still isn’t cooked, oh well too bad.

John is making chicken roulade to be served with cauliflower three ways and he thinks he is keeping it simple, but there’s still about five elements on the plate.  He’s rolling them and they don’t look spectacular and he knows that but he’s running out of time.  Marco sees them and says they’ve been tied badly and they’re not even so they won’t be caramelised the same.  He gets the chicken out and cuts it and it is undercooked and raw…oh dear that’s no good, 2 go back into the oven.  He cuts them again and some aren’t cooked right through, so there’s only one slice per plate instead of two.

Amy is cooking tortellini stuffed with quail with five tortellini per plate which shocks Georgie Boy no end as that means 25 perfectly sized tortellini.  5 minutes to go and the tortellini is finally made and only just put into the water and she now starts on a sauce.

Tasting time…

Up first is John with chicken roulade with cauliflower and madeira sauce.  Marco says it is quite consistent.  Gary says the chicken is cooked as consistently as it should be and a lot of the other stuff should have been dropped from the plate.  John thought it was a simplified dish, but he’s told it isn’t.

Next is Georgia with panko sesame crusted prawn with wasabi kewpie mayonnaise.  Gary says they all look good.  Matt says there is amazing consistency looks wise.  Georgia says she really likes it and is actually smiling for probably the only time this week and Marco says it is a really pretty dish and it is one of the best dishes he’s eaten in Masterchef this week.

Amy is up next with quail tortellini with fennel and brown butter sauce.  George is still in shock that there are 25 tortellini that look the same size.  They say the tortellini are great, but making them sacrificed the sauce.

Next is Jarrod with Mexican gazpacho with fish croquette.  Jarrod says the gazpacho is missing something and finally when George says what a good gazpacho needs he realises it misses vinegar.  Marco mentions the fish ball is pointless how he made it as it should be done with raw fish, not poached fish that is then mushed up.

Last up is Fiona with chicken and leek pie.  Fiona says she’s not happy with the pastry of the pie and Matt says that poor George’s looks really bad and then asks what Fiona did for the 23 minutes while the pie was in the oven and Fiona is all teary before they even eat the pie…poor love.  Marco says that even if she goes home early it doesn’t mean her dream won’t come true…oh he’s a tad nice!!  They all agree the pastry isn’t great, but the filling is good.

Decision time…and I think it has to be between Jarrod and Fiona going home.  Matt calls forward Amy, John and Georgia and says they’re safe…gee that wasn’t hard to predict.  Time for Jarrod to go home, Fiona is safe only because the pie filling was tasty.

Next up is a Maggie Beer mystery box.


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