Masterchef…Marco Pierre White week team challenge.

Now I love a good team challenge, especially one that isn’t plain and boring and this one has four benches along the sides with nothing in the middle, yep, this might not be a plain and boring challenge.  Well it’s about communication and Gary says it is an absolute beauty…let’s hope.  Nothing like George counting 1, 2, 3, 4 along the line to sort of the teams.  The captains are Jarrod, Billie, Melita and Jacqui.

They have to cook only one dish per team, but one at a time in a relay.  They have 75 minutes to cook, in 15 minutes of cooking time per person, with a mere 45 seconds to tell the next person what to do in the dish and it is all verbal…ohhhhh I like this challenge.  But while one person is cooking the others are outside in the herb and vegie garden, they don’t get to see or hear anything.

The captains go first in the kitchen with no planning time at all, plus the captains decide the dish.

Red team – they plan to cook a stuffed and rolled chicken thigh with fennel and carrot puree and chicken jus.

Blue team – they plan to cook mussel, tomato and coconut broth.

Green team – they plan to cook lobster medallions in lobster bisque.

Yellow team – they plan to cook Mexican corn tacos.  Off goes Jacqui and guess what there is no corn masa flour…guess she should have looked for that before she decided to make corn tacos.

The handover happens and the captains have their 45 seconds and are then lead away by Matt to a room with tv screens to watch what their team does in the kitchen…ohhhh I like this!!!

Red team – well they seem to be going really well with Ashleigh cooking.

Blue team – Fiona seems to be going okay as well.

Green team – Rose is nervous and doesn’t know what the bisque should taste like and starts pouring in wine, wine and more wine, there’s a good half a bottle in there, holy heck love.

Yellow team – Yep, Jamie straight up wonders how to do Mexican corn tacos without the tacos and the poor bugger is confused.  Then he starts on making plain flour tortilla to go with the dish, but the dough is very soft instead of firm.  I’m getting worried for them right now.

Handover time again…

Red team – Jessie’s cooking and she seems all happy and relaxed.

Blue team – John goes with instincts to improve the dish and goes and grabs a lobster, scallops and prawns and then goes and gets a block of white chocolate, what the heck???  Poor Jarrod is stressing to the max, as is Fiona.   Now he’s decided on a white chocolate volute and Jarrod manages to read John’s lips when he says it to the camera and I’m still confused, it was a nice simple dish before he entered the kitchen.  I can’t wait for John to walk into the room where Jarrod and Fiona are, that will be good viewing.  Thankfully Marco starts asking things, but John is adamant that white chocolate works with seafood.  Marco can’t wait for him to be taught something by John.

Green team – Kristina is cooking and she’s disappointed with the bisque given how much wine is in there and she starts attacking it to correct it which impresses Gary and Marco.

Yellow team – oh heck, Stephen doesn’t know how to make tortillas either…this is getting funny…so he makes a flour and yoghurt flatbread.

Handover time again…

Red team – They went really well, not that we saw anything because John was taking over everything, so I don’t even know who was cooking, oh apparently it was Sara.

Blue team – Amy is all confused by what John’s telling her about the dish and has no idea what the chocolate is for and there are no words for the poor thing right now.  John walks into the back room and Jarrod and Fiona are completely confused because John’s gotten rid of the entire original dish and keeps going on about chocolate and Amy can’t work out anything.  Amazingly John notices that all the other teams are excited, except for his.

Green team – Anna seems to be going really well.

Yellow team – Ava’s all confused by the flatbread and says she can easily make a tortilla, but is doing what her team-mates told her.

The final handover happens…

Red team – Reynold gets on with the plating.

Blue team – Georgia is as lost and confused as what poor Amy was, poor darling.  She says she can’t see what is happening and Gary says neither can he, god bless him.  Five minutes to go and Georgia’s running like a mad woman and wants to swear like a trooper, bless her.  She decides to use a few bits that are on the bench to make a scallop ceviche.  But then has mayonnaise issues and decides to scrap it while starting to tear up, but she is determined to get something on the plate.  Poor love bursts into tears when the time is up and her team runs out to hug her, she says she’s so sorry, but it should be John who’s sorry, not her…oh finally he wants to hide under a rock and feels guilty and realises he was selfish, holy heck, a miracle occurred.

Green team – Jessica has a delicious tasting bisque and perfectly cooked broth.

Yellow team – Matthew gets the flatbread on to cook, but the prawns haven’t even been cooked yet and there’s only a few minutes to go.

Tasting and judging time…

Green team – poached lobster medallions in lobster bisque with mussels and it’s very similar to what Melita’s original idea was and Gary loved the bisque.  Marco praises up Kristina for starting again to fix the bisque.

image from

Red team – chicken roulade with fennel and carrot puree and it is exactly what Billie had in mind.  Marco was impressed with the communication and that it didn’t stray from the plan and Matt loved the leadership shown.

image from

Yellow team – prawns with chilli sauce and flatbread.  Marco does not look impressed at all and it isn’t quite what Jacqui visualised, but she thinks it is fresh and bright and Gary says the flat bread isn’t even cooked properly.  George just removes the flatbread and covers them.

image from

Blue team – last but not least, the saga of the blue team with only Gary saying “Oh dear” as the plate is put down…then no words until after the ad break.  Their dish is pan fried prawns with scallop ceviche and prawn oil.  Jarrod says what the original dish was meant to be then George says “John?” and John admits he planned to completely change the dish and Marco says they need to be grateful for Georgia saving the dish and George says it was a good five minute dish and they say that she did more in five minutes than the others did in an hour…ohh bless her for doing what she did.  But as great as the ceviche is the prawn is undercooked.

Not surprisingly at all blue team is through to elimination and Marco says that Georgia almost pulled it off.  Then he says that they need to listen to him, which is what John didn’t do by not being part of the team.


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