Masterchef…Marco week pressure test elimination

So tonight we have John, Jacqui and Andrea in the elimination and bless Jacqui for telling us how inspirational Marco has been already…here’s been there for a whole one day and two cooks.  Heaven help if she gets through the week as one of his apprentices, she’ll be beside herself with enthusiasm.

Good thing Matt tells them that the dish is extremely difficult and not one that is deceptively easy and that they should underestimate it at their own peril.  Now Marco finally speaks, complete with one hand waving and he made the dish first at 17 on his first day on the sauce section of some restaurant.  Then he says something I can’t pronounce let alone understand, but apparently it is lamb, mushrooms, gravy, or so he wants to tell me.

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Shite, they’re looking at the dish and the lamb has bits put together to make different bits and they have to chop up the lamb from the saddle of lamb themselves.  Count me out now, I’d be no damn good at that.  Thank god Marco shows them what to do, I’d still be stuffed though, he’s not going slow, but he has a fillet and a carcass.  I’m concerned by his skin coloured bandaids though, then there’s a backstrap and the skin and I have no idea how they’re going to do this.  He says it is “quite simple”, Andrea says “it’s doable” and Marco tells her he’ll remember that.

They get 2½ hours.  Holy mother of god they need the support of every god in the world…oh and they get five minutes to plate up.

Little Andrea is trying to be careful with the knives, until she stabs herself and blood is coming out all into the sink thankfully.  She gets bandaged and gloved and she’s back chopping lamb like nobody’s business.

God they’re an hour in and they’re still attacking the meat, actually they’re now taking it off the skin, but they haven’t left the meat to do anything else yet…holy heck.  Bless Marco for telling them not to rush it or they will be going home.  Until one of them asks advice, then he says here’s there to observe them and not help them.  Andrea gets the meat finished first.

Now she gets onto the artichokes.  Jacqui gets her meat into the fridge.

Oh holy heck, Andrea has decided to stray from the recipe and puts the sauce on the hotplate to cook it instead of the oven and the sauce goes into flames, I’m sorry honey but who the heck are you kidding???  Marco tells her to get the flames out because they’ll singe the bones and make the sauce bitter.  Oh look she listens!!

Jacqui decides to take the sauce off before it has been on the stove for as long as the recipe says it has to be on there, oh dear, I’m not sure about that.

They’re chopping the meat to cook and Andrea cuts more pieces than she needs, which is a good thing to do and apparently they get cooked with the gladwrap still around the meat, or so she says.  But then I see John’s in the pan and I don’t notice any gladwrap on them while they’re cooking.  Poor Andrea is squishing her meat in the pan and it’s making the skin and string move and they’re falling apart, but she doesn’t notice what’s making it happen.

Oh dear Jacqui realises when her meat is in the pan that she forgot to put string around them and she only has four…then one explodes, oh dear.  Now Marco is stressing out Jacqui about her artichokes, well I’m thinking that’s what he’s there for.

Now poor Andrea’s confused on which meat was in the pan first and which was last, oh dear lord everyone is a tad confused.

Time’s up and John’s having a massive teary, oh mate, be happy that you did the dish.  Now Jacqui’s looking at her dish and realises that the skin is still on her meat…too late now darling!!

So John takes his dish in and is still slightly emotional, me in the meantime has been distracted by the oven and by the announcement that Rugby Boy is changing teams at the end of the season.  Anyway, back to John’s dish, the lamb looks nice and Gary is really pleased for John.  Matt loves the dish and Marco thinks that John’s done an amazing job and it is cooked to perfection.

Next up is Jacqui and straight out Marco says “you know your mistake don’t you?” and asks when she realised and of course he noticed she forgot to tie it.  Oh honey I’m worried for you!!!  Matt thinks she’s done a good job, Marco likes the sauce, George says the big mistake was leaving the lamb fat on and Gary says the artichokes are on the crunchy side.

Last up is Andrea and she says something about the mushrooms not being on top of the lamb.  Marco says how amazing it was watching her and that she is punching way above her weight, which honestly given she’s only 18 is quite impressive.  Oh no, something’s happening because there’s an ohhhh and then an ad break, honey now I’m worried for you!!!  Oh dear, Marco and George have meat that is way undercooked as does Matt and Gary has perfectly cooked meat.

Righty-o, decision time.  John is safe, well that much was obvious by their reaction when eating his dish.  So either Jacqui or Andrea are going home…oh dear, see you later Andrea, bless you for an 18 year old you’ve done pretty amazing things.  God bless Marco for the compliments that he gives her, especially when he tells her that her future is very shiny and very bright and knowledge will be her passport in this world.  I’ll have to remember that line.

The next episode is the chance for immunity for Billie, Georgia and Matt and it has to do with an egg.


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