Masterchef…Marco Pierre White week immunity challenge

We have Billie, Georgia and Matt with a chance for immunity and yes they arrive in the kitchen to applause and we also have Shannon Bennet in the kitchen, along with Gary, George, Matt and Marco Pierre White.

Round 1 for the day focuses on a single ingredient…yes we know it is an egg, we’ve all seen the previews and the ads.  Marco says “everyone can cook an egg, but can they cook it well?” he has a point there, apparently you learn a lot about a person when they cook an egg.  They have 30 minutes to cook an egg dish, with an open pantry and it must feature THE egg…oh yes, they only get one egg.  The winner is in round two to compete against the chef for immunity.

Billie plans to do a crumbed egg sitting on a heap of things and gets her egg on to boil.

Matthew strolls to protect the egg and plans to do a poached egg with asparagus, peas and toast.

Georgia is all flustered and puts the egg down the end of the bench so she doesn’t knock it over and she’s doing a fried egg with tomato and black salad.

Marco says he wouldn’t be fancy, he would be classical…sounds a tad like what Matthew is doing.  Shannon says less is more.  Gary likes what Matthew is doing.  George is just hungry hearing about what they’re all planning to do.

Now Billie’s all flustered and takes the egg out after it’s been boiling for only two minutes, not that she knows that because she hasn’t timed it, for goodness sake love!!!  Oh dear, she cracks the shell and it falls apart and she’s in trouble…oopsy daisy.  Gary and George ask her how long she cooked it for and they’re shocked that she doesn’t know and more shocked that it was put into non boiling water and that there was only a tiny bit of water in the pan.  Plan two, let’s mix the egg into the prosciutto and mushrooms for a new take on bacon and eggs.

Georgia tests the heat of her pan to fry her egg that many times, then puts the egg in and it is way too hot and she’s popping bubbles with her fingers.

Now Gary’s freaking out with how Matthew is poaching his egg as he takes the pot off the heat as opposed to leaving it on…I’m not sure what’s going on now.  Then he leaves it in for only 3 minutes and when he strains it he only has yolk as the white separates from it…oh well, can’t fix that.  10 seconds to go and he’s still trying to get the spoon from under the egg…yep the yolk breaks everywhere.

Billie is up first with scrambled egg with prosciutto, mushrooms and tomato salad and Marco asks where the egg is…yep right question to ask mate.  Then he’s brutally honest and says he can’t detect the egg…oh honey, you’re not going through unless the others majorly stuff up.

Matthew’s up next with poached egg with asparagus, proscuiito, scallops and peas.  Marco says he should have focussed on poaching the perfect egg and not all the other bits.

Last up is Georgia with fried egg with goats cheese, black bean and tomato salad.  Marco says he could tell she knew the pan was too hot.

image from

Georgia gets through because she’s the only one that served a full egg..slight miracle for her.

For round 2 she’s up against Josh Pelham from Estelle restaurant.  Georgia gets 75 minutes to cook and Josh has 60 minutes, Georgia also gets Shannon as her mentor and she gets to pick the pantry that they have to cook from, above the ground or below the ground, which includes the sea.  She chooses below the ground as she’s good at seafood and Josh says it is a good choice.

Georgia is all over the shop with no idea what she wants to do and grabs all different things like sweet potato.  Shannon isn’t keen on her flustering so tells her to think about it as 10 minutes is already up.  Finally she starts making some decisions.

Time for Josh to start.  He’s doing something with potato, leek, marron, truffles, caviar and is all sorted very quickly plus he’s offering hints to the other contestants while he is cooking.

Oh dear now Georgia is stressing about acidity as there are no lemons and limes, so she adds fennel.  She’s going well near the end with straining her broth four times through double lined cloth and then the judges are meant to pour it over the seafood and it will cook the seafood at the table.

Poor Josh is having soup issues and doesn’t want to serve it as it is and time is nearly up.

Georgia’s dish is up first…prawn and scallops is seafood and fennel broth.  Marco says it a clever dish and the broth is perfect and full of flavour and tastes of the sea, but Gary and George think the prawn doesn’t cook enough.

image from

Next up is Josh…marron and mussels with truffle and leek.  Gary says the marron is cooked perfectly.  Matt thinks the potato and leek soup/sauce is surprisingly creamy given it has no cream and Marco thinks it is delicious, but doesn’t like the salmon caviar and didn’t try it.

Scoring time…and time for the judges to find out who cooked which dish.

Georgia got 7 from Gary, 8 from George, 8 from Marco and 8 from Matt, giving her 31/40.

Josh got 8 from Gary, 9 from George, 7 from Marco because of the salmon eggs and he now needs 8 from Matt to win…and he gets 9 from Matt so he wins.


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