Masterchef…pressure test elimination

Okay so this was from last Monday…but last week was a tad hectic…

Tonight we’ve got four contestants up for elimination in a pressure test, cooking a 2 Michelin star dish.

We’ve got poor Andrea who was sick in the last episode and didn’t cook so has to be in the elimination because of the rules, bless her the poor love is only 18 years old.  Then there’s the three that were put into elimination after their cooking last night, Rose, James and Jamie.

So the chef tonight apparently is someone that Gary, George and Matt look up to and respect and is from overseas and honestly I’ve never heard of him, but he’s Sat Bains, from Restaurant Sat Bains from the UK.

The dish is beef and mushrooms with a heap of components and only the slightest bit of sauce, no Manu around for dish and he’s going on and on about how to make it and how to plate and balance the dish.  They have 2½ hours to make the dish and they’ve got all they need, heck I’m worried for them, but grateful it isn’t a dessert.

Sat says he’s got to be realistic because he doesn’t know what standard the four contestants will cook his dish to, mate I’m hearing you.

Oh heck, Jamie didn’t press start on the pressure cooker, oops!!  Actually double oops as the pressure cooker goes on for 45 minutes, get nobody tells him straight up.  Mate, focus on the damn pressure cooker and check it.  Finally 10 minutes later they mention it to him and he checks it and of course it isn’t on.

There’s all manner of things in this dish…beef cheeks, caramelised shallot puree, porcini powder, onion oil (which is rather bright green), onion puree, mushroom ketchup, pickled shallots, sauce, steak tartare and hollandaise sauce.

James has Sat Bains concerned because he’s from a farming background, then he has the others worried because he’s not tasting things.

Then dear Andrea goes to make the porcini powder and forgets the lid on the blender, as you do and porcini dust goes everywhere.

Oh dear, now James has somehow turned his mushroom ketchup into a Frisbee and they’re trying to work out what he missed…oh heck, he forgot the mushroom stock, he only used soy sauce.

Oh dear, now Rose has forgotten the pickled onions and Jessica is trying to tell her, but she’s not listening.

Now Jamie has the strainer over a lit burner, with muslin on it and up go flames, holy heck mate take a deep breath already, next thing you know he can’t get the cornichons jar open and he decides to bang it on the bench and of course the jar shatters and there’s glass everywhere.  Oh heck he’s in struggle town!!!  He knows he can’t use them, finally he thinks to go and ask one of the others for some and he only grabs two, gee he needs to wake up and get out of the funk that he’s in right now.

Andrea has issues with her ketchup, she forgot to check on it and it’s gone like jelly so she decides to not put that on the plate.

Two of them are doing something odd with getting the hollandaise on the plate, oh well with two minutes to go it’s too late now.  Plus of course Jamie’s stressing because of the pressure cooker issues he had and Rose now realises with a minute to go that she forgot to make the pickled onions, too late love.

Jamie is up for tasting first, Gary tells him that he looks defeated.  He puts the sauce on and off he goes and straight off Sat says the sauce isn’t reduced enough and won’t add to the meal, plus they all notice the missing cornichons and say there’s a few big mistakes.

Next up is Rose and she’s all negative Nancy about her dish and what she’s done wrong.  Then again she did get sauce all over the joint instead of how it was meant to be done.  But Sat says the sauce looks great and tastes great.  Matt thinks the dish is great and Sat says the bits she missed is forgivable.

Then is Andrea who is also missing something and Sat asks her how old she is and he thinks as an amateur who is 18 she did amazing to do what she did.  Some of them say it is the best they’ve had so far and Sat is flabbergasted about what she’s done.

Up last is James…oh no the sauce is like flavoured water and dear Sat is frustrated for James.  Well I’m thinking it’s either Jamie or James going home tonight.

Matt says the issue is that Jamie has some elements missing but has some strong elements and James has all the elements but has a lot of weak elements, pretty even I think is a lot of ways, but I think that James may be going home…I’ll find out after the ad.

Gee I was right, see you later James…mind you he got work experience at some restaurant in Brisbane.

Up next is the first immunity challenge of the year.


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